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Center for Internal Change is a top Everything DiSC and DiSC Classic profile vendor. We offer Everything DiSC Certification and free DiSC resources and train-the-trainers for our clients.


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  • COURSES: Hiring and Selection Mastery

    Hiring and selection is one of the most important business decisions a hiring manager will make. Adding a new member to a team will drastically change how that team works and functions. PXT Select provides a useful way to help hiring managers understand their candidates at a deeper level. The insights from this tool, combined with the candidate's experiences as relayed through the interview and their resume will help ensure that your next hire is successful. In our PXT Select Expert Practitioner, learners will understand how they can use PXT Select to enhance their hiring process. This tool provides insights from helping an organization select the right candidate, the right candidate for hiring, the right employee for promotion, and how to help any employee improve in their role. This certification costs $1,995.
  • COURSES: Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach

    Emotional Intelligence is needed more than ever. Individuals who are able to recognize their emotions and make changes in their behavior to match what is needed in a emotional situation are better prepared to deal with the situation. Our Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach training is for anyone who wants to train or coach individuals and teams in improving their emotional intelligence. This training focuses on using the EIQ-2 assessment. Register for this training for only $1,795 (includes facilitation materials).
  • COURSES: Five Dysfunctions of a Team

    The Five Dysfunctions of a Team has showcased how teamwork is still the most ultimate competitive advantage. In 2015, Patrick Lencioni teamed up with the publisher of Everything DiSC to take his training and add a behavioral component to this powerful training program. Lencioni's training is now called the Five Behaviors of a Team and accreditation for this program is now available. In this five-week, online program, trainers and coaches will complete self-paced pre-work and join weekly live sessions where they dig into Lencioni's team-based model. Learners will walk away with a better understanding of the model and how to conduct a successful program. Facilitation materials are included in the cost of this program. Register now for $3,695.
  • COURSES: Online DiSC Certification

    Everything DiSC Certification is for coaches and trainers who want to strengthen how they deliver a DiSC Workshop. This workshop covers DiSC Theory and the history of the DiSC assessment. Furthermore, it provides an in-depth look into all of the supporting reports and features of the Everything DiSC Workplace assessment. On the second day of the training, participants will take what they learn and present their 'culminating project' and outline how they can enhance a future DiSC Workshop. Trainers can now receive 15 SHRM PDCs when they successful complete this training.

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