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We create Permanent Positive Change in individuals and organizations through highly engaging and interactive talks and workshops. Let us design and delivery one to help guide your organization to success.


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  • SPEAKERS: John Chappelear

    People finally discovering the value of emotional intelligence, stress reduction, life balance and employee engagement. The very subjects I have been talking about for almost 20 years. I have added some new programs to both my training and speaker offerings. Mindfulness for Beginners- Mindfulness is so simple and yet powerful it may just change the way you think, work and live. Intro to Emotional Intelligence Simple ideas to help understand build importance of emotional intelligence in all aspects of life These are in addition to my normal offerings: -The Daily Six – Reduce Stress, Create Balance, Enjoy Life -Value of Assertive Communication – Say What You Mean to Say -Building Powerful and Positive Rapport – Create better connections -Strengthening Leadership Individually and Organizationally Effective -Love as a Competitive Advantage – Engagement on a Whole New Level
  • CONSULTANTS: Leadership. Engagement and Connection

    To be successful leaders must connect with staff. Not just rules , regulations and policy manuals but on a deeper more emotional intelligent level. Many leaders simply haven't been trained. To accelerate engagement, productive and build a positive culture use our training or coaching programs to build powerful these connections.
  • COURSES: Leadership in Healthcare and Higher Education

    This program is focused on people who, through their talents, have grown into a position of leadership within their organization. Now in this new position they have had no real leadership training. This happens in many groups but healthcare and higher eduction are two key ones. Help your leaders become more skilled at handling: planning, coaching, engagement, emotional intelligence, goal setting and effective communication this is the program for you.
  • COURSES: Handling Conflict and Confrontation

    Effectively diffuse emotional people, places and situations. Learn how to stay in control emotionally to ensure your highest level of influence over staff.
  • COURSES: Insightful Leadership

    Gallup’s research shows that productivity and profitability rise as engagement increases, and health-care costs drop as well-being improves. But only 22 percent of employees in the U.S. are “engaged” and “thriving. Insightful leaders improve employee engagement and well-being by accepting that each employee changes for their own reasons and concentrating on affecting their feelings instead of their actions.

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