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  • COURSES: Fiber Optics Course with Lab

    Apply what you have learned from this affordable distance learning certificate course to install, diagnose and repair complex fiber-optic communications systems and take your place in the forefront of a fascinating and challenging new technology.
  • COURSES: Introduction to Computers Course with Certificate

    Learn how to run a PC with confidence! No previous computer experience needed. This easy step-by-step distance learning course covers software, hardware, internet & more! 8 lessons, free tutorial support & a professional Certificate of Completion.
  • COURSES: Programmable Logic Controller Certificate Course

    Learn to Program and Troubleshoot PLCs with CIE's new distance learning certificate course! Our easy step-by- step lessons with online exams cover PLCs, Servos, AC/DC motors, Motion Control & more! Textbook, study guide & FREE instructor support.
  • COURSES: Wireless Communications Course

    Learn about Infrared, Bluetooth, Digital Cellular Technology, Fixed Wireless, Personal Area Networks & more! This distance learning course includes 11 easy step-by-step lessons with a Certificate of Completion & free instructor help.
  • COURSES: Video Game Programming

    These affordable self-paced CD/DVD training modules let you learn how to program game development technology & show you how to create a complete game quickly. They include e-books, video tutorials & data. No prior programming experience is required!
  • COURSES: Introduction to PC Board Design

    Learn how to design & build printed circuit boards with this hands-on distance learning course. Every lesson is presented in a clear easy-to-understand format. Comes with 4 lesson books, interactive CD, hands-on lab, soldering iron & a Certificate.
  • COURSES: Home Building DVD Courses

    Learn to frame walls, stairs, roofs, floors, hang drywall and more with these DVD tutorials from CIE Bookstore! Build Garages, Decks, Ceramic Tile, Kitchens, Baths, Plumbing, Home Electrical, Contracting, Windows and Doors too.
  • COURSES: Learn how to build your own PC

    After watching this DVD you'll be able to build your own powerful PC at home! No experience is needed you don't need expensive tools.
  • COURSES: Introduction to Computer Forensics

    This distance learning course will give you the legal, technical and investigative skills you need to launch your career in computer forensics. Includes live instructor support, online exams and an academic Certificate of Completion. Open enrollment.
  • COURSES: Appliance Repair

    Learn refrigeration troubleshooting and how to repair refrigerants with these self paced courses and training videos.
  • COURSES: Flash CD Course

    Learn Flash from home on your own time. Affordable and convenient. Full course starts at the beginner level.
  • COURSES: Soldering Course with Lab

    See how easy it is to learn good soldering techniques with our step-by-step distance learning certificate program. It covers everything the electronic technician needs to know about soldering. Online exams, hands-on lab with soldering iron & video!
  • COURSES: Learn Computer Monitor Repair DVD

    Some of the topics covered include color loss, erratic horizontal and vertical displays, video compression and loss of power.
  • COURSES: Home Automation Installation & Repair Certificate Course

    Gain valuable skills that will help you install, service and troubleshoot home automated systems like home security, audio/video, computer networks, electrical wiring, HVAC, cable and satellite.
  • COURSES: HVAC - Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Course

    This self-paced HVAC course covers all aspects of residential and commercial HVAC systems. Includes CD and text.
  • COURSES: Crime Scene Investigation Course

    These DVDs allow students to do a variety of different exercises from lifting fingerprints to performing DNA tests. Using different crime scenes, students apply correct procedures to investigate, collect, examine & document crime scene evidence.
  • COURSES: Robotics Course with Experimenter Lab

    This course was designed to give students an introduction to what a robot is and how robots sense the world around us.
  • COURSES: Programming Robot Controllers

    Learn how robot controllers are programmed using the versatile Microchip PICmicro Microcontroller.
  • COURSES: Video Game Console Starter Kit

    Learn step-by-step how to build and design your own video game console!
  • COURSES: Diesel Engine DVD Courses

    These DVDs give an overview of the design, construction and operation of diesel engines. Detail the steps needed to properly disassemble, inspect, and measure the parts of a diesel engine & install it back onto its short block. Self-paced study.
  • COURSES: Small Engine Repair

    Learn how to repair small engines and start your own business! This three-part CD-ROM set is designed for the student who is new to small engine repair. Each program makes extensive use of 3-D animation. Send for a free course catalog.
  • COURSES: Oscilloscope Training Course

    Learn how to operate an oscilloscope this new distance learning course from CIE Bookstore. Includes a professional certificate of completion, online exams, and instructor support. Full tuition & lesson credit towards an AAS Degree.
  • COURSES: Intro to Home Automation Installation

    This distance learning course will show you how to install, service and troubleshoot home automated systems like home security, audio/video & computer networks while preparing for the HTI+ and CEDIA installer certifications. Send for a FREE catalog!
  • COURSES: Computer Technology with A+ Certification

    Learn to Troubleshoot Computers and prepare for the CompTIA A+ Certification with this distance education course! Cleveland Institute of Electronics created a program that will train individuals with little or no computer background about computer technology, computer troubleshooting and prepare them to pass the CompTIA A+ Certification exam. Learn at home with instructor support, chat rooms and video lessons. Send for your free catalog today.
  • COURSES: Fixing Windows XP

    This book was written to help fix the most common Microsoft Windows XP problems! Easy step-by-step instructions show you exactly how to solve each problem.

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