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Contagious Companies, Inc. is an award winning training and consulting firm specializing in ensuring your managers are not only "promotable", but prepared for that promotion. Through training, coaching, consulting, profiles, and proven methods, Contagious Companies trains your managers how to lead and your leaders to lead better, while also teaching you how to receive that leadership and keep track of their outstanding results. With the ability to measure behavior change from our training, foster engagement and bring out authenticity with our profiles, and truly customize our innovative programs nimbly and effectively, our training programs and trainers have been requested by companies from small to mid sized and many internationally recognized corporations and government agencies. The question now is do you have managers who've been promoted, but not prepared? And if yes, how can we help you?


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  • COURSES: How to Do What You Say and 5 Faster Ways to Build Your Credibility™

    A leader’s credibility impacts their promotability and doing what you say is only one piece. If your boss or team doesn’t see your follow through they’ll keep more responsibility from you. If they see a perceived lack of integrity, they assume you also lack ability. That’s a problem! Whether you’re looking for a future promotion or simply to enhance your current reputation, this webinar was designed for you and will help! In How to Do What You Say and 5 More Ways to Build Your Credibility, you’ll learn the power of consistency, how to change perceptions other people believe, and how to ensure your reputation is stellar. Six steps in total that will help you rapidly climb any job ladder and that without, your technical abilities won’t matter. Register today to build your professional and personal credibility.
  • COURSES: How to Lead Your Way Through Office Politics™

    Office politics brings to mind scenes of a bad TV show or movie with deranged employees, but some people really do work in those kinds of environment. Yet, no matter how crazy you think your office is, every office has a degree of politics. Quite simply, office politics is about the differences in perspective, opinions, goals, and ambitions, as well as, styles of communication and leadership, but how does one navigate all of that? It’s not by being quiet or keeping to yourself and it’s certainly not by being overly aggressive, but rather through a 5- step process. You’ll learn the fine art of finesse and the value of relationships, as well as influence. You’ll be able to rise above the drama without getting called distant, and stay productive without getting mired in all the gossip, or even called an outcast. You’ll be able to make better judgements about what to say, to whom, and when, and who not to take personally, you still show them professionalism.
  • COURSES: How Leaders Manage to Reduce Stress™

    Stress? Who’s got stress? Perhaps the smaller, more manageable number is, who doesn’t? Leaders are stressed, maxed, overwhelmed, and often overwrought with details. They are coping, instead of thriving. They, and we, are freezing instead of accomplishing the items we deem most important. Leaders also are so accustomed to the recent speed needed in most cases, that we’ve begun to normalize the struggle. So, how do leaders do it? You’ll learn your first method in the time it takes to read this description and register. This webinar will then cover 10 quick methods you can use without becoming stressed about how to do one more thing when you’re already over loaded in the first place. How Leaders Manage to Reduce Stress™ was designed with the leader who embodies the term crazy busy and helps them go from feeling crazy, while avoiding any perception that they’ve become lazy, to feeling and being more productive on the things that matter.
  • COURSES: What Every Boss Needs in Order to Lead During the Holiday Season™

    Being a boss fills your day with enough things to do without the need to get presents, manage decorations, and plan parties, too. The holidays are a fun time and they do pass fast, but without some additional methods to manage the stress, that feeling that you’ve not done enough or done it right, can tend to last. In this webinar, What Every Boss Needs in Order to Lead During the Holiday Season™, you’ll learn how to keep your sense of humor, how to manage the more delicate holiday issues, and even how to build a stronger bonded team in the process. Don’t let the holidays drag you down or slow you up and register for this course straight away. Your holiday “to-do” list grows longer every day and you don’t have a minute to lose. Fast paced, packed with simple solutions, and designed with you in mind, this course ensures your office holiday stocking is truly filled with cheer this year and beyond! (This course includes access to the Leader’s Comprehensive Guide to Holiday Survival).
  • COURSES: Time Management Techniques for Busy Leaders™

    There’s the list, the team, the projects and what seems like endless requests for your time. Who’s got time for it all and can a leader do it all without dropping a ball? Then there’s your health, time for self, and those goals you put on a shelf when the hours tick by and things move too fast. Here is a solution, at last! Time management isn’t about getting more time in a day, but finding a way to do more of what you say…is important. Applicable to personal and professional time, this webinar shares proven techniques for staying on track and feeling you got some of your time back. With 5 simple strategies to prioritize, categorize, and organize what goes on your list, startling truths about multi-tasking and interruptions, and powerful insights on what leaders do (and perhaps shouldn’t!) to get in their own way of making the most of each day, this course is a must for all leaders who need to be productive and consistently feel short of time.
  • COURSES: The Power is Persuasive Presentation Skills

    You take the stage and then wonder what on earth to say. They say it’s the most common fear and yet you’ll overcome it with this webinar. Through 25 years of experience, Certified Speaking Professional Monica Wofford has developed a formula for powerful persuasion in her presentations. From knowing what to prepare, where to focus and avoiding the temptation to see naked people everywhere, The Power in Persuasive Presentation Skills, will equip you with the skills you need to succeed, and breathe! Whether presenting to your team, or the larger group of leaders, or even that big client lead, The Power of Persuasive Presentation Skills is packed with methods, tips, and techniques that all professionals need when putting their best foot forward on stage and off!
  • COURSES: The Organizer Preference Done Right™: The Facts on How Your Preference Interacts with Others

    The Organizer Preference Done Right™ is designed for those who find themselves naturally in the Organizer quadrant from the CORE Snapshot™ Whether you have attended Contagious Communication™ or the Make Difficult People Disappear™ webinar and are familiar with the CORE Snapshot™ version of this assessment, or simply know you’re natural aptitude for getting things right and wish to help others gather all the data, understand your intent in sharing feedback, and be appreciated for the specific skills you contribute to the team, this course is for you!
  • COURSES: Team Training: How to Build, Develop, and Maintain a Strong Team™

    Part of being a manager is building a team, but just how does one create such a thing? More than just a group of folks, a high performing team is a group with a leader who does great things and produces powerful results. They have to know their role and of course, understand the goal and that is the power of this interactive online learning webinar. In Team Training: How to Build, Develop, and Maintain a Strong Team, you’ll learn how to clarify what you want them to, remove barriers to performance, find the right people, and equip with the skills to accomplish the objective. Tired of feeling like you have to bribe them to do their job? Want the team you lead to do amazing things beyond what they even thought possible one on one? This one is a must attend for the leader who needs more results from their new, existing, and soon to be formed team.
  • COURSES: Take Ownership!™ How to Rapidly Improve Their Responsibility

    If you’ve ever wished your employees would take on more responsibility, own the problems that come up, and be accountable for the results, this course is one you need! The leader is often the one who prevents employee responsibility, and fails to expect accountability, but it’s also not always that easy. In Take Ownership, you’ll learn how you might be a factor in this equation, but also how you can impact and improve responsible, results oriented, employee behavior. With real world examples and immediate action steps, Take Ownership will show you how to lead more effectively, empower those you lead, and experience greater results for the whole team much more quickly!
  • COURSES: Strategic Planning 101: How to Create, Draft, and Implement Your New Year Plan™

    The New Year will be upon us soon and it’s a time to start fresh. Leaders who lead their team best, put a powerful plan in place and incorporate what’s been done well and what is still to be done, ready to implement this plan before the first week of the year is done. Don’t get left behind or be left wondering what do we do now when January rolls around. Register for the upcoming Strategic Planning 101 webinar. In it, you’ll learn simple excises that engage the team in the plan creation, costly mistakes not to make, and immediate ways to progress on your goals faster than you think is possible. Bring your ideas to this course and even involve key team members so that when you end the call, you’ll be prepared to move fast!
  • COURSES: Strategic Leadership Skills for Human Resource Professionals™

    CEOs refer to those in Human Resources as the “brakes” on progress in an organization, while human resource professionals believe executives haphazardly always have their foot on the “accelerator”. In Strategic Leadership Skills for Human Resource Professionals™, those who oversee hiring, firing, recruiting, and talent management will learn ways to remove this misperception and reduce the gap in understanding. In fact, the skills in this course will significantly increase the perceived value of their role and actions. With five primary guidelines for thinking more strategically and a focus on emotional intelligence (and how to use it to be heard by executives), this webinar is designed with the HR professional in mind who wants to proactively claim a strategic seat at the table and finally be heard and well respected.
  • COURSES: Stop Rearranging the Chairs™: Leading in Times of Change and Crisis

    Even more meaty than the book on moving cheese, this webinar will equip you with change management skills. With real world examples on how NOT to lead when things hit the fan and simple guidance to keep leaders from panicking, Stop Rearranging the Chairs™ will entertain you and improve your leadership skills. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to quickly asses priorities, be decisive when it’s needed the most and maintain your sanity when it seems the world is changing or at times, falling apart. Whether a massive change is underway or you simply want to be prepared for future organizational developments, this webinar is designed with the new and veteran leader in mind. Manage more change than you thought possible while keeping everyone safe and engaged with this interactive, engaging one hour webinar!
  • COURSES: Putting Personality Types to Use in Your Personal Life ™

    We all know the effect of others’ personalities doesn’t just impact us at the office. In fact, there are likely some people you only see on the holidays on purpose! But, what if that relationship could be saved? What if you could apply the principles of not only how to Make Difficult People Disappear, but more effectively communicating with confidence to those in your personal life. The good news? You CAN! And here’s how. Attend the Putting Personality Types to Use in Your Personal Life NEW Webinar to learn simple techniques beyond those already shared for work. Learn how to engage a bit more, draw better boundaries, and negotiate around the delicate issues when family is in town or even when family is all around. In this session, you’ll discover ways to keep your cool, keep the stress at bay, and even thoroughly enjoy your day!
  • COURSES: People Skills for Non People Persons™

    Ask ten candidates “What is your greatest strength?” and likely 8 out of 10 will say “I’m a people person!” But what if you’re not? How do you lead those who value extroverted tendencies and make friends with complete strangers, when you’re the introvert in a sea of people who talk constantly? This webinar will show you how. From how to communicate in a way they understand, to how you let them know you’re thinking so they don’t ask you what’s wrong, this live webinar will positively impact your personal and professional relationships. In People Skills for Non People Persons™, you’ll learn quick tips, valuable reminders, and powerful strategies for getting through to employees, colleagues, bosses, and clients without them misunderstanding you. Complete with additional recommended resources and a little fun poked at those who seem to talk too much, if you’re a non “people person”, this webinar is precisely designed for you!
  • COURSES: Line in the Sand: How to Set and Stick to Boundaries with Employees™

    Big boundaries can make you a bully. No boundaries can make you a door mat. There has to be a middle ground and a way to draw a line in the sand that everyone understands and can work with effectively. Good news! There is and in Line in the Sand: How to Set and Stick to Boundaries with Employees, you’ll learn just how easy creating realistic, workable boundaries, really is. Join this one hour webinar, to learn a step by step, simple process for determining where your boundaries need to be and how to manage them productively, while keeping your reputation intact. If you want to be a better leader and get more done, this is a webinar to jump on!
  • COURSES: Leading More Effective Meetings™

    No one enjoys meetings scheduled for the sake of having a meeting. From dry presentations, to cluttered slides, to looking up the nose of a colleague on a virtual meeting tool, Leading More Effective Meetings™ will bring back the value of meeting virtually or in person. Whether you meet with a team of employees in your office or gather together a committee on a web based video conference, this webinar will show you how to employ effective engagement methods, craft appropriate interaction, and even create a fast moving efficient and effective meeting agenda. If you run meetings, share information with everyone in attendance, and actually want employees, team members, or others to show up, this webinar is a must!
  • COURSES: How to Train Employees You Lead™

    Beyond coaching, this webinar is about employee development. Whether you have a new skill for them to learn or simply need them to apply new information, with How to Train Employees You Lead™, you’ll gain valuable information on how to conduct training. Complete with more than TEN steps for training them, a choice of multiple delivery methods, discussion on learning modalities, and even how to handle resistant learners, this webinar might not change your career choice to trainer, but it will certainly elevate the results you see from those you lead when it comes to learning new information. Join How to Train Employees You Lead so they’ll join you on the journey to leading a team known to succeed!
  • COURSES: How to Position Yourself for a Promotion™

    You know what you want at that next level, but are you what they believe they need? Are you the most obvious choice for the next promotion? Are you ensuring you’re doing what is needed to be in the best strategic position? If promoted, would you be prepared for your new position? In this live session, you’ll learn the fine art of both managing up and reputation management. You’ll learn 5 opportunities to take that could propel your career and visibility forward. Not every job is right for every person, so clear steps on the examination of what’s missing and what’s needed at that next level will be part of this session. When you’ve decided to progress in an organization, you’ve made an important choice. Rather than sit back and wait for someone to notice your readiness or your decision, this session will help to place you, your skills, your knowledge, your know-how, your tenure, your wisdom and your expertise in the most ideal position to get noticed and of course, get promoted.
  • COURSES: How to Match Employees With Their Roles and Your Goals

    This webinar is so much more than making sure the right people are in the right seats on the bus. It’s about teams and leaders and people. Who fits in what job? How do you know? How do you get it right for optimal performance? In How to Match Employees with Their Roles and Your Goals, you’ll learn how to line them up, keep them in line, and even challenge them from time to time with your goals in mind. Have them achieve more than you thought possible while removing the drama you deal with daily when things are lined up with this interactive, engaging one hour webinar!
  • COURSES: How to Lead Your Leader™

    When you have no real authority and are quite fond of your paycheck, why would want or need to lead your leader? Leaders are busy. Leaders get information from all directions. To be heard above the noise, noticed for your good works, and developed beyond what they may believe they have time for, leading your leader is an option, but how do you do it? In this live webinar session, you’ll learn the fine art of managing up while adhering to protocol and still saving face, both yours and theirs. Learn what your leader wants and needs and how to deliver a message in way he or she will hear. Find out how the best leaders really spend their time and how to get them to carve out some for your benefit. In fact, you may even learn how to become your boss’s trusted advisor and develop a viable partnership despite what the org chart shows is your reporting relationship. Leaders are people too and in this session, you’ll break through barrier and develop a new level of your own leadership skills.
  • COURSES: How to Manage an Attitude Problem™

    They mutter remarks, say sarcastic things, even stir up others on your team and worst of all, they have an attitude problem, but still manage to do their job. How do you manage that? How to Manage an Attitude Problem™ will show you how in five easy to manage steps. Implement these steps and you’ll find that attitude dissipates, in cases resulting in the problem person going away. More importantly, your top performers and those who do their job with pleasure and ease will stick around longer and stop looking for where the grass is greener and there are nicer people. How to Manage an Attitude Problem is ideal for all managers facing unpleasantries from employees who do just enough to get by, perform at an adequate level, but make everyone else around them miserable!
  • COURSES: How To Lead Angry Employees Through Major Change™

    Has something changed? Employees flipping out and mad as heck? Not everyone responds well to change and when employees get angry it slows down everyone’s work and acceptance of the new process even more! In How to Lead Angry Employees Through Major Change, you’ll learn how to lead employees who get angry because you changed their job, their title, their pay, or the company in which they work. With detailed steps for each scenario, this webinar will help you keep the peace, maintain your own sanity, and get everyone through the change so all can get back to work. A simple or major change doesn’t have to create major problems or shut down the office or the leader. You have enough to do and this webinar will help you get through…all of it. With a close look at how we all are wired to resist change, steps to overcome that natural reaction, and four easy to follow steps, this webinar is your go to source for dealing with change in the workplace.
  • COURSES: How to Lead and Beat a Bully at the Office™

    A bully at the office can wreck your day, kill a project’s progress, and limit your career if you don’t know how to beat them at their own game. What’s worse is if the bully at your workplace reports to you and is making you look bad or feel stressed. This webinar will help. In How to Lead and Beat a Bully at the Office™, you’ll learn not how to physically “beat” them, though it may be tempting, but instead how to deal with their behavior and possibly even turn them around. Whether your bully is a boss, coworker, employee, or customer, this webinar shares five clear steps in an easy to follow step by step process that works! With these five steps for being bold, asserting yourself, considering their personality, and taking action that keeps you and them on track, instead of way off track, you’ll quickly find you’re dealing with less drama and less stress and getting more done!
  • COURSES: How to Get What You Expect™

    Every leader has expectations. Written or only in our mind, we all come to leadership expecting others to do certain things. However, expecting performance and getting it are often two different, and at times, disappointing, things. How You Get What You Expect do removes that frustration! This webinar will help you clarify reasonable expectations, perhaps even different ones for each team member. This interactive session will also help you in conveying those expectations clearly and holding others accountable to them, without experiencing resistance. In How to Get What You Expect, you’ll get your expectations met in this fast paced, entertaining, informative, and relevant leadership development session with more than 10 tips and take-aways you can immediately use with the team you lead or work within.
  • COURSES: How to Engage, Influence, and Motivate Employees™

    Employee engagement… ahhh, the holy grail of organizations today, but how do you do it? How do you get employees to care as much as, or at least close to as much as, you do? How do you get them to treat this not like a job, but a joy? In this one hour webinar, How to Engage, Influence, and Motivate Employees will put you in the coaching seat without the pom-poms and with proven strategies for true motivation. You’ll get action steps, simple solutions, and long term strategies that will make your leadership life so much more easy! Join this webinar if you want to not only get them to do as you ask, but have them demonstrate initiative, take on more tasks, and appear to have an attitude make over faster than you can do “do over”!

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