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The ILR School at Cornell University offers the most comprehensive portfolio of professional learning programs and training services focused on work and employment. ILR programs bring together the insight of leading academic researchers with instruction that is grounded in practice. Whatever workplace challenge or problem you face, ILR has the depth of knowledge and expertise to help you find solutions. ILR has a range of options convenient to working adults, from one-day programs to a variety of certificates that provide more in-depth training. Gain practical skills that can be applied immediately on-the-job and improve your job performance. Earn an Ivy League credential that can help position you for career growth.


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  • COURSES: Strategic Grievance Handling

    Human Capital Development / Strategic Grievance Handling Strategic Grievance Handling Strategic Grievance Handling approaches the grievance and arbitration process as an opportunity to advance organizational strategy, goals and objectives while at the same time improving relationships within the organization. The course teaches the different purposes and scopes of competitive and collaborative dispute resolution systems and how that can be applied to the grievance process. It approaches grievance handling as involving three sometimes contradictory skills and activities – investigating, advocating and mediating. Key emphasis is placed on developing participants' mediation skills within the grievance process through role-play and feedback.
  • COURSES: Negotiating with Difficult People

    This course teaches the key strategic and tactical process and behavioral choices that separate rational problem solving and rational competitive bargaining from negotiating with the irrational, violent and narcissistic in the workplace.
  • COURSES: Training for Difficult Conversations

    This two-day workshop trains you to effectively approach and facilitate difficult conversations with and between employees. Managers and human resource professionals routinely handle contentious issues and emotionally-charged exchanges, which challenge communications and productivity. By the workshop’s completion, you’ll gain critical skills that will help you manage difficult one-on-one, small-group, and large-group conversations and constructively resolve employee disputes.
  • COURSES: Advanced Negotiations Strategies & Techniques

    Collective bargaining has been described as containing the twin motivations of competition and collaboration. In this program, participants will deepen and expand their knowledge and practice of negotiation techniques learned in prior Cornell Labor Relations classes to increase effectiveness in a variety of negotiation situations. Participants will develop flexibility and agility among these different negotiation strategies and techniques. Although focused on collective bargaining, these knowledge and skills are useful for any negotiation situation.
  • COURSES: Agreement Writing

    While negotiation effectiveness is critical, so is the ability to write clear enforceable contract language. Often agreement language issues are subjects of negotiations; and the structure and process of negotiations impacts the language used to memorialize the deal. The program expands upon the contract drafting portions of LR205 Contract Language and Interpretation, by providing participants with the opportunity to draft and analyze their own collective bargaining agreement language in the context of a negotiation.
  • COURSES: Costing the Contract

    Participants learn and practice creating a collective bargaining cost-sheet and adjusting it based on the ebb and flow of negotiations. This workshop builds upon the bargaining cost-out module from LR201 Preparation for Collective Bargaining:
  • COURSES: Healthcare and Pensions

    Collective bargaining often focuses on healthcare and pensions before turning to wages and other terms and conditions of employment. Participants develop knowledge of the requirements and implications of the Affordable Care Act, including the Cadillac Tax, various pension protection statues, and other federal and state legislation impacting bargaining over these important benefits.
  • COURSES: Compensation Strategy for Bargainers

    Agility with financial concepts and understanding their consequences in collective bargaining is an essential skill for an expert negotiator. The program focuses on compensation strategies including fundamental issues on developing and executing a compensation strategy and the possibility of a system that drives performance in a unionized environment. The program also introduces participants to the basic financial terminology and accounting concepts, a corporation's core financial documents, how to measure financial performance and how financing decisions affect the corporation's capital structure. The program is appropriate for professional without experience in finance.
  • COURSES: Managing Change Successfully

    Today’s organizations must operate in a constant state of change in order to be successful. This requires leaders to embrace what can sometimes feel like chaos, and turn change into opportunity. Grounded in theory but steeped in practical application, the course provides participants with a self-assessment, a series of tools for navigating real-world change scenarios, and a personal action plan.
  • COURSES: Coaching for Performance and Potential

    Home / Professional Programs / Coaching for Performance and Potential (LD305) Coaching for Performance and Potential (LD305) Establish an engaging coaching relationship to improve performance and grow talent by encouraging your team to perform at its best. Gain an understanding of when coaching is needed and practice using a coaching model to facilitate an effective coaching conversation. Review various theories for changing behavior and applying different strategies. Examine important coaching elements such as, setting clear and actionable goals, formulating a development plan, and dealing with conversational conflict.
  • COURSES: Leadership Skills for Success

    Master critical communication and management skills to effectively manage employees, establish priorities and delegate responsibilities. Gain the commitment of others and add value to your organization by being clear about the results you want to achieve, the environment you want to create, and how you will develop and deploy talent. Become an effective leader with the ability to build relationships and manage workplace communications in order to be heard and understood by others.
  • COURSES: Emerging Trends: Recalibrating Diversity and Inclusion

    Shifting demographics, technology and globalization are changing the world of work. Broaden and examine the implications for re-energizing, driving and sustaining D&I initiatives in the face of multiple generations at work, new conversations on religion, race and multiple identities, cultural competence, and other emerging trends.
  • COURSES: Competencies to Advance Diversity and Inclusion Strategies

    Assess key D&I competencies that drive business imperatives to ensure alignment with the vision and mission. Learn new change management strategies used by successful organizations and practice relevant skills for engaging employees. Leave with a toolkit that includes an audit to assess engagement, self-assessment techniques to improve individual contribution, and a follow-up action plan to revitalize and sustain D&I initiatives.
  • COURSES: Cross Cultural Communications Training

    This program provides a unique and detailed examination of the role that culture plays in conflict and conflict resolution. Mediators and other ADR professionals will analyze and attempt to resolve complex, multi-layered problems in this intensive hands-on workshop. Professor Ilhyung Lee, one of America's foremost experts on the subject of cross cultural issues, will serve as lead instructor for the program.
  • COURSES: Becoming a Mediator: The Business Plan

    In this program, we explore the nature of self-employment and discuss the development of your practice, with the goal of helping you to build a business plan that will successfully launch or effectively enhance your career as an ADR neutral. The program is appropriate for beginning, emerging, or established neutrals who wish to broaden their practice and increase their market potential.
  • COURSES: Employment Law Mediator Training

    This intensive five-day training program is an essential step for individuals seeking to become qualified as an employment mediator. This program combines training in the two elements - substantive law and process skills - essential to the successful mediation of employment disputes, thus enhancing the ability of experts to mediate these important and difficult disputes.
  • COURSES: Employment Arbitrator Training

    This workshop serves as the new benchmark for the training of neutrals for the complex arena of employment arbitration. It will provide those who are experienced in employment law and employment relations with a comprehensive understanding of the essentials of effective service as an arbitrator, from initial appointment through and beyond issuance of the award.
  • COURSES: Facilitation Skills for Conflict Management

    HR practitioners and managers are often faced with the challenge of helping others to resolve their own issues. Knowing when to take a facilitative approach, and how to structure facilitated problem-solving discussions is essential to providing productive assistance to parties in conflict. The workshop also provides ample opportunity for practicing techniques for effective small-group and one-on-one facilitation.
  • COURSES: Conflict Resolution Strategies for the Workplace

    The objective of this program is to develop the capability required for a participant to design and implement a workplace dispute resolution system. This program is highly participative, with an emphasis on class discussion and an exploration of contracting and delivery techniques. Two case studies will be used as a learning vehicle, one from the private sector and one from the public sector.
  • COURSES: Affirmative Action Programs

    This workshop concentrates on how to develop and administer acceptable affirmative action programs (AAP) and how to handle a compliance audit by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP).
  • COURSES: The Law of Equal Employment Opportunity

    This three-day EEO law seminar is packed with the latest information needed to understand EEO laws in the context of daily work situations.
  • COURSES: Employee Internal Investigations: Part I

    Handling employee complaints internally is a highly sensitive, multifaceted process that involves many people. This workshop provides you with a practice- based, step-by-step approach.
  • COURSES: Harassment Prevention in the Workplace

    For employers, prevention is the key to avoiding illegal harassment on the job, including sexual, racial, religious, ethnic, age, disability, and other types of harassment. This interactive one-day workshop examines the legal and policy concerns related to this complex workplace issue.
  • COURSES: Fundamentals of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

    For at least the last two decades, organizations across America have implemented programs and strategies designed to help them manage and leverage D&I more effectively. Launching and sustaining an initiative requires strategic planning and sound methodology. This course provides a proven step-by-step process for initiating or revitalizing your diversity initiatives.
  • COURSES: Advanced Diversity and Inclusion Strategies

    Many organizations with existing diversity initiatives are struggling with ways to sustain them. This workshop introduces experienced diversity professionals to skills and competencies for looking at diversity strategically. The focus is on linking diversity to an organization's strategic business objectives, its marketplace, and long-term sustained culture change.

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