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As organizational coaches and action facilitators, we help you build a workforce ready and able to take on the challenges of growth and change. Here’s how we do it: We partner with you to determine your needs. Then, we create a personalized solution-whether it is workforce performance skill building service, coaching programs or a tactical strategic plan. We deliver innovative instructor-led training classes, personal coaching services and strategic facilitation coaching that fits your time and budget. We monitor and evaluate results and offer you feedback on both gains and your next step opportunities. We are the experts in training, coaching and strategic facilitation. We bring in the best content expertise and blend it with your culture and specific needs. CLI staff is an unusual blend of credentialed, seasoned practitioners with the incredible ability to relate to you and your people. But then we have had years to master the things you need most-effective performance and strategy


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  • COURSES: Build and Assess Your Team Affordably!

    Measuring and building your team's performance is critical to their success. Our new team assessment, called Team-Assess™ allows you to self-administer and score your own affordable team assessment. Imagine how your assessment will motivate the team to improve in key areas. Then, re-launch a new assessment to benchmark team performance progress. Team-Assess measures six key team performance components; team output, team effectiveness, team leadership, individual contributions, team infrastructure, and organizational support. Each Team Performance Component is further broken down into corresponding sub-components. The result is a crystal clear picture of how your team members are feeling about their current functioning. Combine your assessment with telephone or face-to-face coaching for a professional feedback session. Our award-winning team building training can be added to build the skills needed for your team to function at their best.
  • COURSES: Innovation and Creativity Skills Workshop

    Innovation and creativity are now core skills needed everywhere in your organization. CLI has created a one-day workshop using the Foursight Breakthrough Thinking Profile as a basis for helping people understand their preferred approach to creativity and innovation. This active workshop offers learning activities to develop skills. At the end of the session, personal action plans transfer skills learned back to work. Participants will discover their innovation style and their strengths and challenges. - Participants will complete the FourSight Breakthrough Thinking Profile online, which measures individual preferences. - The workshop provides immediate feedback on participants’ innovation style strengths and challenges. - Participants develop a best-in-class approach for managing the innovation process - Participants will develop personal action plans to develop optimal performance on future project work. Contact us to develop a proposal today!
  • COURSES: Learn to Develop Trust at a Santa Barbara Horse Farm!

    Leaders are faced with the critical role of helping followers succeed. This workshop begins with an incredibly compelling story. The story is about Join-Up®, a learning process that transforms a horse's willingness to accept the first saddle and rider of their life in less than thirty minutes. We have created a workshop that helps leaders learn to transfer key learnings from the round pen back to work. The workshop is based on the new book Horse Sense for Leaders: Building Trust-Based Relationships. Participants will walk away from the session with new tools to form trust with others—and be able to problem-solve to build more trusting relationships. To register, please visit Please contact Dr. Susan Cain with questions: or at 800-203-6734.
  • COURSES: Strategic Meeting Facilitation

    We are your strategic facilitation partners, ready to help you build the future you envision. Every organization faces the challenge of finding the best way forward. Corporate Learning Institute helps you develop or redefine your path—whether it’s your strategy, identifying new opportunities or responding quickly to setbacks. Corporate Learning Institute is a powerful collaborator in the arena with you—preparing for, facilitating and transferring your gains into action steps for you to use. We work on a simple premise, that our clients are capable of reaching successful solutions, “unreachable” opportunities and targeted growth more rapidly with CLI’s help.
  • PRODUCTS: Team Assess

    Our Team Assess Survey System is based on a Team Performance Model for managing and leading teams developed by Dr. Tim Buividas. The model suggests that Team Performance is composed of several key team components that affect team results. The components are Team Performance, Team Effectiveness, Leadership, Individual Contribution, Team Structure, and Organizational Support. The Team Assess Survey System measures these components. The Team Assess Survey System is composed of the 1) Team Essentials Survey, 2) Diagnostic Add-Ons, and 3) the 360° Express tools. The Team Essentials Survey is a fantastic entry level team survey that can be used as a stand-alone survey or with the Diagnostic Add-Ons to add greater depth. The 360° Express tool utilizes a three question open ended, stop, start, and continue approach to gather data for leaders, teams and or individual contributors. For more information, contact Dr. Tim Buividas at or at 800-203-6734.
  • CONSULTANTS: Dr. Tim Buividas

    Taylor is a corporate coach with a focus on coaching Millennials. As a Millennial professional herself, Taylor provides coaching to new employees during the onboarding process. She focuses on career development areas, such as building your network, getting your voice heard, managing up, and developing project management skills. Taylor works to improve self-awareness and confidence to ensure the success of each new employee.
  • COURSES: Assertiveness Training & Coaching

    CLI delivers expert coaching for individual contributors needing to work on assertiveness in the workplace. We coach using an accelerated process that focuses on action learning. Action Learning allows coachees to apply learning content and test it out at work. This trial and error learning process mimics the adult learning cycle of experiencing, reflecting, thinking, and acting. We coach with an unbiased, caring, yet challenging approach. In between sessions, we assign action learning challenges that will help coachees develop skills, abilities and maximize performance. Our extensive library of resources includes key readings, videos and job aids to help coachees apply learning to work. The end result is a process that leads to a return on investment for both the coachee and your organization.
  • COURSES: Building Collaborative Team Skills at all Levels of your Organization

    CLI is your partner for designing personalized training that fits your needs. Our team building skills training helps individuals and teams become better problem-solvers, be more collaborative, increase trust, and become more result-focused. We do this by designing training services that make the most out of your time and budget needs. We start by developing the right design for you, whether it is a one-day or multi-day facilitated session, or a combination approach-using our virtual coaching and training online options. We can add helpful assessments, like the Five Dysfunctions of a Team, the DiSC Work Style Assessment, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, or even a customized survey. Best of all, we bring exciting hands-on team building skill activities so that participants can practice and perfect the team skills that they need to work together. Your training services will be branded with your logo and incorporate important elements of your culture to personalize training.
  • CONSULTANTS: Corporate Learning Institute

    The Corporate Learning Institute offers consulting services to help you develop the right performance solutions for your organizations. We are skilled at helping you optimize your organizational performance in the following areas: 1. Assess your needs, 2. Assess your culture, 3. Develop strategy, 4. Design and deliver small-large scale training programs, 5. Provide coaching from entry to executive level contributors. CLI is the trusted advisor for small to large organizations who want to improve every level of their performance. We are uniquely qualified to help you assess, develop and implement solutions to your needs. We are small and nimble, but our two partners come with years of practical experience. As consultants, we pride ourselves on the close attention we pay our clients, delivering more than they asked for and being available virtually when you need to connect. Let us help you develop a large-scale initiative, or complete that small but important project!
  • COURSES: Rapid Learning Effective Communication Workshop

    Teach your organization the communication skills that will bring its performance to the next level! This course is designed to provide an introduction to the different personality communication styles at work. By learning and applying this information, team members become more effective in their ability to communicate with others. This skill will help individuals work more efficiently and effectively within the organization.
  • COURSES: Rapid Learning Building Collaboration & Teamwork Skills Workshop

    Strengthen your organizations’ collaborative potential! This course will increase your team members’ efficiency at working together towards your shared vision. By learning and applying this information, team members become more effective at contributing and tackling challenges in collaboration with other team members and the organization as a whole. Individuals will learn how to effectively assist and aid one another as team members.
  • COURSES: Rapid Learning Managing Conflict Workshop

    Learn to effectively manage conflict with our new Rapid Learning workshops! This workshop focuses on developing your organizations ability to deal with inter-personal conflict. CLI will aid you in developing your skills as a manager and leader by strengthening your conflict resolution skills. Learn how different work styles can influence conflict styles and how to deal with those unique styles in the workplace!
  • COURSES: Rapid Learning Innovation and Creativity Workshop

    Educate your employees on how to most effectively use their unique creative drive in the workplace! This program introduces your employees to the process of using innovation and creativity to solve workplace conflicts and challenges. This workshop uses the Foresight Styles Assessment tool to help individuals better understand themselves and their creative process. Individuals will walk away with a better understanding of their creative process and how to implement that in the workplace.
  • COURSES: Rapid Learning Customer Relations Skills Workshop

    Inform your employees on how to best handle clients with our Customer Relations Skills workshop! This program uses the DiSC assessment tool to identify unique strengths and weaknesses for each employee and how to best approach customer relations knowing your strengths and weaknesses. This workshop will train employees in the most effective tools or “people skills” used to enhance customer relationships. Employees will walk away with a better understanding of both themselves and how their unique workstyle handles client relations.
  • COURSES: Rapid Learning Using Delegation Skills Workshop

    Learn how to effectively handle employees with our Using Delegation Skills workshop! This program focuses on developing your ability to effectively delegate tasks and responsibilities to your employees. Delegating at work can be extremely challenging. Learn how to recognize common delegation pitfalls and how to avoid them. Learn how individual unique workstyles can impact work delegation and how to most efficiently delegate tasks to unique workstyles!
  • COURSES: Rapid Learning Performance Feedback Workshop

    Educate your supervisors and managers on how to most effectively give feedback to employees! This program will aid leaders in taking a better approach to handling employee performance issues. Giving feedback to employees with performance issues is one of the most difficult aspects of being a leader in todays business world. This workshop will outfit leaders with the important skills they need to effectively give and receive feedback from their employees.
  • COURSES: Rapid Learning Influencing Others without Authority Workshop

    Improve your organizations inter-personal relationships with our Influencing Others Without Authority workshop! This program will impart your employees with the skills necessary to delegate and co-ordinate to others through coaching and participating rather than authoritative directing. This workshop uses the DiSC assessment tool to equip individuals with the skills necessary to influence others in the organization in a co-operative manner. Increase employee morale and effectiveness by teaching them the skills they need to co-operate!
  • COURSES: Rapid Learning Developing Effective Leadership Skills Workshop

    Learn the leadership skills that will take your organization to the next level! This course will focus on developing leadership capabilities within individuals to aid in achieving their leadership goals. This program allows individuals to learn effective leadership skills and values that will bring their organization to the next level of performance. Individuals will work on the attitudes, behaviors, and values that define successful leadership.
  • COURSES: Rapid Learning Living the Mission and Values Workshop

    Learn how to enact the mission & values of your organization! This program will train employees in enacting the ideals of an organization. By following the mission statement of your organization, employees will be more informed to act out the values that your organization promotes. This workshop focuses on training individuals in better understanding and adhering to the culture of your organization. Take your organizations performance to the next level by imparting a clear understanding of your values to employees!
  • COURSES: Rapid Learning Negotiating & Project Management Workshop

    Educate your organization with our Negotiating & Project Management workshop! This program will impart your organization with the skills needed to effectively give and take from one another on important projects. This workshop uses the DiSC assessment tool to educate individuals on their own personal workstyle as well as the styles of the people around them. Employees will learn how to delegate and receive feedback, resolve conflicts, and more.
  • COURSES: Rapid Learning Personality Assessment Workshop

    Inform your employees about their unique workstyle with our Personality Assessment This program will assess individual workstyles within your organization and educate those individuals in how to better work with the unique workstyles that individuals bring to the workplace. Individuals will also learn how to better manage conflict with other personality styles that are on display in the workplace. This will allow individuals to better address any issues or challenges they are facing on an individual or organization-wide level.
  • COURSES: Rapid Learning Leveraging Your Strengths Workshop

    Learn how to identify and enact your strengths within your organization with our Leveraging Strengths workshop! This program will aid individuals in identifying their unique strengths in their workstyle and how to enact those within the workplace. This workshop will inform employees in how to use their unique style to succeed within your organization. This includes learning how to work best with other unique workstyles and how to use individual strengths to address conflicts or challenges within the workplace.
  • COURSES: Rapid Learning Time Management Workshop

    Develop the time management skills that will allow you to effectively handle a busy workday! This course will aid in developing your ability to balance the demands of the workday. Strengthen your ability to set clear goals, review your progress, and achieve success. CLI will help you in developing skills that increase your ability to effectively prioritize and manage the different challenges you face during your workday. Learn how to plan, organize, and structure your work in new ways!
  • COURSES: Sales Academy

    Repeatable Sales Training focused on learning your work-style preferences, applying new knowledge, and becoming an expert. Three Phase Training Approach: Phase 1: Pre-WorkSales training Everything DiSC Sales Assessment Skills Assessment Survey Pre-reading materials to prime participants Phase 2: Training Personalized training manual and toolkit Evening networking event Personal coaching sessions Overview of Everything DiSC Sales Assessment; understanding of individual results Phase 3: Practice & Implementation Use DiSC Sales Map to understand your style and your customers’ styles Role play challenging customer encounters Introduction of the Sales Coaching Toolkit Action planning for performance results The Corporate Learning Institute Difference: One-on-One Coaching Individual coaching sessions, focused on applying assessment results to your top three strengths and challenges, provide participants the opportunity to receive individual feedback and career guidance from industry expet
  • COURSES: Rapid Learning Workshop Series

    CLI Rapid Learning Workshops These workshops are held at your location, in two-hour sessions to deliver essential workplace topics that you select. Our Engaging Format Includes: A session overview and icebreaker A review of last session An instructor led topic introduction A break out activity that allows participants to practice new skills A job aid to leave behind A short action plan to ensure transfer of learning to work Create a Year-Long Series of Trainings With Our Comprehensive Topics List: Effective Communication Building Collaboration & Teamwork Skills Developing Effective Leadership Skills Managing Time & Priorities Managing Conflict Introduction to SL2: Situational Leadership Using Delegation Skills Living the Mission & Values Personality Assessment Leveraging Your Strengths Performance Feedback Customer Relations Skills Using Innovation & Creativity at Work Influencing Others without Authority Negotiating & Project Management: Give & Take

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