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Enterprise Media produces and distributes management training programs, delivered as videos as well as streaming, digital downloads, and online learning through our ARCLearn site. We provide training on customer service, teamwork, managing change, quality, sexual harassment, diversity, leadership, management, interviewing, hiring, sales, supervisory skills, Fish Philosophy, and motivation. We also have humorous and motivational meeting programs and meeting openers with the Muppets, the Barkles, and others. Many of our hosts are authors and experts in management. Our hosts include Sam Glenn, Jennifer James, Tom Peters, Morris Massey, Shawn Achor, Stephen Covey, M. Scott Peck, Fern Bratten, Ken Blanchard, Loretta Laroche, Peter Glen, John O'Hurley, John Kotter, Joel Barker, John Cleese, Lou Holtz, Danica Patrick, Marshall Goldsmith, Benjamin Zander, Mike Ditka, Sean Payton, Rex Ryan, Bobby Bowden, and more.


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  • PRODUCTS: Leadership: An Art of Possibility with Ben Zander

    Experience the phenomenon of Ben Zander, world-renowned conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, as he expressively teaches a new and improved style of leadership in the exciting training program Leadership an Art of Possibility . Your leaders will walk away from this training experience with the understanding that it takes everyone's participation to make their organization a success. With Ben's new interactive leadership style, managers and supervisors in your organization will learn to keep a possibility alive until every person involved in the project is enrolled. As you watch the seminar, you will experience the positive interaction between Ben Zander and his captivated audience, teaching you the Art of Possibility! This program is available as a DVD rental (with the companion program “Attitude: Radiating Possibility) and also as a streamed online rental.
  • PRODUCTS: Motivation DVD Combo Package

    Studies show that a committed and motivated workforce deliver better service, productivity and performance for your organization. Now, Shawn Achor, Sam Glenn, and The Muppets give you the tools to motivate, inspire and energize your entire team. Save $1,450 over the individual DVD prices when you purchase The Motivation Combo! Get six best-selling motivational DVDs for $995. The Motivation Combo Package includes: 1. Life is good... and Work Can Be Too!; 2. A Kick in the Attitude with Sam Glenn. 3. Who Put a Lizard in My Lasagna? with Sam Glenn; 4. Win, Win, Win! - Muppet Meeting Opener; 5. Falling Up with Shawn Achor; 6. The Power of Attitude
  • PRODUCTS: Customer Service Training DVD Combo Library

    Provide your team with the optimal resource for delivering and reinforcing exceptional customer service. This combo includes the best selling programs on service from John O'Hurley and others. Save $2,210 over the individual DVD prices when you purchase The Customer Service Training Library. Get six best selling customer service training DVDs for $995. The Customer Service Combo Package includes: 1. Customer Service to the Rescue! - Meeting Opener, 2. A Complaint is a Gift; 3. Love Your Customers with John O’Hurley; 4. The Power of Customer Service; 5. It's Show Time; 6. Excellence Files Southwest Airlines
  • PRODUCTS: What America Does Right with Robert H. Waterman, Jr.

    What America Does Right features Robert Waterman, best known for his work with Tom Peters as the co-author of In Search of Excellence. This video series takes an in-depth look at how these companies have applied Waterman’s theories with great success! Volume 1: Management Turned Upside Down: The stories focus on new strategies, horizontal management, cross-functional teams, reengineering, and career resilience. See how everything once believed to be "good management theory" is being turned upside down. Volume 2: Organization is Strategic: Explore the shared core values that make Merck, a worldwide research-intensive pharmaceutical company, and AES, an independent power plant, notably successful. Discover why these corporations support Robert Waterman’s conclusion that your organizational arrangement is your most powerful strategic tool. This program is available in DVD form or as an online video streaming rental or digital download rental.
  • PRODUCTS: Succeeding in a Changing World with John Kotter

    In this award-winning video, bestselling business author and Harvard Business School Professor John Kotter will help you understand change - and succeed in a changing world. Professor Kotter has studied and helped thousands of individuals and organizations understand and implement change. Now in this "Succeeding In A Changing World," he explains how you can accelerate the process in your organization. Through compelling real-life stories, you will learn how companies like Rockwell Collins, Berkshire Hathaway, and Southwest Airlines have been able to change and succeed. You will also hear how other organizations (Polaroid, and the US Labor Movement) have failed to meet the challenges of change. Key Learning Points : Understand how change is affecting us and why we need to embrace it; Learn how several organizations implemented change and succeeded; Develop an eight-step process with concrete strategies to help your organization become excited about change
  • PRODUCTS: Empowering Employees

    Are your employees empowered? Can they make decisions without having to ask their supervisor? Do you feel comfortable with them representing your company? To help your company grow and thrive in today's competitive marketplace your employees need to play a major role in its success. They must make decisions that will enhance the productivity of your organization, and they must take ownership of both successes and problems. Discover how to make this happen. Key Learning Points: What empowerment really means and how it can help your company grow; Which employees you can empower and why; The six key factors needed to empower your employees and motivate them for success; What really motivates your employees; When and how to provide needed feedback. This program is available in DVD form or as an online video streaming rental or digital download rental.
  • PRODUCTS: An ADA Customer Service Course for Employees from McGuire Associates

    If you have customers with disabilities then this training program is a must see for every employee. An ADA Customer Service Course for Employees is designed to help you teach all your associates how they can properly provide superior service to customers with disabilities. An ADA Customer Service Course is divided into five chapters: Chapter 1: Blind or Low Vision; Chapter 2: Cognitive Disabilities, including people with emotional challenges, and other disabilities, such as autism, Tourette Syndrome, and head injuries; Chapter 3: Deaf or Hard of Hearing, including working with service dogs; Chapter 4: Mobility, including customers who use wheelchairs as well as walkers, canes, and other mobility device; Chapter 5: People of Short Stature/Vertically Challenged
  • PRODUCTS: In An Instant - Volume 4: Employee Development

    We know you just don't have the time to read all the articles and business books to solve every business problem. Noted industrial psychologist, Dr. Anthony Salemi has developed this In An Instant series to help you solve these problems: How to deal with closed-mindedness: Develop skills to expand people's perspectives; How to deal with procrastination: Learn to identify procrastination and develop skills to work more effectively; How to strengthen interpersonal impact: Interpersonal skills are key to success in business; Learn simple skills to improve interpersonal interaction; How to delegate effectively: Improve your delegation skills and learn from errors; How to deal with conflicting employees: Learn the basic components of successful conflict resolution. This program is available in DVD form or as an online video streaming rental or digital download rental.
  • PRODUCTS: A Kick in the Attitude with Sam Glenn

    Let’s face it, we can all benefit from a positive attitude. In fact, we can all use a good “Kick In The Attitude” now and then. But how do you do it? Well, Sam Glenn has the answer – and you’ll laugh as you learn in this humorous and motivational video. We cannot control what goes on around us but we can control our perceptions, responses and actions, which ultimately form our attitude. That’s the message in Sam Glenn’s award-winning program, “A Kick In The Attitude” . This video will inspire you, make you laugh, and help you improve employee attitude and customer relationships!
  • PRODUCTS: A Workout for the Mind with Jennifer James

    Technological, organizational and cultural change can be frightening, as well as tremendously personal. In her latest lecture, Dr. Jennifer James provides you with a framework for incorporating these changes into your life. As you watch this program, you will learn how to use perspective and history as a way of helping you understand where you are and where you’re going. Drawing from the work in her top-selling book, Thinking in the Future Tense, Jennifer James will give you five skills for managing in today’s rapidly changing world. The 5 Skills: Skill 1: Seeing with New Eyes; Skill 2: Recognizing the Future; Skill 3: Harnessing the Power of Myths and Symbols; Skill 4: Mastering New Forms of Intelligence; Skill 5: Doing More with Less-Harnessing Energy. This program is available in DVD form or as an online video streaming rental or digital download rental.
  • PRODUCTS: Overcoming Stress At Work

    This training program reveals valuable information about the human mind and body that can help turn you into an Anxiety Analyst and control much of the stress you feel everyday at work and at home. Overcoming Stress At Work defines stress, helps you identify your own stresses, teaches you the physical symptoms of stress-and relays positive mental-changing techniques to overcome non-positive stress once and for all. This program is available in DVD form or as an online video streaming rental or digital download rental.
  • PRODUCTS: The Basics to Improve Your Memory

    A good memory is critical in any business situation. You need to remember names, dates, places, titles, quotes, times, and the list goes on and on. The Basics to Improve Your Memory is a DVD training program designed to help you do just that. Amaze your fellow workers with your recall. Never again face the embarrassing situation of forgetting those important names. With this program you will learn the eight basic memory devices that will change your memory forever! This program is available in DVD form or as an online video streaming rental or digital download rental.
  • PRODUCTS: Time Management: Get the Most Out of Your Time

    It's 6:00 in the morning and you're already at your desk. In a desperate attempt to be productive, you plan to work - uninterrupted - until the frenzy of regular business hours begin. You don't have to rise before dawn to be effective at work. This time-saving training program will help you: Use the simple ABC System to prioritize your jobs; Deal with and conquer time-wasting procrastination tactics; Block off time each day for uninterrupted work; Plan for and shorten phone calls to cover only necessary information; Understand the importance of saying "no" to save your time; Carefully organize meetings to reduce their time and increase their effectiveness; Utilize the quiet time of airline travel. Too many of us get bogged down in time-wasting activities. But you can change all of this. Remember, you're in control! This program is available in DVD form or as an online video streaming rental or digital download rental.
  • PRODUCTS: How to Set and Really Achieve Your Goals

    Reaching your goals can be extremely difficult. Even more difficult may be determining what your goals really should be. With noted lecturer and trainer Jeff Blackman, this program will help you and your company learn to set and then reach your goals. Nearly all companies and individuals say goals are important. Whether they are sales goals, production goals, personal finance goals, or weight loss goals they are deemed important. Yet many times we set our goals without much real thought. Our new sales goal is to increase last year's sales by 10%. Why? Maybe it should be 20%. But without any real thought no one is really sure. KEY LEARNING POINTS: Why it's important to set accurate goals; How to set goals so they mean something; The GRASP IT goals achievement system; Why planning is critical to both your business and personal life; The 6 key elements to change. This program is available in DVD form or as an online video streaming rental or digital download rental.
  • PRODUCTS: SELL! 25 Essentials on Selling with Tom Peters

    To put it bluntly: If you can't sell, you're dead. Yes, selling is essential - whether it's your newest consumer product or an idea to increase internal productivity. Tom Peters has a gut-level grasp and passion for the art of selling and in this video he lays out 25 tenets that will teach you how to present, praise, and promote your product. Key Learning Points Sales is critical for everyone People buy from individuals Remember to say thank you Pay attention to people at all levels who can help you succeed The role of passion in sales This program is available for DVD rental or for an online streaming rental.
  • PRODUCTS: Selling By the Numbers with Fern Bratten

    Ask Fern Bratten, and she'll tell you, "sales can be as easy as 1,2,3 and 4." In this humorous and motivational presentation Fern will tell you how to achieve success in sales. Here’s what “Training Media Review” said about this program: Throughout the second video, Selling by the Numbers, the focus is on the customer. Bratten continues to emphasize her points in a humorous as well as motivational style. She stresses in an easy-to-remember number format the steps for understanding and appreciating customers. She also devotes time to explain different buying personalities that she classifies into four. Fern Bratten is engaging and successful in expressing the sales principles in a memorable style. The program is a worthwhile investment if your department needs refresher training or pep meeting material. This program is available as a DVD or as an online streaming rental.
  • PRODUCTS: Sell! Sell! Sell! - MUPPET Meeting Film

    The title of this motivational "tour de farce" says it all. A rousing way to open or close any meeting, reminding the audience how all business is based on one thing - selling. The Muppets Sell Sell Sell (which was originally called "The Final Speech") is the most popular program in the Muppet Meeting Video library. Let the MUPPET crew give your meetings a boost with their award-winning Muppet Meeting Openers. You’ll laugh and you’ll love the way the MUPPETS approach every business situation. These short humorous programs can be used to open a meeting, announce breaks, end a meeting or to sparkle up a meeting that might be a little dull... not that your meetings are ever dull! This program is available for DVD rental or for an online streaming rental.
  • PRODUCTS: Sales Training Online Rental Library

    Train, motivate, and energize your entire sales team with these 22 programs in this Sales Library from Enterprise Media. You’ll learn from sales experts and receive motivational instruction from leading business authorities, winning coaches, and even the Muppets. With humor and great instruction, you’ll motivate your sales team to higher levels of success. If you are looking for an exceptional value in training, then look no further. The Sales Training Online Rental Library will provide you with 22 different video courses for the same price as a single DVD!
  • PRODUCTS: Service Heroes: Healthcare Customer Service Turnaround

    Baptist Health Care ranked in the 10th percentile in customer satisfaction just a few years ago. Now they are ranked #1 in an independent survey of over 600 hospitals! Their incredible turnaround makes for one of the greatest customer service stories ever told. This program offers real-life examples of service excellence. Your audience will be watching the story of one of the greatest service turnarounds ever. At #10 on Fortune's best workplaces list, they figured out how to be one of the most effective service providers anywhere, any industry. Their main secret is really just common sense: everybody can make a difference and is expected to do so. Watch how they did it and apply their lessons to your own organization! Key Learning Points • Be ready for moments of truth • Achieve through change • Always think "customer" • Find a way to make a difference • Teamwork works • Everyone must be involved, everyone! • Be a service hero
  • PRODUCTS: Prescription For Change: Total Quality in Healthcare

    In this program, you’ll see how Memphis' Baptist Memorial Hospital embarked on a quality journey that has led to change at all levels. Learn about the change process at this 1,500 bed hospital... a process of continuous quality improvement at all levels. See the positive impact of quality on healthcare organizations. Interviews with physicians, nurses, administrators, and staff members will show you how change can happen and how quality can be achieved though a shift in mindset. You'll see how BMH is breaking down departmental barriers through teamwork and communication. KEY LEARNING POINTS • Learn how to use a managed care approach to improve patient care and control costs • See the power of a proactive suggestion program for all levels of a healthcare facility • Understand how basic and follow up training programs produce a blueprint for success. • See how treating patients as customers creates a new perspective for healthcare professionals.
  • PRODUCTS: Beyond Words for Healthcare

    Day after day, your patients are communicating with you through body language – and you are communicating back to them through your body language. Recognizing the most common body language cues can help you to understand what a patient may be thinking, but not necessarily saying. More importantly, learning body language cues can help you diagnose patients more accurately. Beyond Words for Healthcare will improve your ability to communicate with patients. The major challenge that exists in the healthcare industry today is the ability to strike a balance between business efficiency and taking the time to provide needed bedside Available as a DVD rental or as an online streaming rental.
  • PRODUCTS: Six Steps to Greatness: Healthcare Customer Service Agenda

    This program introduces six of the key steps used to achieve a customer service turnaround. The content is specifically aimed at leaders with responsibility for implementing customer service strategies and attaining service improvement goals. Specific steps in the Baptist Health Care turnaround are shown. The service lessons apply to all organizations. This program explains 6 of their key strategies. These are credible, battle-tested solutions aimed at fueling service improvement in any organization from a Fortune 100 company or a large government agency to a small non-profit. Key Learning Points • Create standards: achieve buy-in • Hire and train the standards • Get it done with teams • Recognize service heroes • Accept only winning attitudes • Measure, correct, and train incessantly
  • PRODUCTS: The Power of Attitude

    Positive attitude. Positive attitude. Positive attitude. A worn-out anthem? Or is there really power behind a positive attitude? The Power of Attitude: It Does Make a Difference shows that there is, and most of what makes us positive is attributed to our own self-image. This training DVD highlights five steps for developing and projecting a positive attitude in the workplace, and beyond. You'll see how to determine the attitude types of co-workers, how to deal with them, and how to keep the hard work of maintaining your own positive attitude in perspective. Also featured are general strategies for defusing difficult attitudes before they cause injury to the big and little things we do all day long. This program is available in DVD form or as an online video streaming rental or digital download rental.
  • PRODUCTS: Manage Your Time Better

    Faster. Sooner. Better. More. Now. Yesterday! Can you ever get it all done? The time we spend each day not accomplishing what we want or need to accomplish can add significant stress to our business and personal lives. But since we can't change time, we must learn how to make the most of the time we have. This training program shows how to virtually add minutes to each day by forming a logical, prioritized sequence or plan of action that incorporates the use of symbols, notes, teamwork, clear communication processes, and much more. You'll Learn To: Target your efforts on the most important tasks, Be a goal-getter, not just a goal setter, Do the most constructive things first to make life easier later, Avoid time-wasters, Use the R-A-F-T Theory to attack those dreaded stacks of paper, Effectively delegate, even if you're not the boss. This program is available in DVD form or as an online video streaming rental or digital download rental.
  • PRODUCTS: The Keys to Effective Supervision - How to Build a High-Performance Workforce

    Whether it’s your first day as a supervisor or you’re a seasoned veteran, The Keys to Effective Supervision - How to Build a High-Performance Workforce training video will make you even better at your job. You’ll learn to develop the critical skills you need to be a truly effective leader—communicate with clarity, make effective and timely decisions, recruit, train, motivate and retain a successful workforce! Even the busiest managers can apply the training techniques found in this new program. This program is available in DVD form or as an online video streaming rental or digital download rental.

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