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Enterprise Media produces and distributes management training programs, delivered as videos as well as streaming, digital downloads, and online learning through our ARCLearn site. We provide training on customer service, teamwork, managing change, quality, sexual harassment, diversity, leadership, management, interviewing, hiring, sales, supervisory skills, Fish Philosophy, and motivation. We also have humorous and motivational meeting programs and meeting openers with the Muppets, the Barkles, and others. Many of our hosts are authors and experts in management. Our hosts include Sam Glenn, Jennifer James, Tom Peters, Morris Massey, Shawn Achor, Stephen Covey, M. Scott Peck, Fern Bratten, Ken Blanchard, Loretta Laroche, Peter Glen, John O'Hurley, John Kotter, Joel Barker, John Cleese, Lou Holtz, Danica Patrick, Marshall Goldsmith, Benjamin Zander, Mike Ditka, Sean Payton, Rex Ryan, Bobby Bowden, and more.


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  • COURSES: Winning Telephone Tips

    Learn 30 tips for success with the phone, including why it's important to place your own telephone calls, how to avoid unnecessary call screening, how to make your voice mail more efficient, how to properly answer the telephone, and more.
  • COURSES: OXO Good Grips: Think Differently with Tom Peters

    Tom Peters show you how OXO Good Grips’ belief in design & product improvement achieves results. Find out how to stay lean & flexible through partnerships with other businesses. Learn how continuous innovation & improvement can lead to success.
  • COURSES: How To Get Things Done

    Learn how to avoid procrastination, deal with the deadly crunch of meetings, phone calls and deadlines, how to set meaningful goals, how to delegate, how to establish priorities & learn tactics to say no when you must in difficult situations.
  • COURSES: How To Supervise People

    How To Supervise People, takes the mystery out of being a supervisor. Learn the how-to approach to supervising - some theory and a lot of what to do if answers. Develop & improve the skills necessary to become an excellent supervisor & leader.
  • COURSES: Feedback Skills for Supervisors

    In this continuous communication improvement training program, you'll see how to exercise the four elements (giving feedback, soliciting feedback, receiving feedback and self-evaluation) that make the feedback process useful.
  • COURSES: The New Supervisor: Skills for Success

    Develop and improve your supervisory skills. In this program, you'll learn: how to make timely, effective decisions, time management, communication, team building, and how to praise, correct & deal with conflict
  • COURSES: The Keys to Effective Supervision - How to Build a High-Performance Workforce

    Learn to develop the critical skills you need to be a truly effective leader—communicate with clarity, make effective and timely decisions, recruit, train, motivate and retain a successful workforce!
  • COURSES: In An Instant - Volume 3: Leadership Development

    Learn how to give feedback, commit for action, motivate, make decisions and manage stress... In An Instant. Noted industrial psychologist, Dr. Anthony Salemi has developed this In An Instant series to help you address commons supervision issues.
  • COURSES: Manager or Mouse

    There are times that any manager can feel overwhelmed with customer calls, problem situations, & office distractions. In this humorous video, watch how one manager overcame his fears and concerns so he could solve these problems and take control.
  • COURSES: Succeed by Coaching

    Discover the essentials of coaching, including how to do it, when to do it, and why it is necessary. Learn the coaching process model, why and when to coach, how to evaluate your employees, set performance goals and use feedback.
  • COURSES: Empowering Employees

    Learn what empowerment really means and how it can help your company, the six key factors needed to empower your employees and motivate them for success, what really motivates your employees and when and how to provide needed feedback.
  • COURSES: Adventures in Sales, Service and Self-Esteem with Peter Glen

    Do you need to motivate and inspire your employees to higher levels of sales and service? Learn Peter’s Glen’s Steps To Inspired Sales and Service: Prepare, Connect, Create, Close, Follow Up. Bonus segments on You (motivation) and Angry Customers.
  • COURSES: Customer Service: OR ELSE with Peter Glen

    Peter Glen gives you a funny & inspirational look at customer service. Key learning points are: You are responsible for the customer, Go beyond good; give great service, People love to buy from people who love to sell, There is no finish line, Do It
  • COURSES: A Complaint is a Gift

    Based on Janelle Barlow’s best-selling book, this animated parable illustrates how customer complaints can be gifts in disguise, but only if your personnel are ready to accept them.
  • COURSES: Stressbusters! 10 Committments to Reduce Stress with Loretta Loroche

    Loretta Laroche is one of the leading speakers on stress reduction. She is also hysterical. Learn how to reduce stress through laughter. Stop the doom and gloom! Use Loretta Laroche's 10 ideas to change that unproductive behavior now!
  • COURSES: How to Deal with Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

    Learn how to communicate effectively with individuals from diverse cultures, mentor individuals from different backgrounds; be sensitive to older employees; build foundations for teamwork; deal with the varying perspectives, and resolve conflicts.
  • COURSES: Just Get It! with Morris Massey

    Learn how to overcome generational value conflicts that arise in the workplace. Learn how to analyze values, adapt communication styles and change motivational methods. This program helps you understand yourself - and others - better.
  • COURSES: 50 Ways to Keep Your Customers with Paul Timm

    Learn techniques & skills that will keep customers happy & ensure that they keep coming back. Rated by Training Media Review as one of the best videos, this program provides common sense information to help anyone improve their customer service.
  • COURSES: How To Hold Successful Meetings with Paul Timm

    Learn how to develop a proper agenda & why it's important, how to reinvigorate a stalled meeting, how to use brainstorming when creative ideas are needed, how to start on time & use a realistic schedule, how to run short, profitable meetings & more.
  • COURSES: Overcoming Stress At Work

    Overcoming Stress At Work defines stress, helps you identify your own stresses, teaches you the physical symptoms of stress, and relays positive mental-changing techniques to overcome non-positive stress once and for all. 19 Minutes.
  • COURSES: TALENT! Hiring, Recruiting and Attracting the Best Employees with Tom Peters

    In this video Tom Peters presents 10 vital lessons that will turn your company into an energetic talent magnet Lessons include: become a talent magnet, recognize the talent you need, some people are better than other people, and more. 25 Minutes
  • COURSES: The New Supervisor: Sills For Success -In An Instant

    Learn how to develop leadership skills, make timely & effective decisions, effective communication, the use of praise, team building, manage conflict, and more. Enhanced IAI version comes complete with a DVD & reproducible post-test. 48 minutes
  • COURSES: Communication Skills: What Everyone Needs To Know

    Effective communication is the difference between productivity & chaos in the workplace. Ensure your message is understood every time & learn practical techniques to improve all your communication skills - written, oral, electronic, & face-to-face.
  • COURSES: Listen and Win

    Learn the basics of listening: How to tailor your listening skills to various situations How to give & get good feedback; Identify communication noise & get rid of it; How to ask the proper questions; What is important in what a speaker is saying.
  • COURSES: Manage Your Time Better

    Learn to: Target your efforts on the most important tasks; Do the most constructive things first to make life easier later; Avoid time-wasters; Use the R-A-F-T Theory to attack those stacks of paper; Effectively delegate, even if you're not the boss

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