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Enterprise Media produces and distributes management training programs, delivered as videos as well as streaming, digital downloads, and online learning through our ARCLearn site. We provide training on customer service, teamwork, managing change, quality, sexual harassment, diversity, leadership, management, interviewing, hiring, sales, supervisory skills, Fish Philosophy, and motivation. We also have humorous and motivational meeting programs and meeting openers with the Muppets, the Barkles, and others. Many of our hosts are authors and experts in management. Our hosts include Sam Glenn, Jennifer James, Tom Peters, Morris Massey, Shawn Achor, Stephen Covey, M. Scott Peck, Fern Bratten, Ken Blanchard, Loretta Laroche, Peter Glen, John O'Hurley, John Kotter, Joel Barker, John Cleese, Lou Holtz, Danica Patrick, Marshall Goldsmith, Benjamin Zander, Mike Ditka, Sean Payton, Rex Ryan, Bobby Bowden, and more.


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  • COURSES: The Zorro Circle

    Too many unread emails, multitasking & impossible deadlines can hijack your brain’s ability to function productively. In, The Zorro Circle, Shawn Achor will show you a few simple, daily tasks that will help you reduce stress & increase productivity.
  • COURSES: The Happiness Advantage with Shawn Achor

    Learn the formula for improving productivity, overcoming challenges, increasing cognitive abilities, improving teamwork, & improving your mindset. This program is based on Shawn Achor’s best-selling book, “The Happiness Advantage”.
  • COURSES: Better Meeting Management

    Put an end to unproductive meetings, for good! This program begins by showing you the advantages & disadvantages of meetings in the pre-meeting step, then walks you through a systematic decision-making process.
  • COURSES: Use The Telephone The Right Way

    Good common sense telephone techniques and old-fashion courtesy - especially in today's digital age - often define crucial business moments. Apply 14 key call-handling skills that will boost your organization's credibility, bottom line.

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