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What’s your message to the world? For over 30 years, Exec|Comm has helped develop professionals and leadership populations across the globe. Our philosophy is simple: professionals powerfully impact the world by focusing more on others and less on themselves. You will receive tangible results and practical return on your investment through our premier communication training and coaching. Competence and job knowledge take you only so far. Success springs largely from how well you build relationships and communicate. When you combine both technical competence and communication skills, you maximize your impact.


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  • COURSES: Negotiation Skills

    We tend to think of negotiation as a competition. Yet lasting success requires a different approach. It demands we move beyond competing—to cooperating and even collaborating. Exec-Comm's Negotiation Skills program introduces business professionals to a process and skills that build confidence, creative solutions, measurable results and long-term relationships.
  • COURSES: Engaging Sales Presentations

    Can you consistently project poise and conviction when the stakes are high? If you seem nervous or uncomfortable, your credibility drops. That’s why sales presentation skills are essential for success, whether you present formally to the C-Suite, with a few clients over dinner, or lead a videoconference with remote decision makers, you want to look professional. Presenters that are calm and confident adapt to any setting forming an immediate and lasting impression with their audience. Exec-Comm’s Engaging Sales Presentations program helps you successfully manage your presence, technology, information and audience - so your credibility stays strong.
  • COURSES: Consultative Selling Skills

    No matter how you sell, you should do more than simply take orders and respond to requests. You want to build business by becoming a true partner with your clients. But how do you create that partnership and become a trusted advisor? Exec-Comm’s Consultative Selling Skills program gives you the skills to communicate effectively and to help your clients uncover and explore previously unknown needs. Ultimately, you develop your approach to successfully explain how you can meet the business needs of your clients.
  • COURSES: Managing the Media

    Whether it’s good news or bad, interacting with a reporter is challenging. Before beginning an interview, you need to feel prepared for the array of questions that might come. That preparation requires a consistent message and the communication agility to bridge back to that message. Exec-Comm’s Managing the Media program gives you the skills to face reporters, feeling calm and confident by practicing every aspect of a hard-hitting interview.

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