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  • COURSES: Finance for the Non-Financial Manager

    Finance is the key language of business. If you understand finance, you’ve taken a giant step towards understanding how the score is kept in the business world and will understand how to build a business that will survive and prosper in the 21st century. Finance doesn’t have to be intimidating. The Finance Without Fear Finance for Non- Financial Managers course provides the necessary financial skills needed to manage a business in a simple, easy to understand course.
  • COURSES: Basic Financial Statements

    This is a basic course on understanding the language and structure of the three primary financial statements – the balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and cash flow statement. If you’re an entrepreneur or business professional who needs quick understanding of the key elements of finance, this is the course for you.
  • COURSES: Basic NonProfit Financial Statements

    This is a basic course on understanding the language and structure of a non-profits statement of operations and balance sheet. The course includes an explanation of the accounting rules that can cause budgets and financial statements to differ. The course also includes a module that has proven very beneficial to board members and staff coming from the private sector, where the key differences between non-profit and for-profit financial statements are explained.
  • COURSES: Creating and Using Budgets

    This is the basic budgeting class for non-profit executive directors, board members, and staff. It includes the role of the budget, how to create a budget, dealing with restricted funds, budget versus actual analysis, what to do when the budget doesn’t match reality or a deficit is projected, and why the budget should be continually updated and used as a management tool.
  • COURSES: Advanced Financial Statements

    Our Advanced Financial Statements course provides the tools that can help you analyze your business. Through this course, you will learn some simple calculations that will provide a wealth of information about the efficiency and direction of your business, you will learn how to compare yourself to the industry and to your competitors, and learn how to identify and correct minor problems before they become major problems.
  • COURSES: Understanding Financial Ratios

    Financial ratios are one of the key tools used by a banker when making a lending decision and by the CFO to explain financial performance to the board. Financial ratios explain what is happening to the number on the financial statements, and are a key tool to evaluate a business and to help make better operating and investment decisions. This course explains how calculate and interpret financial ratios to better manage a business.
  • COURSES: Financial Management

    Effective financial management is critical to the success of any business. Our financial management course explains the basic tools and techniques of financial management to the business manager or business owner, including budget creation and monitoring, cash management, product/division/customer analysis, planning and forecasting, and trend analysis. This class will provide the skills to make more effective business decisions.
  • COURSES: Working Capital and Operational Efficiency

    This course explains the key concepts of cash management, working capital, and operational efficiency. Participants will learn how to review their current cash management practices, project and analysis the cash needs of a business, and modify cash management practices so less cash is required to operate the business.
  • COURSES: Growing Your Business: Projecting the Future

    While a growing business is the dream of most business owners, growth is not without risks. Many growing business fail simply because they fail to plan their growth, particularly the effect that growth will have on their profits and cash flow. In this course you will learn the best time to grow your business, how to develop and use budgets and cash flow projections as tools to analyze the growth of your business, and develop strategies to assure that your growth is profitable.
  • COURSES: Looking Forward: Financial Scenario Analysis

    This course introduces a toolkit that can be used to conduct financial scenario analysis for the business. These tools can be used to evaluate the implications of future financial scenarios, and to study the effects on the business under best, worst, and most likely scenarios.
  • COURSES: Is Your Business Sustainable

    This is a course for business owners, board members, and senior executives focused on a detailed analysis of how the business generates income, pays for its operating expenses, and generates profits. The outcomes of this course are focused providing participants with an understanding of which products are profitable today, which products are likely to remain profitable, and of the internal and external risks to the business.
  • COURSES: Is Your NonProfit Sustainable?

    This is a course for board members and senior staff focused on a detailed analysis of how the organization generates income, pays for its operating expenses, and pays its program expenses. The outcomes of this course are focused providing participants an understanding of which programs are “profitable,” and with an understanding of the program, funding, and external risks to the organization.

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