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GlobalCompliancePanel is a training source that delivers diverse, high quality regulatory & compliance trainings. These trainings are simple while being relevant and cost-effective while being convenient. GlobalCompliancePanel imparts knowledge of best practices across a broad range of user-friendly mediums such as webinars, seminars, conferences and tailored, individualized consulting. These help organizations and professionals implement compliance programs that meet regulatory demands and put business processes in place. GlobalCompliancePanel focuses primarily on providing extensive and quality training in these core areas and anything related to them: Risk Management Regulatory Compliances Corporate Governance Quality Management


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  • COURSES: Networking for Fun and Profit

    To begin, networking skills actually improve interpersonal communication skills with coworkers and supervisors. At the core, networking skills are about how to help people get to know you, like you, and trust you. These skills help ensure that every interaction you have with people leaves them happy that they interacted with you. You have the choice to be one of those people that people dread working with, or being the person that people request for their teams.
  • COURSES: Drug Substances and Drug Products - Specifications

    This program will teach you to set specificatons for drug substance and drug product,including use of release test data, long term stability, accelerated stability and special stability studies. The webinar will also cover changing specifications during lifecycle management.
  • COURSES: FDA FSMA Preventive Control Food Safety Plan

    All food facilities registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) must comply with the requirements under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) to develop and implement a Preventive Control Food Safety Plan that includes a Food Defense Plan. The plan must also include a hazard analysis, allergen analysis, factory profile, recall plan, supply chain controls, process preventive controls, sanitation preventive controls and other items.
  • COURSES: Manufacturing Safety - What you don't Know can Harm you

    In this webinar, we will explore the hazards related to the manufacturing facility on many fronts. To understand the plant work environment as it relates to safety, the employer must consider what the equipment the workers are exposed to on a daily basis.
  • COURSES: Investigator Reporting Responsibilities - OHRP

    This webinar will provide a comprehensive review of FDA and Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP) reporting requirements for investigators. A comparison will be provided for the AE reporting requirements for drugs and devices.
  • COURSES: Assuring IT Regulatory Compliance

    The concept of industrial compliance with applicable laws and regulations deals with obeying the statutory requirements to which the entity is subject. Compliance infers acceptance. Societal expected behavior acceptance requires value(s) conformity to established norms.
  • COURSES: Expectations for Products Used in Early Phase

    FDA issued a guidance document covering GMP requirements for Phase 1 products. These guidelines remove some of the problems that are encountered with early phase products and are in addition to those that cover the CMC sections for IND submissions at Phase 1.
  • COURSES: C-TPAT - Trade Partnership Against Terrorism 2018

    In this webinar, we will explore the best approach to C-TPAT certification and discuss best practices, and The attendees will learn how to develop a standard approach to complying with the voluntary C-TPAT guidelines, and Strategies for reducing the cost and complexity of compliance with C-TPAT.
  • COURSES: High Cost of Bad Management

    The first cost to the organization is turnover in staff. It is often said that people join companies and leave managers. Bad managers will drive the best employees away, while only those employees who have fewer marketable skills will remain.
  • COURSES: Fundamentals of Risk Management in Clinical Research 2018

    Besides being a new expectation by regulatory agencies under good clinical practices, Quality by Design (QbD) and Risk-Based Quality Management (RBQM) concepts are receiving attention on a world-wide basis. As the industry's utilization of risk-based monitoring continues to increase along with the development and expansion of the area of RBQM, the need for the integration of these two concepts becomes apparent.
  • COURSES: GMP Regulations and How it Apply to Analytical Laboratories

    Auditing analytical laboratories can be complex because of the preparation that is often required. All of the GMP rules do not apply to the laboratory; while there may be additional requirements depending upon the type of testing that is being conducted. In many cases, the laboratory itself may not understand what regulations apply to the work that is being conducted.
  • COURSES: How to Comply with 21 CFR 11 Requirements

    In this webinar you will learn how to Manage site and sponsor interactions with regards to EMR, and What are source documents and why are they important? (FDA and ICH GCP E6 Guideline), How EMR Data is used in Clinical investigations, and What are future expectations for EMRs (FDA Draft Guidance) and the impact on sponsors and sites.
  • COURSES: Quality in Home Food Delivery 2018

    This webinar explains the Food safety is about producing, handling, storing and preparing food in such a way as to prevent infection and contamination in the food production chain, Proper handling is essential to ensure the food is safe to eat, uncontrolled and unsafe home food delivery to impact human health.
  • COURSES: Practices to Support FDA Computer System Validation

    This session will address the specific way of documenting your computer system validation work to ensure it meets FDA requirements and can pass an inspection, also this webinar will help you understand the FDA's requirements for good documentation, including how to handle change control and the importance of audit trails, you will learn how to create and maintain good documentation that meets FDA compliance standards.
  • COURSES: Performance Reviews: A Step-By-Step Process for Conducting them Meaningfully and Effectively

    In this webinar speaker explains how to conduct motivational and directional performance appraisal reviews, it will help to motivate employees to achieve goals and increase their value to the organization.
  • COURSES: Change Chronicles Part 2: Implementing Change in Eight Steps

    Overview: Here's the challenge of 'Implementing Change' and how the presentation addresses it. Challenge: "We come up with an idea, and want our community to commit to the implementation of that idea".
  • COURSES: Project Management Best Practices: The Keys To Completing Every Project On Time and On Budget

    This webinar will provide the best practices of managing projects , also understand the essentials of project management, identify project needs, practice scheduling and teaming and allow you to more effectively manage projects to success.
  • COURSES: Learning from Successful Change Failure

    This webinar will focus on the engagement before, during and after the change was realized and explore the organizational culture that sometimes worked with and against the change, Our most successful leaders are those who are able to learn and grow from these experiences.
  • COURSES: Moving From An Operational Manager to A Strategic Leader

    This webinar gives you the right practice to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be, If you want to move from being a good manager to being a great manager you should attend this webinar.
  • COURSES: How to Improve your Leadership Style

    This webinar will include a discussion on how habits are formed, why it is all based on beliefs and values and also We will discuss basic behaviors and styles of leadership so you can figure out where you fit now.
  • COURSES: How to Conduct Workplace Investigations - Best Practices and Know How's

    This webinar will teach you to write your handbooks and policies to avoid contractual obligations , and explains the numerous situations that can cause problems for employers that need to be followed up on and investigated by HR.
  • COURSES: 7 Behaviors of Great Leaders

    This webinar will give you concrete technics, philosophical justification and a road map that will be simple for you to follow.
  • COURSES: Behavioral Interviewing Maximizing the Return on Interviews

    The TrainHR Course is approved by HRCI and SHRM Recertification Provider. Overview: Behavioral interviewing is a proven, powerful technique for improving the quality of information gained during the interview process. Instead of having job applicants tell you "what you want to hear", this approach produces powerfully predictive data which improves the accuracy of hiring decisions.
  • COURSES: How to Fill Hard-To-Fill Positions

    This session will explore a variety of innovative approaches for acquiring the skills and capabilities required to perform required job tasks, and also focus on more effective recruitment strategies.
  • COURSES: Sepsis: Increasing Incidence, Causes, Disease Progression

    Sepsis and septic Shock are major healthcare problems. It has been described as the Achilles' heel of health care. Sepsis occurs when the immune system goes into over-drive vigorously attacking an expanding infection. It is the No. 1 inpatient hospital expense in the United States, with costs surging by 3X over the last decade to $27 billion. Sepsis is a leading cause of death, morbidity and expense responsible for one third to one-half of hospitalized patients' deaths. In the U.S., more than 1.5 million people develop sepsis, of whom over 250,000 die as a result. It has now become one of the top five causes of hospitalization in for those over the age of 18.

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