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  • PRODUCTS: Jung's Function-Attitudes Explained

    A practical guide to understanding Jung's function- attitudes. Each of the function-attitudes is described in terms of its psychic process, impact on behavior and role in memory.
  • PRODUCTS: Introduction to the CommunicationWheelâ„¢

    Introduction to the CommunicationWheel is Dr. Thompson's latest book describing his critically acclaimed CommunicationWheel system. It describes how psychological Type influences interpersonal communication.
  • PRODUCTS: The CommunicationWheelâ„¢: A Resource Book

    The CommunicationWheel™ system enables you to graphically represent the sixteen different communication styles based on personality preferences as determined by the MBTI.
  • PRODUCTS: Introduction to FIRO Element Bâ„¢ in Organizations

    Introduction to FIRO Element B™ in Organizations is Dr. Thompson's latest book describing one of the most powerful personality instruments available. It describes how the dimensions of Inclusion , Control and Openness impact interpersonal relations.
  • CONSULTANTS: OrganizationalDynamicsâ„¢, Strategic Planning

    OrganizationalDynamics™ will prepare you to use powerful assessments and applications that focus on the human side of organizations.
  • CONSULTANTS: TeamDynamics

    This four-day course provides training, human resource and organizational development professionals with a practical, integrated system for the daily use of psychological type in organizations.
  • CONSULTANTS: FIRO Element Bâ„¢ in Organizations

    The Element B is the latest generation of assessment tools measuring interpersonal behaviors in three areas: Inclusion, Control and Openness, further allowing you to understand and improve your behaviors.
  • CONSULTANTS: High Performance Leadership

    Our work with leaders is based on the High Performance Leadership Model which identifies four levels of leadership and requisite skills. Each leadership level is linked to a specific timeframe, level of complexity and cognitive ability.
  • COURSES: FIRO Element B Certification Course

    Element B is the latest generation of assessment tools developed by Dr. Will Schutz to measure interpersonal behaviors.
  • COURSES: TeamDynamics

    Workshop qualifies you to use numerous tools for working with executives, managers, supervisors and teams, e.g., FIRO Element B, LEAD + more! This is the next generation of training for leadership, personality and teams. Qualification on FIVE instruments!
  • COURSES: Organizational Dynamics

    This four-day interactive workshop designed for OD practitioners, consultants and trainers who want to expand their capabilities to work at the organizational level. Key areas include organizational change, turnover and retention and systems thinking.
  • COURSES: EQ-i Certification Workshop

    Researchers suggest that emotional intelligence is a key determinant of one?s success in life. The EQ-i Certification Workshop will prepare you to administer the EQ-i and provide feedback on the results.

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