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We are meeting facilitators, trainers and team builders for creative ideas, better decisions and more engagement. We provide training in leading effective meetings, creative thinking and innovation, problem solving, management and customer service.


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  • COURSES: Delegating: Learn How to Delegate

    If your managers are totally swamped with work and need encouragement to delegate-this workshop is the one. It gives them practical advice on how to leverage the increased productivity that comes with delegation. Interactive and practical!
  • COURSES: Basic Teamwork

    It's a great way to introduce participants to the basic concepts of teamwork, which include interdependence, common goals, continuing interaction, valuing diversity, and creating a supportive work environment.
  • COURSES: Collaboration & Communication: Collaborating With Other Teams

    This workshop provide individuals and teams with the opportunity to experience collaboration across both internal and external boundaries. Working both within groups and across groups, participants build awareness of the importance of cooperation, etc.
  • COURSES: How to Build Effective Teams

    Learning outcomes include: Learn seven factors that are important to effective teamwork, Explore strategies that contribute to improved team effectiveness Identify and apply actions to real-life team situations. Interactive and uses a wonderful simuation.
  • COURSES: Communicating in Teams

    Participants will: 1) Discover the powerful impact of both ineffective & effective communication, 2) Identify damaging communication techniques and environment, and 3) Improve communication behavior. A powerful 4 hour workshop is based on a simulation.
  • COURSES: Finding the Solution: Problem Solving Training

    Learn the tools & processes to find the solutions to most any problem. This is a highly interactive & memorable training where the participants will solve problems using 4 steps: 1) Focusing 2) Idea Generating 3) Decision Making 4)Implementing
  • COURSES: Customer Service Excellence Training: Providing Great Customer Service From the Inside/Out

    This powerful workshop will give your staff more than just the foundation on providing good customer service. It will give them the motivation, desire and ownership to satisfy your customers with excellence.
  • COURSES: Creating the Repeat Customer

    This customer service training program focuses on ways to create the repeat customers using 6 sure-fire ways...find out click here.

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