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IDCON, INC is a highly specialized management consultant firm in the field of reliability and maintenance management. We work in the heavy process industry, manufacturing and facilities. Our mission is to improve overall reliability and minimize total production cost. All our consulting and training is based on the Results Oriented Reliability and Maintenance™ (RORM) philosophy. As maintenance management consultants, our products include education, training and implementation (consultant services) support covering the maintenance work management processes


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  • COURSES: IDCON Reliability and Maintenance Conference

    What are you looking for in a Reliability and Maintenance conference? If you are looking for a conference experience that will give you practical advice and how to implement that advice, look no further than the IDCON Reliability and Maintenance Conference. If you are looking to make real connections with vendors who can offer solutions and to your peers in other processing industries, this conference is for you. You’ll join a devoted following of Reliability and Maintenance professionals representing Management, Operations, Maintenance, Stores and Engineering. Over 400 speakers have shared their knowledge and experiences along with over 3,000 conference delegates. Many have attended this event more than five times over the years because this learning forum reflects the reality in industry. This is the conference to learn: • How to implement proven best practices • How to increase the skills that impact reliability • About new techniques and tools in presentations and workshops
  • SPEAKERS: Christer Idhammar

    Christer Idhammar is a world-renowned expert within Reliability and Maintenance. His career began in the Swedish merchant marine where he started developing fundamentals of his Results Oriented Reliability (RORM) and Maintenance Management concept. A dynamic and skilled speaker, Christer has presented at conferences and organizations worldwide. Recipient of several awards including In recognition for his international contribution in the field of Reliability and Maintenance, he received the coveted EUROMAINTENANCE Incentive award during the biannual EUROMAINTENANCE 2002 conference in Helsinki. In 2008 he received the Salvetti Foundation Best Presentation all categories award among 158 international presenters during Euromaintenance 2008 in Brussels Belgium. 2013 he received best presentation award at the Reliability2.0 conference in Las Vegas NV, USA from Reliability Web.
  • SPEAKERS: Torbjorn Idhammar

    Torbjorn (Tor) Idhammar is IDCON's President. He has worked in over 60 plants in fourteen countries in several industries. A skilled speaker on issues relating to reliability and maintenance work management, Tor has spoken at conferences and private organizations world-wide.
  • CONSULTANTS: Shutdown Turnaround Optimization Consulting and Implementation

    Whether you call it a Shutdown, Turnaround or Outage it causes lost production. IDCON's S-TOP Program assists you in a Six Phase Approach to effectively manage Shutdown/Turnaround/Outages from Cycle Optimization to the Closeout Review with the objective of providing global best practices to achieve strong business improvements. Typical savings resulting from IDCON S-TOP implementation program can include a reduced critical path (+30%) and reduced Shutdown spending (+12%).
  • COURSES: ONLINE Shutdown Turnaround Optimization Program Public Training Course

    Many industries spend the majority of their maintenance budget on shutdowns. Turnarounds represent a significant amount of downtime. The Shutdown Turnaround Optimization Program (S-TOP) delivers the minimum required shutdown scope and absolute minimum downtime. S-TOP accomplishes this by addressing mechanical, production, inspection, regulatory, and engineering project critical paths. The course objective is to improve outage management and execution through the systematic application the S-TOP best practices. Participants will learn how to implement and manage the 6 critical steps behind cost efficient and effective Shutdowns while maintaining a high level of safety.
  • COURSES: Preventive Maintenance Essential Care & Inspection Techniques Training Course

    IDCON's practical training course for maintenance technicians and operators teaches how to care for equipment and perform fundamental condition monitoring (inspection) techniques. Participants learn the basics behind effective lubrication, balancing, alignment, cleaning, electrical and installation practices. They will learn about common components such as motors, bearings, gearboxes and much more.
  • COURSES: Develop and Manage Preventive Maintenance Public Training Course

    IDCON's training gives you the knowledge to develop and implement a Preventive Maintenance System in a cost effective manner. Based on a simple step-by-step process that includes concepts such as criticality, failure modes, preventive failures, early failure detection methods and writing effective instructions for maintenance and operations.
  • PRODUCTS: Results Oriented Reliability & Maintenance

    Christer Idhammar's and IDCON's maintenance management book is an inspiring source of knowledge in reliability and maintenance management leadership, execution and practical tips. This maintenance management book comprise of one to two page articles.
  • PRODUCTS: Preventive Maintenance/ Essential Care

    This preventive maintenance book is a "must have" for all maintenance professionals. It is a unique resource for improving maintenance management processes and learning smart PM, condition monitoring, inspection and troubleshooting techniques.
  • PRODUCTS: Condition Monitoring Standards

    Condition Monitoring Standards are hands-on field instructions for how to inspect equipment using pictures, and easy to follow instructions.
  • PRODUCTS: Planning & Scheduling Field Manual

    If you are looking for a book with practical planning and scheduling tips for the day-to-day work, this is the book for you!
  • PRODUCTS: Materials Management Book

    Materials management from a reliability management and financial perspective, all in one book.
  • CONSULTANTS: Maintenance Management Consulting & Training

    IDCON, INC. is a maintenance management consulting and training company. We provide training and consulting in maintenance assessments, planning, scheduling, RCFA, Preventive Maintenance, spare parts management.
  • CONSULTANTS: Planning & Scheduling Consulting & Training

    Planning and scheduling consulting and training is provided by IDCON. We can help your people become better with trainng and hands-on implementation support for management and the frontline.
  • CONSULTANTS: Preventive Maintenance Consulting & Training

    We provide consulting and training in preventive maintenance for process and manufacturing industry. We can help optimize existing PM's or start from scratch. We believe in helping your people become better with what they have.
  • CONSULTANTS: Maintenance assessments

    IDOCN's Best practices reliability and maintenance assessment is built on 300 elements of best practices used by companies such as Arch Coal, International Paper, Whirlpool, Swedish Steel, Scotts, Marathon Oil, and ,many others.
  • CONSULTANTS: Materials Management

    Materials and spare parts management consulting and training by IDCON include work with stores, maintenance, and purchasing. We work with management and hourly to achieve improvement.
  • CONSULTANTS: Root Cause Problem Elimination Consulting

    Root Cause Analysis Consulting and Training by IDCON is focused on helping the frontline learn basic critical and creative thinking when solving problems. IDCON's simple aproach to root cause analysis can help any organization.
  • CONSULTANTS: IDCON - Management Consultants in Reliability and Maintenance

    IDCON is a management consulting company specializing in industrial reliability and maintenance management. We work with audits/ assessments, planning, scheduling, Preventive Maintenance, RCFA, Spares, and more.
  • COURSES: Results Oriented Reliability & Maintenance

    This training is designed to help management understand and agree to Reliability & Maintenance Management best practices. The seminar is most effective when customized to an in-house audience.
  • COURSES: Preventive Maintenance/ Essential Care

    Preventive Maintenance training is designed for either maintenance, or operations and maintenance, or just operations depending on plant need. IDCON provides on the job training in both how to develop maintenance strategies and how to care and inspect equipment.
  • COURSES: Planning & Scheduling Training

    IDCON's Planning and Scheduling training has several modules, one for management, one for operations and maintenance partnership, one for the frontline, one for just planners.
  • COURSES: ONLINE Materials and Spare Parts Management Public Training

    Spare Parts Management should include maintenance, purchasing and stores in order to make the right management decisions. IDCON's training covers reliability based spare parts management and the financial aspects of materials management. This course is available for onsite deliver
  • COURSES: Root Cause Problem Elimination Training and Facilitation

    Root Cause Analysis should first be done on the frontline. If the frontline can't solve the problem, more advanced RCFA should step in. IDCON's training focus on the frontline RCA as well as the advanced RCA. We go further to help you develop the steps to implement the process in a practical manner.
  • COURSES: ONLINE Planning and Scheduling Public Course

    Maintenance planning and scheduling is the prerequisite for achieving cost-effective equipment reliability. It's the foundation of excellence in so many categories essential to your success and profitability. Our 2-day Best Practice Seminar builds awareness and skill to planners, supervisors and managers. This course can be customized for onsite training

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