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Innesskirk Global is a successful and established Consultancy and Training Services Company. Working in partnership with our customers to develop individuals, teams and organizational culture through learning interventions. Our areas of expertise include culture transformation, management, leadership, sales, finance, human resources and inter-departmental development as well as executive coaching and general business consultancy services.


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  • COURSES: Essential Management Skills

    Appreciate the importance of communication, coaching, mentoring, motivating and inspiring employees, building and leading high performing teams, time management, resolving performance issues and delegating tasks with confidence.
  • COURSES: Proactive Supervisory Skills

    Workshop emphasizes skills necessary to lead,motivate, inspire and develop team members, understand the leader's role and responsibilities, gain enthusiastic cooperation for new challenges, communicate effectively and organize time and workload.
  • COURSES: Problem Solving Techniques and Decision Making

    Develop alternative courses of action, systematically evaluate problems and consistently make effective decisions by addressing root causes not symptoms.
  • COURSES: Efficient Time Management

    Workshop emphasizes prioritization, delegation, methods to make and keep commitments and using time efficiently. Create the habit of using the power of efficient time- management techniques.
  • COURSES: Professional Interpersonal Skills

    Workshop focuses on being aware of one's behavior and the direct/indirect impact it has on others. emphasis is placed on skills to build stronger relationships, to work in teams and people skills
  • COURSES: Professional Communication

    Focus on the importance of continuous communication professionally and effectively. The value of effective listening, speaking and writing as a means to deliver better results from every communication.
  • COURSES: Cultural Awareness

    Understanding and adapting to cultural differences by encouraging the identification and open discussion of individual cultures, addressing attitudes and breaking down stereotypes.
  • COURSES: Effective Interviewing Skills

    approaches to prepare and conduct on-target professional interviews, effectively identifying and using different interviewing styles. Use of panel techniques and competency and behavior-driven questioning techniques.
  • COURSES: Persuasive Business Writing

    Focusing on the skills needed to write proposals, emails, memorandum, business letters, reports, meeting minutes, agendas, invitations and memos for maximum effect.
  • COURSES: Managing Professional Meetings

    Workshop includes the necessary preparations for a professional meeting, the requirements of a meeting leader - before, during and after - and importance of effective invitations, agendas and minutes.
  • COURSES: Presenting Your Case

    Convincing and influencing others - allowing them to visualize your point-of-view and gain their support. Promoting an understanding of creating, structuring and delivering an effective and persuasive argument.
  • COURSES: Developing Networking Skills

    Acquire and refine skills, knowledge and tools to effectively manage their personal image and to develop higher level skills to build new relationships through effective networking.
  • COURSES: Writing Effective Performance Objectives

    Drafting SMART performance objectives which are transparent, challenging and effective in both criteria and scope. Identifying appropriate performance management protocols to be used as the basis for employee performance objectives
  • COURSES: Anti-Money Laundering Fundamentals

    Covers the requirements for business from a global perspective including: Bank Secrecy Act, Customer Information Protection, Suspicious Activity Reporting, Office of Foreign Asset Control, and Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF or GAFI)
  • COURSES: Know-Your-Client (KYC) Fundamentals

    Looks at the due diligence required when selling investment-related products to ensure the suitability of investment regarding - investment objectives, timeline, and capabilities of the client whether private, qualified or institutional.
  • COURSES: Leading High Performance Teams

    Develop high performance teams capable of leveraging extraordinary results from ordinary people. Addressing key team development issues to raise the performance of existing teams and create enthusiasm, drive commitment and trust.
  • COURSES: Customer Focused Management

    How to deliver consistent professional customer experiences, deal positively with customer challenges, complaints and difficult customers - viewing them as opportunities for improvement - while utilizing methods to identify key customer needs.
  • COURSES: Strategic Thinking and Planning - Applied

    Identifying techniques and methodologies effective at disseminating corporate strategy through the target organization allowing managers and their teams to identify their roles in achieving the identified corporate strategy.
  • COURSES: Change Management Essentials

    An overview of approaches to steer a company and its people through major change initiatives, understanding the driving forces of change, guiding personnel to accept and embrace change as part of a positive growth experience.
  • COURSES: Shaping an Effective Business Culture

    Examine how to develop and benchmark corporate culture and team dynamics in order to foster work environments where the business cultures provides clear competitive advantages for their organizations.
  • COURSES: Professional Coaching Skills

    To develop skills that allow managers to accept coaching assignments with confidence, prepare effective coaching plans, and establish and communicate clear policies while identifying the benefits of coaching to the individual, the team and the organization
  • COURSES: Performance and HR Management for Managers

    Focus is placed on the tools, strategies and systems used for performance management of individuals, teams and organizations. Managerial behaviors necessary to engage staff and to increase self-development and motivation are also addressed.
  • COURSES: Stress Management and Analysis

    Comprehensive personal analysis of stress variables and methods to reduce stress for managers are reviewed. Successful stress management enhances productivity and motivation while providing the skills necessary to handle change.
  • COURSES: Sales Fundamentals

    Understanding the fundamentals of the sales process, prepare effectively, identify client needs, recommend win-win solutions, anticipate the 'close' of a sale, use effective closing methods and become a more professional sales person.
  • COURSES: Advanced Sales Skills

    The program continues to build on Sales Fundamentals, recognizing personal selling strengths and weaknesses, closing sales faster and more effectively using different closing techniques and enhancing relationships with key accounts.

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