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  • COURSES: The Coaching Edge

    The Coaching Edge provides a set of practical communication tools to help managers, coaches, consultants and team leaders unleash the potential of others. You'll learn to conduct coaching interactions that are high-impact and time-efficient.
  • COURSES: Facilitative Leadership

    In this three-day workshop, you'll learn to: *Spark enthusiasm and productivity with an inspiring vision *Involve employees to create employee ownership *Design powerful Pathways to Action *Coach those you lead for better performance and deeper commitment
  • COURSES: Facilitation for Advanced Practitioners

    This program enhances facilitators' current abilities -- providing new strategies and tools to enable them to advance complex projects and conduct high-level meetings and difficult conversations with high-performing and senior-level teams.
  • COURSES: Essential Facilitation

    In this 3-day workshop you'll learn to: *Create results-focused agendas and group processes *Use a variety of strategies and tools to help groups make better decisions, more quickly *Manage difficult interactions including conflict and resistance
  • COURSES: Managing with Impact

    Are you a new manager? Equip yourself to handle new situations that will have a critical impact on your career.
  • COURSES: Facilitating Change

    Facilitating Change equips anyone driving or managing change in their organization with tools for overcoming resistance, gaining commitment, and achieving successful results. Participants accomplish real-life project work in the room.
  • COURSES: The Masterful Trainer

    In this high-involvement workshop, you'll learn to: * Understand and develop effective Learning Pathways, * Create stimulating learning environments for outstanding results, *Use flexible training processes to meet varied needs
  • COURSES: Mastering Online Meetings

    Mastering Online Meetings helps participants meet online in ways that increase engagement, prevent multi- tasking, enhance relationships, improve focus, advance clear decisions, and drive better results.

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