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C.D. Cooper

Experienced Trainer, Instructor, Professor, with decades of relevant faciliation experience. Professional Development, Applications, Project Managment, and many other core courses offered. As a consultant, I have years of relevant experience in curriculum development as well. And currently serve as a board member with a company that is develops training materials.


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  • COURSES: Microsoft Teams

    A five module training course designed to assist the end user with how to effectively utilize Microsoft Teams as a collaboration tool. We will discuss channels, groups, how to use calendars for organization purposes, and how to initiate video conferences. Designed for first time users all the way to advanced users.
  • COURSES: Dealing with Conflict

    A comprehensive study into human psychology, and how it affects emotions, judgements, and behaviors. Identifying, aggression, passive aggression, and other behavioral triggers long before they manifest themselves. Broken into four modules.
  • COURSES: Developing Emotional Intelligence

    This course is divided into four modules. The purpose is to help the attendee to understand how the brain works, how our neurological impulses can control our actions. Unlike IQ, we can change our EQ score, and how we can acknowledge our triggers before they even happen.
  • FACILITIES: International Consuting Services

    We are a Training Consulting company based out of Albuquerque New Mexico. We have been around since 1996. We offer on site, online virtual, and video captured training options. We have successfully trained for the government, private sector, colleges, universities, and various computer learning centers. We offer training from applications, to technical, to human resources, to professional development. We also develop curriculum, and offer technology consulting solutions.

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