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KerrHill Specializes in Leader, Manager and Team Development. We provide Coaching, Training and Consulting Services to fulfill development needs in these areas. With a deep history and sustainable change and results, the KerrHill methodologies stick.


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  • PRODUCTS: DISC Assessments

    Kerr Hill has a deep line of DISC based assessments from which to choose. The versions include: Executive Manager- Staff Sales Communication Customer Service Time Management Teambuilding
  • CONSULTANTS: George Phirippidis

    Create a Strategic Plan with initiatives that apply to the current state of your business and address current pressures. Focus on near term challenges for long term success. Kerr Hill's unique and proven Strategic Planning process has been implemented and proven with many large and small organizations.
  • COURSES: Learning DISC Behaviors & Motivators

    DISC is popular behavioral profile assessment tool. DISC is an acronym for the four dimension of behavior we all have - Dominance - Influencing- Steadiness - Compliance. In this program you receive a comprehensive report on YOU and various aspects of how your behavioral style shapes you in these four areas. A 10 minute online survey produces deep results and a full debrief session helps you understand the wider scope and application of DISC inside and outside of the workplace. A secondary aspect to the program is the Motivators component which looks at Six key areas that motivate us to action. No other DISC company provides this added learning component!
  • COURSES: Time Management

    A new approach to managing your time. While some standard principles exist in this program a new dimension is part of the Kerr Hill Program. A personalized DISC report which identifies personal time wasters rooted in ones behavioral style. Yes the report talks to you and identifies time wasters based on who you are behaviorally. In addition, this program looks at the top ten time wasters in the business environment!
  • COURSES: Understanding Emotional Intelligence

    Understand how Emotional Intelligence impacts your success in the workplace. Whether you are an individual contributor or an executive, this program identifies your five areas of EI through a personalized EI assessment report. Workshop or online seminar format helps participants understand the dynamics of EI and how to better manage them for improved personal and team performance.
  • PRODUCTS: The Six Functions of Management - A practical Action Planning guide

    A practical entertaining guide to understanding and applying the Six key areas of management to your daily work life. The guide includes educational topics, self assessments, action planning process and true stories. Book is relevant for individual contributors to executives.
  • CONSULTANTS: Effective Coaching That Drives Results

    Led by an former C-Level turn around executives. Learn processes to identify core client problems blocking effective performance and how to introduce solutions to correct them. Work with a range of assessment tools to leverage performance.
  • CONSULTANTS: Creating Demand & Signing New Business

    Learn from sales and marketing pros with a track record of over 25 years of international product and services sales leadership. Work with sales behavior profiles to understand your sales styles buyer profiles, behavior and language
  • CONSULTANTS: Transforming Conflict, Anger & Stress Into Positive Change

    Transform and re-direct negative emotions into positive change. Learn specific physical/mental/emotional techniques to raise your behavior awareness and change it in the direction of your goals. Behavior assessments used to help identify how you behave and why.
  • CONSULTANTS: Speak, Write, Act Like A C-Level Executive

    Become a more powerful influential presence. Learn to identify specific behaviors and language styles designed to empower and advance career goals. Understand how your written and spoken communication is perceived by others.Behavior assessments used.
  • CONSULTANTS: Coaching Services

    Work with seasoned coaches to take you to next level development. Aside from tapping into their personal experiences, Kerr Hill coaches utilize state of art diagnostic assessments to understand yourself in up to four key areas; Behaviors, Motivators, Skills and Acumen. Action and traction is the goal.
  • CONSULTANTS: 360's, DISC, Firo-B, Emotional Intelligence, TKI Assessments

    Learn to see yourself as others see you. Better understand others behavior and how to use this knowledge to increase your influence, performance, sales, influencial and leadership effectiveness. Our assessments include: Leader and Manager 360's DISC assessments - up to 15 varieties Motivators Assessment Emotional Intelligence Business Acumen Skills Rankings TKI - Thomas Kilmann Instrument - Conflict assessment Firo-B
  • CONSULTANTS: Managing Team Meetings- A New Process

    Learn to effectively manage fast moving results driven meetings and create accountability within teams to driving their focus and results to the bottom line. All this is learned through the Kerr Hill "MTM" meeting process. Simple to learn, implement and maintain. Process drives bottom line results for teams and can track net profit contribution.
  • CONSULTANTS: Facilitation Support and Consulting

    Learn customized approaches, processes and methods for improving training facilitation quality and systems. Course work specifically applied to client direct needs.
  • CONSULTANTS: Getting To Next Level Sales Earnings

    Define next level sales performance. Evaluate what's working and what's not. Leverage sales behavioral assessments to understand your style, how you're perceived by others, and how to adapt your style to different buying types.
  • CONSULTANTS: Coaching for Small Business Owners

    Work on your business not just in or at it. Run it like a Fortune 500 CEO would. Learn techniques need to do more with less. Increase productivity, profits, forward growth while decreasing waste, poor organization, and burnout.
  • CONSULTANTS: Handling Conflict and Stress

    Utilizing a key conflict assessment Tool (The TKI Five Modes of Conflict) we identify your conflict modes and preferences. Understand the modes, situations and how to better manage conflict.
  • CONSULTANTS: Professional Career Coaching

    Steer your career in the direction you would like through professional coaching. Assess and benchmark your strengths and apply those to make more intelligent choices that align your values and skills to your core competencies.
  • CONSULTANTS: Executive Coaching Services

    Benefit from C-Level executives coaches to guide, recommend,support improvement and advance growth in business areas you struggle with. Work with diagnostic assessments to better understand how you relate to problems, people, pacing and procedures
  • CONSULTANTS: Manager/Leader Coaching Services

    Understand the 24 critical areas of effective management. Asses and identify needs, create a strategic development plan to execute upon. Understand you personal style and how to improve upon it. Management assessments used.
  • CONSULTANTS: Management Consulting

    Management is both a science and an art. Understand the 6 critical functions of management. Improve performance by working more effectively through others. Understand your management style strengths and weakness. Personal assessments used.
  • CONSULTANTS: How To Successfully Navigate Through Change

    Learn critical elements for successful end- to-end transformational management. Includes mission, strategic, operational,systems,methods,techniques and procedures to effect smooth change as well as behaviors to adapt during and after changes take place.
  • CONSULTANTS: Learn To Master The 6 Functions Of Management

    Help your management team understand, implement and execute across six functional areas of successful executive management - measurably improve communication, planning, organizing, staffing, controlling, leading.
  • CONSULTANTS: Learn To Streamline Organization To Drive Results

    Learn organizational process approaches & methodologies to insure that the right things are getting done right. Move from administrating and directing activities and tasks to executing and driving profitable results across your organization.
  • CONSULTANTS: Learn To Do More Faster With Less

    Learn 10 critical time wasters that impede throughput and how to avoid them. Get techniques of planning, productivity and delegation that drive results and free up more of your time to concentrate on getting the right things done right.

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