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KerrHill Specializes in Leader, Manager and Team Development. We provide Coaching, Training and Consulting Services to fulfill development needs in these areas. With a deep history and sustainable change and results, the KerrHill methodologies stick.


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  • CONSULTANTS: Learn The Secrets Of Closing More Sales Faster

    Learn how to read your sales targets. Recognize different buyer behaviors. Learn to adapt your approach style to collapse even the most complicated sales cycle. Practical case studies and interactive practice session insure effectiveness and retention.
  • CONSULTANTS: Smart Strategic Planning Models That Turbo Charge Results

    Streamline your strategic planning process. Boost clarity, effectiveness & cross team buy-in with end-to- end models that assess, identify, evaluate, plot, execute & measure results with precision to deliver a relevant plan on what needs doing when & by whom.
  • CONSULTANTS: Smart Training Curriculum Construction That Gets Results

    Learn how to create powerful training content that connects and engages your audience to the skills they need in ways that motivate great achievement. Delivered by season trainers that know how to maximize improvement.
  • CONSULTANTS: Driving Results - Next Level Sales Closures

    Lead by sales leaders from branded companies. Understand your natural sales style, how your style is perceived by others & how to sell across other buyer profiles. Benefit from sales behavior assessments. Identify problems preventing closure and correct them.
  • CONSULTANTS: Next Level Management Performance Optimization

    Led by C-level execs. Understand how to manage and lead a business. From setting strategic direction to understanding how to manage profitability to the bottom line.
  • CONSULTANTS: Utilizing Assessments For Development

    Understand which assessments, which work best and why. Learn to leverage the right tools to optimize productivity, profitability, teamwork, communication and execution. Help your people understand how they work with problems, people, pacing and procedures.
  • CONSULTANTS: Leveraging Assessments For Greater Effectivity

    Understand what assessments work best in what situations and why. Choose right tools to optimize individual and team productivity, profitability, communication and execution. Help your people understand how they work with problems, people, pacing and procedures.
  • CONSULTANTS: Marketing Research As A Profitable Service

    Understand key components, metrics and elements responsible for creating an authoritative market research program. Learn best practices methods, approach,process systems and data analysis tools needed to drive needed results.
  • CONSULTANTS: Leveraging Assessments For Greater Training Effectiveness

    Learn key structural components, metrics & elements responsible for creating an measurable training program. Learn best practices methods, approach, process and tools needed to deliver a reliable program that drives improved performance.
  • CONSULTANTS: Utilizing Offsites to enahace Teamwork and Business Strategy

    Work with seasoned offsite consultants specializing in creating successful retreat programs throughout US and Europe. From Executive Teambuilding to Startegic Planning sessions.
  • CONSULTANTS: How To Structure A Language Globalization Business

    Learn from an accomplished multi-award winning professional translator with over 20 years experience working for industry leaders. Learn best practices standards, methods, approach, process and tools needed to wow clients and win more contractual business.
  • CONSULTANTS: How To Design, Promote & Deliver Winning Retreats

    Learn from an international retreat master with over 20 yrs experience planning, marketing, selling, promoting organizing and facilitating international retreats. Learn best practices standards and methods needed to WOW clients and win more profitable business.
  • CONSULTANTS: Learn The Art Of Mediation & Arbitration

    Led by an honor's graduate mediator from the Monterey Center For Conflict Resolution. Learn secrets of negotiation. Identify approach styles & objectives to win settlements and drive more client business.
  • COURSES: Managers Performance Program Workshop

    Been promoted into management and aren't sure what to do? We call it "Seat of the Pants" management. This program addresses all the questions and needs for mid-level and senior managers. Focus is on transforming people into professional managers. This program is robust and impactful. 360 Feedback, Case Studies, Action planning, Follow up, Coaching, Presentations, The Six Functions of Management and more.
  • COURSES: Presentation Skills Development

    Increase your influential power. Learn effective speaking skills. Assess your natural communication style and how to enhance it. Use structure, approach, style, language to engage and win audiences to your point of view. DISC Behavior assessment used.
  • COURSES: Supervisor Development Workshop

    Comprehensive, simple, effective and easy applications for first time to business management program participants. Provides return on investment as well as simple proven business management methodologies design to incorporate success. DISC assessment, Team Meetings process, delegating, time management, goal setting, action planning and more!
  • COURSES: Managing Conflict in the Workplace

    Understand the Five Modes of conflict model. Learn your conflict preferences with a personalized Conflict assessment report. Improves one's ability to manage through conflict, observe another persons conflict mode and assess situations for applying the right conflict mode. Easy to learn and apply!
  • COURSES: Understanding How Creativity Works

    Understand your particular creative style,how works for you,how to access, direct and focus it in the direction of your goals. Learn how creative geniuses throughout history have made creativity work for them and how you can apply it to your life.
  • COURSES: Leveraging Humor To Win Others To Your Point Of View

    Learn to use humor to your advantage to engage, sell, negotiate, resolve conflict, increase cooperation, promote openness and trust, win others to your point of view.Behavior assessments used to map to your particular style and approach.
  • COURSES: Effective Management Development

    Learn Management mastery through this highly successful program. Key topics include executing across the six key functions of management; communication, planning, organizing, staffing, controlling and leading. A full course program including: 360 feedback, DISC and FIro-B assessments, Case Studies, Video presentations, Personal and Business Goals and Action Planning, how to manage team meetings and more. Participants are amazed at the productivity and effectiveness they gain.

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