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  • COURSES: Building Constructive Coping Skills

    This half-day workshop help participants: examine their current coping strategies, recognize why they act this way, face their fears or concerns, and identify and seize the opportunities offered by the changes in their lives.
  • COURSES: Managing Change: Riding the Waves

    This one-day skill-building participant-centered workshop is designed to assist supervisors and managers in improving their abilities to manage employees' emotional and behavioral responses to organizational, programmatic and procedural changes. It provides information regarding the sources of resistance to change and techniques to address and overcome that resistance. It also uses interactive exercises to teach the steps in the change process and give the participants an opportunity to plan, script and role-play action steps they can take to implement the changes in their work situations. The workshop includes an analysis of the participants' personal response to the changes they must implement and administer, so that they can be aware of their biases and minimize the effect of their own biases on their change management strategies.
  • COURSES: The Manager and Supervisor as Change Agents

  • COURSES: Coping With Change

    This one-day skill-building participant-centered workshop is designed to assist participants who may arrive at the workshop with actual pink slips in hand - in shock, feeling invalidated and expendable, and uncertain about their value in the current workplace. They feel guilty, resentful, depressed or angry about failing themselves and their families, who depend upon them. Using interactive exercises, the participants learn to recognize the impact of the stress on their lives and their choices, gain perspective, consider their options, and feel good again about themselves as people and as contributing members of society.
  • COURSES: Coping With Change: A Survivors' Guide

    This one-day skill-building participant-centered workshop is targeted at those employees and supervisors who have watched others (co-workers, friends, and family) be affected by change and feel guilty that they themselves are still employed. They are living in limbo, uncertain when they will be directly affected - so they aren't sure where to place their loyalty. They need to decide whether they should stay with their current job until it ends, dealing with the additional work as they have to do more with less, or whether they should leave. It is also targeted at supervisors who must make decisions about which of their employees stay or go - and are feeling guilty and unsure of themselves.
  • COURSES: Making an Effective Transition into Team Supervision

  • COURSES: Projecting a Positive Professional Image

  • COURSES: Strengthening Self Confidence

  • COURSES: Reading People the First Time

  • COURSES: Interpersonal Effectiveness

  • COURSES: Perceptive Relations: It Takes Two to Tango!

  • COURSES: Assertive Communication

    This one-day skill-building participant-centered workshop is designed to assist employees who want to improve their ability to be assertive in job-related situations. The participants will identify the difference between assertion and aggression examine assertiveness concepts, analyze and address the roadblocks to assertiveness, obtain the prerequisites for assertive behavior, recognize when assertive behavior is necessary, follow the steps in assertive problem solving, and use an assertive communication strategy. The workshop uses interactive exercises, case situations, and simulations to allow the participants to experience how to assume control of their work lives.
  • COURSES: Dealing with Anger and Criticism

  • COURSES: Dealing Assertively with People

  • COURSES: Dealing Assertively With Conflict and Criticism

  • COURSES: Dealing With Difficult People

    This one-day skill-building participant-centered workshop is designed to help staff who want to improve their ability to manage stress, be assertive, and resolve conflict at work and in personal interactions. The workshop uses interactive exercises and simulations to allow the participants to experience how to retain control of themselves, maintain their professionalism, and communicate effectively in difficult situations. It will demonstrate how to use an instant calming sequence to retain their composure in the most stressful of circumstances; how to depersonalize situations by understanding different personality types; and how to use a win-win communication strategy to resolve disagreements.
  • COURSES: Dealing With Difficult Supervisors

  • COURSES: Dealing With Difficult Customers

  • COURSES: Handling Difficult Employees and Discipline

  • COURSES: Conflict Management Strategies

    This one-day skill-building participant-centered workshop is designed to help individuals who want to improve their ability to manage conflict. It will provide information and practice with the positive and negative attributes on conflict, as well as the appropriate and inappropriate use of the five different conflict management strategies. A four-step approach to conflict management will be introduced: (1) define the situation, (2) depersonalize the interaction, (3) identify the real problem, and (4) build on mutual interests. The participants will have an opportunity to apply the four-step approach and experiment with different conflict management strategies in a simulated conflict situation.
  • COURSES: Building Consensus on Sticky Issues

    This one-day skill-building participant-centered workshop provides a six-step model for reaching consensus on sensitive issues. It uses interactive exercises so that the participants can experience the group problem solving and decision making techniques necessary to depersonalize a real job-related issue, determine objective concerns, generate acceptable options, and make a group decision.
  • COURSES: Converting Conflict into Constructive Controversy

  • COURSES: Handling Conflict and Criticism: A Verbal Self Defense

  • COURSES: Conflict Prevention, Management, and Resolution

  • COURSES: Accentuating the Positive Through Constructive Controversy

    This one-day skill-building participant-centered workshop uses interactive exercises to help the participants: recognize that conflict is essential to creativity, assess the pros and cons of five conflict management options; determine whether or not their characteristic response to conflict is appropriate and effective; review the four steps to constructive conflict management; assess the impact of prior conditioning on managing conflict; apply three problem finding techniques to determine the root cause of a conflict; identify the mutual interests of the parties to a conflict situation; and generate options for mutual gain.

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