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  • COURSES: The Coaching Leaders Certificate Program

    This industry-leading program provides you with a process in addition to proven tools and a mixture of action learning and experience sharing. This is the ideal program for those who want to make an impact by mastering the practice of coaching leaders.
  • COURSES: Bottom-Line OD: A Structured Process for Improving ROI

    Bottom-Line OD: A Structured Process for Improving Return on Investment. This two-day immersion program certifies OD and HR professionals in the leading-edge concepts of ROI as an essential element of the change process.
  • COURSES: Leadership-Level Facilitation: Delivering Dynamic Leadership Training

    In this experiential three-day workshop, receive best practices, effective tools, and innovative facilitation approaches to master the skills necessary to the successful delivery of management and leadership development programs.
  • COURSES: Leading Organizational Transition: Train-The-Trainer Program

    Offered in exclusive partnership with William Bridges & Associates, this program provides individuals, teams, and organizations across sectors with a framework and tools to successfully embrace change and reach out for new ways of doing business.
  • COURSES: Introduction to Organizational Development

    In this workshop, receive an introduction to the discipline of OD, a simple yet effective lens to help you properly view organizational change, a core OD process to diagnose issues and build momentum for change, and simple tools to help drive OD initiatives.
  • COURSES: Organizational Analysis and Design

    In this advanced workshop presents the dynamics, processes, and challenges inherent in analyzing and then designing (or redesigning) an organization for optimal performance.
  • COURSES: Consulting Skills

    In this participative, foundational workshop, learn about the different roles that internal consultants perform as well as the fundamental process at the heart of the art and practice of consulting.
  • COURSES: Designing and Implementing Leadership Development Systems

    Through our practical approach, learn how to design and implement competency-based management/leadership development programs and systems, succession planning systems, and accelerated or fast track development programs for your high potentials.
  • COURSES: Design and Implement Succession Management Systems

    Understanding the depth of your talent pool is critical in today's business environment. Through our practical hands-on approach, learn about critical decision points and conditions for implementing an effective succession management system.
  • COURSES: Develop a Sustainable Mentoring System

    In this workshop, learn the latest best practices for building, developing, and sustaining a mentorring system that delivers maximm results for both individuals and organizations
  • COURSES: Leading Across Organizational Boundaries: Finding Common Ground

    In this workshop, receive tools and techniques that will help you master the art and practice of influencing across traditional dividing lines. Walk away with a set of new capabilities that will help you lead with impact across boundaries.
  • COURSES: Strategic Thinking

    In this workshop, acquire the perspective, framework, and tools necessary to engage others in strategic decision making and lead the broader strategic conversations required to outperform competitors and shape the long-term health of your team or enterprise.
  • COURSES: Systems Thinking

    In this highly interactive workshop, learn how to become a systems thinker yourself so that you, too, can resolve complex, systematic businesses dilemmas in a practical manner.
  • COURSES: Maximizing Your Influence: Designed for Women Leaders

    In this special Women in Leadership workshop, strengthen your ability to influence others by identifying your preferred influence styles and strategies, all while maintaining your authenticity and integrity.
  • COURSES: Enhancing Your Management Skills

    In this accelerated program, learn the critical success factors for driving results through goal alignment, coaching for performance, building trust, and driving committed action through stronger leadership.
  • COURSES: The Organizational Development Certificate Program

    Enroll in Linkage's industry-leading OD Certificate Program so that you can answer the call and become a high performing OD practitioner who makes an impact and drives real business results (4 courses).
  • COURSES: The Linkage Communication Clinic

    This program will help the leaders in your organization improve their communication style, abilities, and strategies.They walk away with concrete tools, techniques, and strategies that enable them to increase their overall effectiveness as a leader.
  • COURSES: The OD Lab for Experienced Practitioners

    In this advanced program, OD practitioners experience techniques, tools, and approaches targeted at solving critical OD issues such as culture assessment, organizational change, workforce development, and performance improvement.
  • COURSES: Change Leadership: How Leaders Drive Organizational Change

    Learn critical change leadership concepts and practices, receive a rock-solid change process, and walk away with tools that allow you to move beyond change management to change leadership.
  • COURSES: Leading Teams Through Change

    A Train-the-Trainer Program. Learn how to use an experiential approach to explore the talent and motivations of team members, and apply a facilitation methodology with change tools.
  • COURSES: Today's HR: Designs for Strategic Partnerships

    In this program, participants will examine case studies on how HR departments have transformed and redesigned their resources by employing business and OD skills to become a true business partner
  • COURSES: Driving Innovation

    With economic conditions shifting,organizations need to find new ways to compete suc­cessfully. The answer lies in successful innovation in the core business and in new markets. Learn a repeatable proven process for driving growth through innovation.
  • COURSES: Getting Things Done: Train-The-Trainer Program

    This program offers a unique opportunity to become certified to teach the 1-day workshop, Getting Things Done: A Path to Personal Productivity, to their internal clients. Receive a comprehensive toolkit of resources to ensure successful delivery.
  • COURSES: What Got You Here Won't Get You There

    As a participant, hear from Marshall Goldsmith how to unlock the keys to your professional success. Learn to use proven tools to identify the behavioral habits that stand between you and your next level of achievement.
  • COURSES: Coaching for Business Leaders

    Learn to coach direct reports and teams to high levels of performance to achieve critical business objectives.

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