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Maslowski & Associates is a communications/public relations firm, offering traditional PR services as well as communications training programs. Excellent communications is key to the success of any business, as their challenges include reaching target publics, mastering communications skills, deal with the ever-changing 24-7 media landscape, and deciphering the social media phenomenon. Our communications training modules are taught by senior level practitioners who have spent more than two decades within the field of public relations in corporations, PR agencies, non-profit organizations, and academia. Offerings include: Crisis Communications Planning - Media Training and Presentation Skills - Reputation Management - Ethics Training - Corporate Social Responsibility - Executive Communication Skills.


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  • COURSES: Ethics Training

    Ethics Training: Ethics are one of the most important mantras in an organization’s culture. As many companies have come under scrutiny for adverse practices in recent years, more customers seek to do business with firms that conduct business in a fair and ethical way. A code of ethics can help to foster positive communication internally, build trust with the public and important stakeholders, and enhance an organization’s reputation. Attendees will learn the key components of a code, how to identify ethical dilemmas, and strategies for engaging employees and management to embrace a policy.
  • COURSES: Media Training

    Media Training: When the media calls, you must be ready. Even if it’s not “60 Minutes,” any media interview, whether for print or broadcast, requires careful planning, key message development, knowing how to stay on point and when to pivot to avoid a negative outcome. With today’s technology from online or digital stories, social media and mobile messaging, a negative interview can live well beyond the initial broadcast. Topics covered include strategies for staying calm while in the hot seat, techniques for deflecting negative questions, and steps to take before, during and after an interview.
  • COURSES: Crisis communications

    Crisis Communications: A crisis is an event or situation that occurs swiftly and often without warning, threatening an organization’s reputation. Without proper management, trained spokespersons and a solid crisis plan, recovery can become difficult if not impossible, especially given today’s 24/7 news cycle and social media conversations. Topics include learning the early warning signs of an impending crisis, creating the plan, selecting a spokesperson and managing press and social media platforms.

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