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  • COURSES: Emotional Intelligence Workshop

    Use the Emotional Intelligence (EI) 360 Feedback tool, participants will learn where they stand in relationship to Self-Management, Relationship Management and Communication. This workshop focuses on the key EI competencies that help participants reach their next level of interpersonal success. Often participants will follow up with one-on-one coaching once they discover where they'd like to improve.
  • COURSES: MBTI Training

    The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) helps individuals get an understanding of their psychological type and how these preferences can best be used. Teams can learn why conflict arises in their communication and ways to avoid it from happening. Choose from a one hour debrief for individuals or groups, up to a full day's training.
  • COURSES: DISC Training

    Help your team understand the DISC instrument and what it provides to up the interpersonal skills of each team member. The DISC adds insights and skills that help individuals understand behavior in a specific role and how to get the best from colleagues and staff.
  • COURSES: Values Based Influence Skills

    Use this workshop to assist your employees with influencing others. Using a values-based questionnaire, participants learn what makes them effective at influencing others, and what may get in the way. This course can be as short as 2 hours, but recommended as a full day. Ideal for leaders needing to influence others in the organization or with key clients or vendors. Sales professionals will also find value in this course in learning how to influence others towards closing.
  • PRODUCTS: What every leader ought to know about becoming a servant leader

    Article Summary: Employees want to be supported to do their best work, but not every leader is comfortable or motivated to serve an employee’s “soft, emotional” needs. One key to help leaders become servant leaders is connecting serving others to their own values (even if “serving others” is not a value). Two assessments provided the framework for understanding this link between servant leadership attributes and the leader’s values. A case study demonstrates this link within a healthcare system where these tools helped develop servant leadership skills to support employee performance. The paper aims to discuss these issues
  • SPEAKERS: Tina Mertel

    Speaking topics include: Motivation, Influence, Preventing Conflict, Building Relationships, Relational Presence, Being a Great Speaker, Building Creativity, Stress Management, MBTI, SDI, DISC, Emotional Intelligence, Presentation Skills.
  • COURSES: Speaking Circle

    Speaking Circle programs transform the way you communicate by focusing on the essential first step missing in conventional public speaking trainings — true attunement between speaker and listeners. Our relationship-based approach gives you the time and gentle attention to discover how to express yourself clearly in your own unique style, without using performance techniques. A basic Speaking Circle is a facilitated small group that supports the development of Relational Presence to increase your ease and impact when speaking in public. With usually 5 - 10 participants, sessions offer an innovative and natural approach to authentic self-expression: being yourself, speaking without a script, being present with your listeners one person at a time, and receiving appreciative acceptance for who you are.
  • COURSES: Relational Presence Program

    A form of presentation skills training: Relational Presence simply means being available for connection through a neutral gaze without agenda, or even a need for words. It is the pre-condition for communion; just being with others without judgment, demands or expectations. It is the capacity to be comfortable with whatever situation arises and to respond in the moment, whether losing your train of thought or having an emergency in the room. Once you trust yourself to "think on your feet," stage fright melts away. The emphasis on being with one person at a time, allowing natural silence, and listening without judgment, relieves the pressure to perform.
  • PRODUCTS: Meaningful Coaching Book

    Meaningful Coaching highlights how values impact and integrate with coaching competencies. By understanding your influence on the coaching conversation, you pave the way for those you coach to reach outside their comfort zone and create results.
  • PRODUCTS: How to listen for Values

    Motivation is difficult when leaders don’t listen or assume what’s important to them is also important to their employees. Read this article to learn why it's important to know about values.
  • CONSULTANTS: Coaching for Executives

    Coaching is a good fit for those wanting balance and performance in their life and in their careers. No one has to have a coach, rather working with a coach is a decision to bring power and velocity to your life in the areas you choose. Request more info to talk through your options.
  • CONSULTANTS: Coaching: Meaningful Coaching

    You are invited into the possibility of creating your life in ways that move beyond what is known, into the unknown - creating your life by design, and supporting that design with an integrated approach of both how you are being, and what you are doing. The most popular coaching topics include: Leadership, Career Performance,Financial Success, Life Balance, Stress Management, Well Being, Life Partnership, Practicing Presence, and Building Relationships.
  • COURSES: Strength Deployment Inventory Course

    The workshop goal is to give you the skills to work with the Strength Deployment Inventory® in your own life. Discover how the SDI integrates relationship and conflict management skills into areas such as leadership, team building, influence and communication. Please inquire for more information.

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