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  • SPEAKERS: Speaker - Paul Donehue

    Techniques for making the most effective Prsentations and maximizing the quality of your business and marketing communication - programs for all media, new offer for those running remote meetings or training sessions
  • SPEAKERS: Paul Donehue

    Your audience will be thoroughly engaged and well informed about the latest techniques and nuances associated with effective business development. Customized delivery - proven results!
  • CONSULTANTS: Consulting

    Customized programs that address areas of sales, sales management, customer service, marketing & business communication. Customer audits,assessments, coaching so you can sell more & communicate better.
  • CONSULTANTS: Client Retention Strategies for Growth

    Assessment, strategic planning, best practice sharing and coaching are all part of our proactive client retention plans. Ideal for all sectors, we'll help you leverage your strengths.
  • CONSULTANTS: Dynamic Sales Management Coaching

    Learn best practices, motivational techniques and unique organizational strategies! Positive, build-on- strengths approach to professional coaching - ideal for business owners or sales managers at all levels. On-site and remote options.
  • CONSULTANTS: Sales Coaching for Success

    Learn best practices, business development strategies, key account management and unique organizational strategies! Positive, build-on- strengths approach - ideal for sales or non-sales professionals at all levels. On-site and remote options.
  • COURSES: Written business communication

    All forms of written business communication - learn to get your true message across and develop a crisp, concise style of writing.
  • COURSES: Employee relations

    We can help with the presentation of policy statements, sales compensation plans, company-wide contests or incentives, and customer service procedures, while keeping morale in tact.
  • COURSES: Internal communication

    Run the best meetings, improve your communication awareness level, and become more persuasive - customized solutions, long-term results.
  • COURSES: Effective Business Communication

    Learn to run the best meetings, teleconferences and webinars and how to keep everyone engaged and on track; create and maintain a more efficient work environment and leverage enhanced communication skills to lead and motivate others.
  • COURSES: How to Motivate Your Team

    Motivational seminars, team contests, sales and sales management comp plans, accountability models and overall strategies that boost morale.
  • COURSES: Customer relations

  • COURSES: Incentives & Motivation

    We can help you to develop individual and team motivation strategies along with contests that will improve morale and bring about bottom line results - long and short term.
  • COURSES: Effective speaking

    We offer a Presenations & Communication seminar, as well as workshops on general business communication - written and unwritten. We also offer speaking services.
  • COURSES: Advanced Selling Skills

    Created for experienced sales professionals, business executives and owners, this program will help you penetrate key accounts, retain your best clients and develop more strategic business relationships.
  • COURSES: Systematized Sales Management

    Proven straightforward system for professional sales management at all levels all phases: hiring, motivation, leadership, evaluation, performance management, accountability and more on-site and remote consulting, coaching and training.
  • COURSES: Best Practices for Sales Management Success

    Proven techniques and strategies for effective sales management, from recruiting and hiring through team motivation and accountability.
  • COURSES: Business Development

    Proven strategies for acquiring and retaining clients communication styles, process, establishing value, effective networking, outbound call strategies, retention plan, metrics.

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