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America's Leading Training Solutions Provider We are an international training and professional services organization. We have around 400 specialist trainers across USA delivering thousands of courses each year in our 16 areas of speciality. We provide industry-leading post course reinforcement, a training management system, world-class Personality Profiling, and support custom training roll outs across USA and the world.


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  • COURSES: Customer Service Training

    In-House Specialist How do you provide your customers exceptional customer service that exceed their expectations every time? This Customer Service Training course teaches you the skills needed to turn your customers into “raving fans" who buy from you again and again. This course teaches you the following skills: adopting the positive attitude of a customer service professional, how to actively listen to and anticipate your customers’ needs, the techniques for dealing with difficult customers, how to continuously improve your customer service skills and approaches and much more.
  • COURSES: Advanced Skills for Administrative and Executive Assistants

    In-House Specialist The Advanced Skills for Administrative and Executive Assistants training course teaches you how to develop the competency for the advanced skills and flexibility needed to effectively provide a higher level of administrative and executive assistance. After completing this course, you will have learned the following: how to develop and enhance your social intelligence and flexibility to adapt to the superior’s working style, the capability to represent your manager if necessary, office and people management skills, business writing skills, scheduling skills, effective screening of visitors, incoming calls and reports, the importance of confidentiality and much more.
  • COURSES: Book Keeping Fundamentals

    In-house Training Specialist Managing and growing a business include the proper recording of its financial transactions also known as “bookkeeping”. This Bookkeeping Fundamentals Training Course provides you with the solid foundation for developing your bookkeeping skills. After completing this training, you will have learned: the basic bookkeeping and payroll/accounting terminology, how to understand the balance sheet and other standard financial documents/reports to keep track of your business, how to create and manage budgets, the difference between cash vs accrual accounting methods, the importance of financial planning and much more.
  • COURSES: Lean Six Sigma Introduction

    In-House Specialist The Lean Six Sigma Introduction Training Course is designed to provide you with the solid foundation to understand and implement process improvement methodologies that combine reduction of waste (Lean) and defects (Six Sigma) to increase productivity and lower costs.
  • COURSES: Team Leadership Training

    In-House Specialist The ability to successfully manage a cohesive, happy and high-performing team that consistently meets goals, is in high demand. This Team Leadership workshop from pd training teaches how to develop different strategies for leading diverse teams, gain techniques for ensuring effective and productive team meetings and much more!
  • COURSES: Team Building Training

    In-House Specialist Learn the competencies and skills needed to build, lead and manage high-performing, cohesive, sustainable and long-lasting teams by attending pd training’s Team Building Training Course. The Team Building Training Course teaches you: an understanding of the nature and types of teams, the four stages of team development (Forming, Storming, Norming & Performing), the strategies to lead different types of teams, the techniques to foster teamwork & create a supportive team culture, team problem solving & facilitation skills and much more.
  • COURSES: Supervising Others Training

    In-House Specialist This Supervision Training Program is designed to help supervisors develop the skills to become more confident, efficient and effective in supervising others to achieve targeted levels of productivity and promote teamwork with a common goal. After attending this course, you will have learned through exercises, practical examples, case studies, and clear guidelines: how to set clear expectations for team members, effective ways of assigning work (dictatorial, collaborative, etc.), extent of supervision and other factors in effective delegation, the 80/20 rule in managing your time, conflict resolution strategies and much more.
  • COURSES: Project Management

    In-House Specialist This Project Management training course teaches you the entire project management process, as well as the key tools and techniques to successfully manage projects according to the agreed schedule and budget. This training course is based on PMBOK, the global set of benchmarks produced by the Project Management Institute. This 2-day training course covers the following topics: what project management is, the role of project managers, the meaning and importance of PMBOK & PMI, project needs assessment, project management process, planning tools & techniques (Gantt chart, network diagram, etc.), project monitoring, key documents to create & maintain and much more.
  • COURSES: Leadership Training

    In-House Specialist A good leader will have a positive effect on the attitude, behavior and productivity of those they lead. A great leader must be able to switch between the various types of leadership styles to inspire and engage others, set precise goals and be an inspirational role model. 2 Day Course
  • COURSES: Facilitation Skills

    In-House Specialist This Facilitation Skills training course provides leaders or managers with the ability to guide, assist or make it easy for their groups or teams to achieve their goals through productive and efficient meetings, planning sessions and related activities.
  • COURSES: Employee Engagement

    In-House Training Specialist If your employees or staff are not inspired to perform beyond what is normally expected of them, your managers and other leaders may need to attend PD Training’s Employee Engagement Training course and learn how to motivate and inspire their subordinates.
  • COURSES: Giving Constructive Feedback

    In-House Specialist Positive and negative feedback, if provided in a constructive and proper manner, can encourage the receiver to improve their performance, attitude and loyalty to the organization. Learn the appropriate tools and techniques in giving constructive feedback by attending pdtraining’s Giving Constructive Feedback Training course.
  • COURSES: Coaching and Mentoring Training

    In-House Specialist Coaching and mentoring ensure the continual and faster transfer of knowledge, skills and other best practices to the younger, less experienced employees. The Coaching and Mentoring Training course provides managers, supervisors and those who teach and guide their people in performing their jobs with effective coaching and mentoring skills.
  • COURSES: Employee Onboarding

    In-House Training Specialist This Employee Onboarding training course teaches your Human Resource Management staff how to help new employees become productive in the shortest possible time, as well as how to reduce staff turnover via better induction programs.
  • COURSES: Motivating Employees

    Specializing in delivering In-House training in NC, SC, AL, FL, GA, TN, and MS
  • COURSES: E-mail Etiquette Training

    In-House Specialist Personal or professional communication through emails is cheap, convenient and fast, but there are rules or etiquette that should be observed. Non conformance with the accepted email etiquette can be annoying and may give a bad impression about the sender to the recipient. Learn the proper way of preparing and managing emails by attending PD Training's Email Etiquette Training course.
  • COURSES: Communicating Across Cultures

    In-House Specialist Globalization and technology have allowed the integration of people from different cultures to work together. The Communicating Across Cultures Training Course teaches you how to overcome the potential cultural barriers and get your message across clearly and correctly. This course is for individuals who require cross-cultural communication skills to increase their effectiveness in a global marketplace.
  • COURSES: Train the Trainer

    In-House Specialist This highly effective Train the Trainer Course is designed for individuals who need to develop the training skills and confidence to teach adults in the workplace. This 3-Day, interactive training event is tailored to your specific requirements, which assures that the course can be directly applied to your workplace training requirements. In the pd training Train the Trainer Training course you'll learn skills like how to create and teach from a session plan, how to create effective and engaging presentations, how to develop and administer assessment tools, understanding the various types of personality types and their learning styles and much more. Participants also have the opportunity to deliver a "live" training session and receive feedback from the group and a DVD copy of the presentation.
  • COURSES: Foundation Skills for HR Officers

    In-House Specialist This Foundation Skills for New HR Officers course will help a new HR Officer, or manager for HR functions, understand the importance of their role in effectively recruiting and managing the company’s most valuable asset; its human resources.
  • COURSES: Job Search Application and Interview Skills

    In-House Training Specialist If you are still searching for the right job, PD Training’s Job Search, Application and Interview Skills training course is designed to guide job seekers through every step from searching and applying for the job to interview techniques and follow up.
  • COURSES: Workplace Diversity

    In-House Specialist Diversity in the workplace results from the differences in cultural background, age, educational status and a wide range of other factors found in your workforce. The Workplace Diversity Training Course provides you with the skills to successfully manage their varied perspectives and ideas into positive interactions and create better performances in the workplace. The Workplace Diversity Course by PD Training covers the following: what is diversity, reasons for and consequences of diversity in the workplace, how to deal with discrimination and other barriers to successful diversity management, effective listening and questioning techniques, dealing with diversity-related complaints, the appropriate verbal and non-verbal communications and much more.
  • COURSES: Stress Management

    In-House Specialist Learn the various tools and techniques to effectively manage stress and avoid its potential negative effects on your personal and emotional health by attending pdtraining’s Stress Management Training course. After completing this Stress Management Training Course, you will have learned: the three "A's" of a stressful situation (Alter, Avoid & Accept), environmental & physical relaxation techniques, how to cope with major events or changes, routines and lifestyle changes to reduce stress and much more.
  • COURSES: Anger Management

    In-House Specialist Allowing yourself to be controlled by your anger can have disastrous results in the way you behave or react to situations or other people. The Anger Management workshop by pdtraining teaches you how to manage anger so that it does not control you but helps you control it. This workshop teaches: the process of finding a deeper understanding of the realities of anger, learning the helpful and unhelpful ways to deal with anger, how to “blow off steam” , controlling stressful situations in a positive manner, the benefits of managing anger to improve your personal and professional life and much more.
  • COURSES: Highly Effective Management Training

    In-House Specialist The Highly Effective Management Training course teaches managers the skills required to effectively manage any of the various departments in the company or organization.
  • COURSES: Budgets and Financial Reports

    In-House Training Specialist Sound financial management requires the ability to prepare, understand and analyze or interpret budgets and financial reports. Acquire these valuable skills by attending pd training’s Budgets and Financial Reports Training Course. After completing this training course, you will have learned the following: a clear and solid understanding of financial concepts and terminology (ROI, EBIT, GAAP, extrapolation, etc.), how to understand & analyze various financial statements (Profit & Loss, Cash Flows, etc.), the tools and techniques used by financial analysts, creating and managing budgets and much more.

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