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Joseph F. Argenio

Performance Improvement Management Associates provides customized and pre-designed training programs that are research-based, rigorous, practical and fun that will maximize individual and organizational performance and quality.


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  • PRODUCTS: Everything DiSC Wokplace

    The Everything Disc Workplace Profile can be used with everyone in an organization regardless of title or role. It allows people to understand the DiSC styles of the people they work with. This understanding enables members of the organization to build more effective and productive working relationships thus improving the quality of the workplace.
  • PRODUCTS: Everything DiSC Work of Leaders

    The Everything DiSC Work of Leaders profile encourages leaders to understand their leadership style. Based on the three fundamentals of the dynamics of leadership: Vision, Alignment and Execution; this profile is ideal for leadership development or coaching. Additionally, the Profile provides tips and strategies for improving their leadership effectiveness that can be implemented instantly.
  • PRODUCTS: Everything DiSC 363 For Leaders

    The Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Profile combines the best of 360s with the simplicity and power of DiSC, plus three personalized strategies for improving leadership effectiveness. With its exclusive selectable comment feature, raters can provide balanced, focused, constructive feedback that the leaders can actually use. This Profile is ideal for leadership development, whether an emerging leader or experienced executive.
  • PRODUCTS: Everything DiSC Management

    The Everything DiSC Management Profile teaches managers how to read the styles of the people they manage and how to adapt their own style to bring out the best in each employee. They learn how to develop solid organizational relationships, direct and delegate more effectively, and create a motivating environment. Can be used for career development or executive coaching.
  • PRODUCTS: Personal Listening Profile

    The Personal Listening Profile helps people discover their most natural approach to listening while gaining insights into the different listening approaches of others. In addition, participants will learn how and when to adopt another approach for more successful communication. The Personal Listening Profile gives personalized strengths and growth areas, provides suggestions for improvement and an action plan for continued development
  • PRODUCTS: Time Mastery Profile

    The Time Mastery Profile is a unique tool that provides people with a complete self-directed assessment of their current time management effectiveness. Based on that assessment, individuals can determine where to focus time management efforts for greater personal and professional success.
  • COURSES: If Only I Had More Time....Then What?

    If Only I Had More Time...Then What? More time isn't the answer! Making the best use of our time is! In this workshop, participants will develop a clearer vision of what they want to accomplish in their life and a proven system for achieving those goals. Participants will then have more time for the things that really matter.
  • COURSES: Brain Baed Training that Increases Retention and Transfer

    Brain research has given us information on how the brain processes and stores information. You will learn many practical, easy to use, yet powerful research based techniques and strategies that will result in increased retention and transfer of learning.
  • COURSES: If We Can Hear, Why Aren't We Listening?

    Our effectiveness at work and the quality of our personal life hinge, in large part, on our ability to listen. However, studies indicate that we listen with only 25% efficiency. In this workshop we will learn and practice the skills necessary to be a more effective listener. .
  • COURSES: Would I Follow Me?

    Perhaps the most frequently examined question in leadership research is “What are the characteristics of effective leaders?” This interactive workshop will describe the qualities that researchers have determined describe effective leaders.
  • COURSES: How Do We Get There From Here?

    Strategic planning does not have to be complicated. This seminar will guide you through a step by step process for creating a strategic plan that will help turn your business vision into reality.
  • COURSES: Train the Trainer

    More is known today about effective training than ever before. This practical, hands-on seminar will highlight the latest training trends and techniques so that you can create engaging workshops, optimal learning experiences and transfer of that learning to the work environment.

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