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  • COURSES: Leadership Through People Skills: Turning Vision Into Action

    Intensive, three-day program turns managers at all levels of the organization into LEADER-MANAGERS, equipped to meet today`s business challenges.
  • COURSES: The Proficient Executive

    The Proficient Executive can help you build the individualized development strategies that will improve leadership skills and interpersonal behavior.
  • COURSES: Critical Collaboration

    This workshop is designed to increase coordination among divisions, departments, and teams by showing workers how to get cooperation and commitment from coworkers over whom they have no authority.
  • COURSES: Dimensional Management of Teams

    Dimensional Management of Teams (DMT3) builds the skills and attitudes that health care professionals need to collaborate effectively, meet their goals, and achieve exponential results.
  • COURSES: Succession Planning

    prepares a health care organization for unforeseen events: employee deaths, dismissals, resignations; mergers, acquisitions, and other consolidations. It provides a good assessment of the bench strength needs that will ensure continuity of leadership.
  • COURSES: Q4 For Challenging Conversations

    Q4 For Challenging Conversations is designed to help managers take their Q4 skills to another level. They learn to face their most difficult conversations with confidence, using practical tools and techniques for ensuring a constructive outcome.
  • COURSES: Q4 Development: Feedback From Your World

    Managers and leaders learn how to use feedback to identify leadership behaviors they can enhance, as well as areas needing improvement. They develop an action plan to increase their effectiveness in working with others to achieve business objectives.

    Dimensional COLLABORACTION helps them solve the day- in, day-out people problems that reduce productivity. They learn to take action to create partnerships among their coworkers.
  • COURSES: Basic Selling Strategies

    In SSC, salespeople learn the skills for uncovering and selling to customer needs and how to integrate those skills into a tested, step-by-step sales call format.
  • COURSES: Advanced Selling Strategies

    Give them the influence and persuasion skills that will enable them to present their products and services effectively, overcome customer barriers and objections, and gain customer commitment.
  • COURSES: Relationship Selling

    What influences the customer's buying decision? In the hyper-competitive marketplace of today, the decision to buy from one company over another often comes down to a difference in salespeople.

    DIMENSIONAL® SELLING can create that difference, giving your salesforce the competitive edge needed to succeed.
  • COURSES: Key Account Strategies

    Show your salespeople how to shorten sales cycles and close more leads, more often. Teach them to improve their close probability by eliminating `blind spots` that often create late barriers to sales.
  • COURSES: Sales Negotiation Skills

    You will learn how to assess strengths and weaknesses of your positions, create negotiating strategies, use interpersonal skills to turn plans into win-win solutions, manage customer tactics and barriers effectively in every selling situation.
  • COURSES: Sales 360 Feedback

    Sales 360 is a survey-based program that tells salespeople how their customers and their sales managers see them. It also shows salespeople how to minimize shortcomings, and how to build on their strengths.
  • COURSES: Succession Planning Strategies

    You will learn how to prepare for unforeseen events: dismissals, resignations; mergers, acquisitions, and other consolidations. It provides a good assessment of the bench strength needs that will ensure continuity of leadership.

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