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  • CONSULTANTS: Career Counseling

    We provide complete career counseling from determining what one is best suited to do to resumes to effective job search tactics to interviewing and handling offers. RCC has career counseled over 15,000 individuals and groups.
  • CONSULTANTS: Outplacement

    RCC Associates provides complete Outplacement services, including programs for individuals and groups at all levels, on site & distance programs, career center capability, with & without office space & manager training.
  • CONSULTANTS: HR Consulting

    RCC HR services include HR Reviews & Audits, handbooks, HR advice, HR projects (e.g. surveys)& partical outsourcing. Services are offered as needed or by project or by contract where multiple services are needed.
  • CONSULTANTS: Assessment & Testing

    We use a wide variety of assessments & tests for both teams & individual, including, Myers Briggs, Color Code, Psycho-geometrics, 4 Squares, Hiam Conflict Inventory, General Aptitude, Basic Skills (e.g. math,language)& management/leadership assessment
  • CONSULTANTS: HR Outsourcing

    RCC provides Human Resource outsourcing for HR Management & staffing, training, staffing, coaching managers and other hands on services. RCC does not do HRIS, payroll, stand alone benefits administration or place insurance products.
  • CONSULTANTS: Performance Coaching

    RCC provides performance coaching to managers and professionals in such areas as goal setting, work habits, organizational skills, planning and work styles.Coaching includes an initial battery of assesments.
  • CONSULTANTS: Facilitation

    RCC can provide facilitators for strategic planning retreats, team building sessions, problem solving and creative sessions. We can provide facilitators to meet diversity needs and have interpretors for Spanish and some other languages available.
  • COURSES: Killer Customer Service

    What do customers want? Why do they leave? This interactive program shares the latest research & how to effectively handle the most common customer issues.
  • COURSES: The 21st Century Supervisor

    This popular,interactive program helps supervisor and managers understand their roles in today's workplace, the skills needed and how to perform them, including coaching, time management, delegation, decision making and more.
  • COURSES: Becoming a High Performance, Low Maintenance Team

    This is an interactive, fun yet practical program that helps teams learn the skills and practices they need to succeed, including communications, conflict resolution, setting norms, goal setting, decision making tools and more.
  • COURSES: Coaching for Peak Performance

    This interactive program helps you understand how to evaluate the employee's level of development and then now to adjust and do coaching according to their level and situation. This program also helps distinguish coachihg from mentoring, delegating and managing.
  • COURSES: Time Master

    This introspective and interactive program helps increase personal productivity through adopting productive personal habits, productively managing interactions with others and following principles to achieve effectiveness, not just efficiency.

    This program features proven methods for talent selection from behavioral interviewing, effective testing and background checks to using the right talent sources (Monster and CB are NOT the answer).

    This fun & interactive program helps ID communication styles, how we communicate and tips for improving live, phone and written communications.

    This practical program helps both staff and/or managers understand both their responsibilities and rights in the area of sexual or other forms of harassment (e.g. gender). This program offers real life examples and a short quiz.

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