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Eric Papp is the founder of Agape Leadership, LLC is an intellectual capital firm focusing on leadership/sales for business performance. He develops custom concepts and strategies that are focused on application and results. Since 2010 he has been evaluated as one of the top management trainers in North America. He is the author of "Leadership By Choice" published by John Wiley and Sons. And is the creator of the podcast Ownership At Work Available for free on iTunes and the internet. Eric is a frequent guest on television and radio programs. He serves as a weekly contributor as the leadership expert on News Talk 1530. His newest book "3 Values of Being An Effective Person." Establishing the Foundation for Personal and Organizational Leadership...helps managers "Stop managing people and start managing their promises." Partial Client List: Million Dollar Round Table American Dental Association FL Clerks and Comptrollers AAA Insurance National Institute of Health Homeland


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  • COURSES: Having Crucial Conversations and Healthy Conflict

    How to Have Healthy Conflict and Tough Conversations Most of our frustration comes from the fact that we are not honest in our conversations with ourselves and others. Practicing how to have an honest conversation is something that requires courage, patience, and a strategy. And when one regularly engages in "straight talk" they experience reduced frustration and an increase in personal power. How does not having tough conversations affect your relationship and performance with others? Participants will learn: - A 3 part strategy to having tough conversations. - How being courageous in communication reduces consistent problems - The distinction between gently honest vs. brutally honest - How to neutralize emotions when things get heated
  • COURSES: Building High Performance Teams

    Many people are assuming the role of "team leader" and are not given the proper skills to execute successfully. Having people work on teams can be a competitive advantage or an organizational mess. When people learn the value of thinking "team first" the impossible can be achieved. Participants will discover: A 4 part strategy for building a high-trust team The importance of fostering healthy conflict How the lack of accountability can create a demotivating environment How to coach and give proper feedback How to have a tough conversation Part of this program is based on Eric’s chapter “Building High Trust Teams,” in which he tells stories and provides a system on how to build a high trust communication team. This is an interactive, high energy, and engaging program.
  • COURSES: Managing The Complexity of Business - How To Get It All Done

    With increasing competition and decreasing budgets, it's hard for organizations to manage daily activities while delivering on strategic priorities. Most employees see an increase in email, meetings, and interruptions from year to year. Being able to identify priorities, communicate effectively, and manage interruptions is a skill many employees are in need of. Participants will discover: - How to gain control and confidence in their workday - How to prioritize the workload from multiple bosses - How to handle interruptions and time wasters - How to manage levels of stress and motivation
  • COURSES: Creating a Culture of Ownership - Obtain Breakthrough Results With People For Productivity

    Do you ever wonder what the comment "That's not my responsibility" is costing your organization? More people today are stressed out and feel overwhelmed at work than ever before. Some work environments have shifted from caring and collaboration to cold and competitive. In this program you will discover: - What to do when you feel overwhelmed - How simplicity and subtraction lead to success - A creative thinking process to produce faster results - The value of reframing failure and responsibility - How self-discipline leads to freedom By the end of this session, participants will be able to: - Achieve a higher level of productivity - Foster an environment of having "tough conversations." - Accomplish a greater level of awareness of personal and team accountability

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