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  • PRODUCTS: Process Reengineering: The Key To Achieving Breakthrough Success

    A practical, how-to book on reengineering critical business processes. Provides rationale, methodology, tools & techniques. Offers a how-to framework rather than a litany of case examples.
  • PRODUCTS: Fast Fatless Facts on Negotiating (tm)

    Gets to the point without overkill--for people who don't have time to wade through reams of information to find what they need to know, now! Single-page descriptions of 34 negotiating principles & 10 negotiating tactics. Includes checklist/forms. 70 pp.
  • PRODUCTS: SPC for Right-Brain Thinkers

    Finally, a book on statistical process control for managers & end-users rather than statisticians. Approaches the subject through the side door where the inner workings of SPC can be seen in action. Special emphasis on applications in service industries.

    Avoid behaviors that jar a woman's intuition & diminish sales. Recognize differences in how men & women make decisions. Learn how the women's network can work for you, also how to avoid conflict/confusion when working with couples & teams.
  • PRODUCTS: MAP Critical Issues Survey (for project leaders and executives)

    A tool to identify job-related challenges that impede on-time delivery of projects. IDs single-issue challenges, also correlations between factors that suggest possible causal patterns. Team responses are aggregated and consensus is evaluated.
  • PRODUCTS: Project Stress Factors Assessment

    This assessment helps in identifying & controling stress factors in the project environment that limit productivity & performance. Also helps in isolating problems that lead to diminished productivity & that give rise to conflict.
  • PRODUCTS: Relating and Communicating Style Assessment

    Helps individuals understand their style of relating & communicating w/others. Compares self-perception with that of others who know them well. Useful in situations where understanding how one's personal style matches or clashes with others.
  • PRODUCTS: Problem Solving Style Assessment (PSSA)

    The PSSA™ profiles an individual's problem solving style based on his/her preference for each of 5 problem solving modalities. A personalized report and plot of the results, is produced for each individual. Supports training or personal development. MBTI
  • SPEAKERS: Sharon Roberts

    Sharon is a high-energy speaker and personal coach who moves people to action. Uses a blend of humor & anecdotes to energize her audience and add relevance to her speeches & seminars. Featured columnist for a national trade journal.
  • SPEAKERS: Dr. Lon Roberts

    Author of 5 books delivers content-rich speeches with high energy and a touch of flair and humor. Targeting leaders and decision-makers who want to spur their organization into action. See full descriptions at
  • CONSULTANTS: Sharon Roberts

    Coaching on presentation & speaking skills, communications, executive presence, and leadership. Coaching available on-site, in our studio in the Dallas area or by phone/Skype.
  • COURSES: Multitasking Skills and Tools Workshop

    Learn skills in managing multiple tasks & conflicting priorities, coordinating multiple projects, juggling competing demands on your time/attention. Task Orientation Styles Assessment. Tools & techniques for taking control of your circumstances.
  • COURSES: Leading High-Performance Teams in High-Pressure Projects

    * What high-performance teams expect from a leader * How to handle situations that diminish energy & productivity * How to engage high-performance teams, emotionally & intellectually * How to identify/avoid communications gaps & communication disconnects
  • COURSES: Leading Accelerated Projects (keynote presentation)

    Keynote Speech: Addresses opportunities & challenges of fast-track projects; including the leader's role in making such projects a reality. Also challenges the participants to examine sacrosanct practices & beliefs that may actually hinder rapid results.
  • COURSES: Problem Solving and Decision Making (a brain-friendly approach)

    Builds skills in framing & isolating problems and making sound decisions. Merges strengths of left- and right-brain problem solving. Examines 3 decision types, including a model for ethical decision making. Incorporates insights from recent brain research.
  • COURSES: Skills and Best Practices for Leading High-Profile Projects

    Executives and senior managers. Insights, skills, and tools for dealing with project risks, requirements, & communications challenges at a strategic level. Opportunities for improvement identified using our proprietary MAP Critical Issues Survey
  • COURSES: Courses for Administrative Professionals (The Platinum Series)

    See for descriptions of our Platinum Series for Admin Professional. Courses on: Analytical Skills, Proj Mgmt, Multitasking, Tact/Diplomacy, Negotiating/Persuasion, Writing/Editing, Excel, Internal Surveys, Presentation Skills
  • COURSES: Completed Staff Work at Work

    Tools and insights that staff workers need to provide decision-analysis support for their managers. Utilizes an 8-stage process, beginning with explicitly defining the problem for which a decision must be made, and implementing the solution and bringing closure to the problem. This 2-day course has the potential to change the culture of an organization from one of passing problems up the line to one of solving problems at the staff level.
  • COURSES: Excel for Right-Brain Thinkers

    An innovative approach to learning Excel for those who need a basic working knowledge. Especially geared for right-brain thinkers...those who learn best by starting with examples, rather than an array of commands & functions. Enhances engagement/retention.
  • COURSES: The Platinum Series - Training Programs for Administrative Professionals

    See for descriptions of our Platinum Series for Admin Professional Courses. Courses available on: Analytical Skills, Project Management, Multitasking, Tact & Diplomacy, Negotiating & Persuasion, Writing & Editing, MS Excel, Internal Surveys, Presentation Skills
  • COURSES: Applied Negotiating Skills Workshop (intermediate to advanced)

    Win-win strategies that are adaptable to every negotiating styles, including adversarial. Team-based negotiations & negotiating via e-mail. Realistic negotiating scenarios. Optional videotaping to observe body language & tone of voice.
  • COURSES: Selling To Women and Couples Workshop

    Avoid behaviors that alert a woman's intuition & kill sales. Learn differences in how men & women make decisions, how the women's network works, how to read body language, how to avoid conflict/confusion in working with couples in joint decisions.
  • COURSES: Conducting Internal Surveys and Needs Analyses

    A course for those required to conduct internal surveys to support org. decisions and initiatives. Learn how to design a survey instrument, administer the survey, use incentives to increase response rate, compile the data, and report of the results.
  • COURSES: Managing Risks in High-Stakes Projects

    Builds practical skills in using tools & techniques to identify the sources of uncertainty that give rise to risks in high-stakes projects. Also, how to isolate and absorb the uncertainty factors to limit their potential impact. See online description for additional details.
  • COURSES: Powerful Painless Presentation Skills Workshop

    Make powerful, painless presentations. Keep an audience's attention. Present your message with confidence, clarity, conviction. Control nervousness & fear. Handle difficult audiences. Presentations are recorded and constructive feedback is provided.

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