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  • COURSES: Personality Based Selling

    Learn to quickly develop rapport & avoid communication disconnects. Learn to see & hear yourself through the eyes & ears of the client. Learn techniques to avoid personality misreads that cost sales. Learn how to adapt your style to your client's style.
  • COURSES: Negotiating Without Confrontation

    Builds skills in representing your interests in tough negotiating situations and coming out on top when dealing with the confrontational style of the hardball negotiator or the win-lose style of the competitive negotiator.
  • COURSES: Gleaning Facts From Figures - Analytical Skills for Critical Thinking

    Learn to how analyze data, identify patterns, solve problems, make decisions, detect abuses of statistics, and get your point across using basic quantitative tools. Emphasis is on real-world data and applications ... this Is NOT a statistics 101 refresher course.
  • COURSES: Managing Relating and Communicating Styles

    Develop expertise to immediately increase your interpersonal skills with people — in business & personal relationships. Learn valuable techniques to read others, quickly develop rapport, work harmoniously, and complete business.
  • COURSES: Body Language & Silent Signals

    Discover the silent signals that everyone consciously or unconsciously use. Learn to read internal & external customers through their actions as well as words. Develop skills to adjust your silent signals to project confidence & trust.
  • COURSES: Applied Statistics for Business Analytics Applications

    This course is intended for those who need practical skills and knowledge in using statistical tools and techniques for Business Analytics (BA) applications—or so-called “Exploratory Analysis.” The course will emphasize where and when the tools and procedures apply, including the inputs they rely on, as well as the end-results—or outputs—they produce. The tools and techniques will be introduced from the standpoint of their practical utility as well as the outputs they are capable of producing, rather than their mathematical structure or derivation. Hands-on exercises will be used to reinforce learning by taking advantage of the built-in statistical functions in MS Excel.
  • COURSES: Pivotal People on Purpose - Including the Pint-Size Ones (keynote speech)

    Keynote Speech: Everyone can name one or more pivotal people who have played a role in shaping the direction of their life. In this presentation you will discover how reconnecting with these people can have an empowering & transforming effect on you … and them!
  • COURSES: Leading Accelerated Projects: Pathway to Rapid Results

    How to plan and execute projects on a tight timeline. How to take advantage of Eight Opportunity Levers to ID multiple possibilities for achieving rapid results. How leading accelerated projects differs from managing conventional projects -- and why this is important. How to think outside the conventional P.M. box to make accelerated projects a reality. Goes beyond P.M. basics and discipline-bound solutions. ... this is a roll-up-your-sleeves course for those who are serious about delivering time-critical projects on a tight schedule.
  • COURSES: Managing Internal Projects

    Emphasizes practical skills in planning & executing projects that are geared for internal customers rely mostly on internal project teams. Also addresses special challenges relevant to internal projects - such as resource robbing.
  • COURSES: Statistical Process Control for Non-Statisticians

    For those needing a practical understanding of SPC, perhaps individuals/teams charged with using SPC on the job. Provides a practical introduction to SPC. Steers clear of abstract statistical concepts that are confusing to non-statisticians.
  • COURSES: Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

    Guides participants through the logic and methodology of FMEA. Two widely-used types of FMEA are described in detail: Design FMEA & Process FMEA. Participants work in teams to apply the methodology to a design & development scenario.
  • COURSES: Critical Thinking Skills & Tools for Decision Making

    Practical skills & tools for critical thinking, in the context of making complex decisions. The course is based on latest research in cognitive psychology & neuroscience. The skills/tools are applicable to a variety of models, frameworks, and personality styles.
  • COURSES: Best Practices for Using MS Project to Support Projects Throughout Their Lifecycle

    Builds practical skills in using MS Project as a strategic tool in managing projects throughout their lifecycle by drawing on best practices and real-world applications. Intended for experienced PMs. Is NOT an intro course on MS Project features and functions.
  • COURSES: Lessons in Leadership & Life from Winston Churchill (keynote speech)

    Keynote Speech: In this fun and engaging presentation, Lon will share valuable insights on Churchill’s leadership style. He will also share anecdotes that reveal Churchill’s wit and intellect, including some of the personal challenges he had to face and overcome.
  • COURSES: Measuring and Communicating the ROI of Projects

    Skills & tools for assessing the return on investment of projects & purchase decisions. Learn how to prepare & present your ROI analyses in a manner that clearly communicates the projected costs, benefits, risks, and unknowns. Detailed description online.
  • COURSES: Customer Service With Class

    Learn how to project confidence & professionalism and be diplomatic when dealing with people, including difficult people. Also learn how to quickly and professionally resolve conflicts with internal and external customers.
  • COURSES: Getting It on the Calendar: No More Ballpark Pricing

    Learn how to phone calls into scheduled appointments -- instead of ballpark pricing over the phone. If you want your point-of-impact staff to learn how to prompt a caller to schedule an appointment for your sales professionals, this seminar is what you need!
  • COURSES: Silent Signals (Body Language)

    Discover the silent signals that everyone consciously or unconsciously use. Learn to read internal & external customers through their actions as well as words. Develop skills to adjust your silent signals to project confidence & trust.
  • COURSES: Process Reengineering Workshop

    How-to course on process reengineering. Steps through a proven framework; also special tools/techniques. Knowledge & skills needed for the success of your reenginering projects, while avoiding mishaps that often doom PR projects from the start.

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