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Provider of safety training videos and online training programs to help employers reduce workplace accidents. Our high quality employee safety programs help to ensure your workers are following safety protocol. Great way to help reduce on the job accidents and injuries.


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  • PRODUCTS: Online Employee Safety Training

    If you need to train your employees on workplace safety, and want to achieve OSHA compliance, then our online training tool can help. We offer more than 150 safety training videos, with a quiz, to teach your employees how to stay safe while doing their jobs. The goal of our training is to reduce employee accidents and injuries, as well as keep employers compliant with OSHA requirements for safety training.
  • COURSES: Safety Training Videos

    Huge selection of OSHA compliant safety training videos on every topic you could imagine. Reduce workplace accidents with our professionally produced videos.
  • COURSES: Office Safety Videos

    These safety videos are specifically geared towards an office environment. From office safety orientation training to office fire safety we have just the video you are looking for.
  • COURSES: Crane Safety Training

    This training video covers all aspects of crane operation and safety.
  • COURSES: Healthcare Safety Training

    These training videos are focused on the healthcare worker. We have videos for health related safety orientation, bloodborne pathogens, and needle stick prevention.
  • COURSES: First Aid Training

    This first aid training package will teach your trainees how to perform first aid and comes with the video, posters, and employee handouts.
  • COURSES: Drug And Alcohol Employee Training

    This training video will educate your trainee on the problems associated with drug and alcohol abuse.
  • COURSES: Office Ergonomics Training

    This training video focuses on ergonomic issues for office workers. Topics include eye fatigue, work station placement, and much more.
  • COURSES: Industrial Ergonomics Training

    This training focuses on industrial ergonomics and focuses on how to reduce injuries. Full training package include video, workbook, and posters.
  • COURSES: Restaurant And Food Service Training

    These videos are geared towards safety training for those in the restaurant and food service industries. Topics include knife safety, food handling, and much more.
  • COURSES: Hotel Employee Safety Training

    These videos are specifically geared towards safety training for employees of hotels. Topics include housekeeper safety, laundry room safety, back injury prevention, and much more.
  • COURSES: Laboratory Safety Training

    These training videos focus on safety in the lab or laboratory. Keep your workers safe by teaching them the fundamentals in this specific video.
  • COURSES: Safety Videos

    Huge selection of training videos geared towards helping your trainees and employees work safer and have fewer accidents or injuries. We offer free previews of ALL of our videos.
  • COURSES: Trucking Safety Training Videos

    Our trucking safety training videos are industry specific so you know you are getting the best and most targeted training available. All of our videos have a free full length preview right on our site.
  • COURSES: Remember Charlie Safety Training Video

    Remember Charlie is the best selling safety training video of all time. This video will captivate your employees and they will leave the training session with a new appreciation for the company safety policies and procedures.

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