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We are an assessment company with over 4 decades of experience in 360 degree feedback and assessment customization. We offer a fully managed solution, where our team of experts serve as an extension of your internal team, and where our success is tied to yours.


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  • PRODUCTS: 'Truscore 360 Degree Feedback Assessment Platform'

    At TruScore, we know assessments. Our primary areas of expertise are 360 degree feedback and assessment customization. In addition to offering our own validated line of assessments we serve as the technology platform and support arm for some of the most recognized assessments and brands in our industry.
  • PRODUCTS: '360 Degree Feedback' - Executive Leadership Survey

    The Executive Leadership 360 feedback assessment covers the primary responsibilities needed to achieve business targets and operational objectives while having a thorough knowledge of the marketplace and a compelling vision for the organization.
  • PRODUCTS: '360 Degree Feedback' - Leadership EQ

    The Leadership EQ 360 feedback assessment covers the primary responsibilities needed to grow the business and achieve operational objectives by fostering a high quality working life and motivating employees to be productive while managing emotions and relationships.
  • PRODUCTS: '360 Degree Feedback' - Survey of Advanced Management Practices

    TThe Advanced Management Practices 360 feedback assessment covers the skills needed by higher level managers to plan for the future, manage, motivate, lead others, and the drive to achieve operational and strategic goals.
  • PRODUCTS: '360 Degree Feedback' - Leadership Competencies for Managers

    The Leadership Competencies for Managers 360 feedback assessment covers the skills needed by middle managers to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization through a good balance of work-oriented and people-oriented skills and the ability to create ideas and prepare the organization for change.
  • PRODUCTS: '360 Degree Feedback' - Survey of Management Practices

    The Survey of Management Practices 360 assessment covers the core management skills needed to facilitate, direct, and communicate properly to achieve operating goals while maintaining a quality work environment.
  • PRODUCTS: '360 Degree Feedback' - Technical Professional

    The Technical Professional 360 feedback assessment focuses on skills that are essential for high performing professionals to effectively use their expertise and experience to make significant contributions to the organization through quality performance.
  • PRODUCTS: '360 Degree Feedback' - Aspiring to Leadership

    The Aspiring to Leadership 360 assessment focuses on the skills that are essential for future managerial success. High performance on the skills measured identifies an employee who is prepared to make the transition from individual contributor to a formalized leadership role.
  • PRODUCTS: '360 Degree Feedback' - Client Relations

    Survey of Client Relations 360 covers the skills necessary to build strong client relationships which includes understanding all facets of a client’s business and anticipating and responding to their needs in a friendly and motivated manner.
  • PRODUCTS: '360 Degree Feedback' - Sales Management

    The Sales Management 360 feedback assessment focuses on the sales manager's ability to implement strategies within the organization and achieve sales goals.
  • PRODUCTS: '360 Degree Feedback' - Coaching Practices

    The Coaching Practices 360 feedback assessment covers the coaching skills needed by a manager to instruct employees in basic operational skills and the follow through to ensure that they are learning and performing well.
  • CONSULTANTS: 'TruScore' - Become a Certified Trainer

    The Task Cycle® Certification is designed for HR/Talent Management professionals, trainers, coaches, and consultants. The session prepares these professionals to administer Task Cycle® assessments, interpret individual feedback reports, and guide the development planning follow-up with participants.

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