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Presentation training for executives provided on client site, with customized individual, small and large group agendas. Presentation and speech training provided for for sales teams, investor presentations, board presentations, leadership development, conferences, tailored for any internal or external audiences. Specialists in one-on-one senior leadership development skills and development of executive presence. Powerful communications help you power your brand. Call us today for a free consultation.


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  • COURSES: Media Training for Executives

    Media raining is designed to help you gain confidence in every media interaction. We'll help prepare you for print or broadcast interviews and we'll make sure your messages are media ready. If you're representing your company or organization, make sure you're delivering exactly the right message to media in every interview opportunity you have. We'll coach you to success with realistic and rigorous practice to get you ready. We'll even work with your communications team to make sure your messaging and content is working well for you. Then we'll stay committed to you at no additional charge so you can check back in before each interview you have. Start Matching the Power of Your Communications to the Power of Your Ideas! Give us a call today for a free consultatio
  • SPEAKERS: Aileen Pincus

    Aileen Pincus, President of The Pincus Group, Strategic Communications and Consulting, former television reporter, Sr. Senatorial advisor, and now executive communications coach, offers expert advice on powerful communication tools that work. (301) 908-3896
  • CONSULTANTS: Executive Presentation Skills, Executive Speech Consulting

    Expert coaching in presentation skills,including sales, and special appearances:regulatory board incl. pharmaceuticals,Congressional and legislative testimony, individual and team training. Speech/media/crisis communications coaching.(301)908-3896
  • CONSULTANTS: Crisis Communications, Media Training, Presentation Skills, & Speech Consulting

    Expert crisis communications coaching, media coaching, internal, B2B, and specialized trainings including Congressional,legislative and regulatory board prep, media interview preparation, messaging & Speech coaching.Call the communication experts:(301) 908-3896
  • CONSULTANTS: Presentation Skills Training, Speech and Media Consulting

    Expert presentation skills training for individuals or teams. B2B, internal presentations, external presentations, speech coaching. Providing the winning edge for mid and sr. level executives.(301) 908-3896
  • CONSULTANTS: Executive Presentation Skills Training, Speech, Media Training, Crisis Communications

    Expert executive consulting in all areas of Executive Communications: presentation skills training, crisis communications, media training and speech coaching. Unleash the power of your communications.On your site, or ours: (301)908-3896
  • CONSULTANTS: Executive Presentation Skills, Media Training, and Crisis Communications

    Leadership skills training in powerfully effective communications. Expert presentation skills training, media training, crisis communications, especially designed for government policy makers. Training of internal communications teams available.(301)908-3896
  • CONSULTANTS: Communication with Power

    Enhance leadership and exec.skills with powerfully effective communications.Presentation skills training, speech coaching, messaging and crisis communication skills. Real results for the marketplace.(301)908-3896
  • CONSULTANTS: Communication, Executive Speech Training

    Executive speech coaching Coaching, on site or in Washington DC Aileen Pincus
  • COURSES: Communication Skills, Presentation Skills Training, Media Training, Crisis Communications, Speech training

    TPG provides expert executive coaching in media training, crisis communications, presentation skills and speech. Former journalists and sr. communication experts offer individual or group training. Real-world expertise. Customized agendas. (301) 908-3896
  • COURSES: Executive Communication Skills, Executive Media Training, Executive Crisis Training

    TPG provides expert coaching and consultation for sr. executives in media, messaging and crisis training. Former journalists and sr. communication experts. Individual or group courses, full/half-day, real-world expertise. (301) 908-3896
  • COURSES: Executive Communication Skills

    Expert presentation skills training and speech coaching for mid and sr. level executives in all industries. Tailored agendas, one-on-one attention.Individual or team training at your site or in the Washington D.C. area.(301) 908-3896.
  • COURSES: Communication Skills

    Enhance your executive leadership skills and professional image with powerfully effective communications skills. Presentation skills training, speech, media training,crisis communications. Expert training for public figures & executives.(301)908-3896
  • COURSES: Expert Witness Preparation

    TPG provides training in expert witness presentation, messaging, and media interaction. Former journalists and sr. communication experts experienced in Fortune 500 consultation. (301) 908-3896
  • COURSES: Professional Communication Skills

    TPG provides expert presentation and speech training for all levels. Formal/informal speeches & presentations (internal/external, B-2-B, regulatory and specialty.)Former journalists and sr. communication advisors with Fortune 500 expertise. (301) 908-3896
  • COURSES: Powefully Effective Communications for Female Executives

    Presentation skills training aimed at female executives. Develop powerfully effective communication skills, confidence and control. Formal/informal speeches,presentations, media interviews & testimony training.(301)908-3896

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