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TrainersDirect has built a reputation as a committed partner for the development and delivery of world-class onsite management and supervisory skills training. Improving the performance of thousands of individuals and organizations throughout the world. What we do… - We provide you with world-class trainers. In many cases the same trainers as our larger competitors, at a much lower cost! - We create a consistent message and focused approach. Participants learn skills which they can immediately transfer to the workplace. - We save costs associated with travel. You will realize a significant reduction in travel costs compared to sending employees to public seminars. - We are convenient. Schedule your training for the time, duration and location most convenient for you. - We tailor your training to meet specific objectives. We work with you to ensure your training focuses on the cultural and operational challenges critical to your success. We do this at no additional cost to you!


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  • COURSES: Resolving Conflict

    Sometimes conflict is disabling, preventing future progress. Sometimes conflict is laughable upon discovering a misunderstanding. This hands-on seminar provides a number of exercises to help you develop approaches and skills that allow you to move past conflict and work more effectively, both in one-on-one relationships and group situations. Conflict is in large part the emotional reaction we experience when we think a particular way. The following list outlines some alternative definitions of the components of conflict presented in this seminar. These definitions are presented and practiced in a series of hands-on exercises intended to help you generate new approaches and skills in dealing with conflict.
  • COURSES: Problem Solving and Decision Making

    In a very real way the solutions and decisions we make are a reflection of who we are. It stands to reason then that by being intentional about how we approach the solutions we derive and the decisions we make, we can impact who we become and what we can achieve. Orienting ourselves to problem solving and decision making begins by accepting four truths: • Effective solutions and decisions are a product of how well we develop our cognitive, emotional and relational intelligences • Effectiveness improves by applying a structured process • Effectiveness improves by collaboration with other stakeholders • Effectiveness of solutions and decisions can only be judged when they are implemented Problem solving and Decision Making are needed when a situation exists to which we must respond. If we know what to do and we do it, we have made a decision. If we don’t know what to do and we think up options as to what we can do we have problem solved.
  • COURSES: Management Skills for New Managers

    Gain the confidence and the skills needed to succeed! As a new manager/supervisor you understand the importance of walking-the-talk, but just exactly how do you do that – especially in light of the fact that some of the very same people you now supervise were your co-workers not long ago. This workshop provides managers/supervisors with an opportunity to learn or enhance the key skills necessary to ensure their success. This workshop will help supervisors understand their leadership style, communication patterns, and mentoring and motivating skills, with the latest application of current management practices supported by theory and research. Attendees will practice new knowledge and skills in an experiential and fun learning environment.
  • COURSES: Rapid Application Development

    This seminar centers around the essential methods, and skills required to achieve successful implementation of software products designed to meet the ever-evolving requirements of customers in today’s volatile technology and market environments. Rapid application development today looks very different from the early days of client server. Through exercises, case studies, and an off-line mini-lab simulation, participants will be able to experience the “do’s, don’ts, and gotcha’s” of working in the RAD development. In addition participants will learn the latest and best current thinking about RAD and other adaptive development processes.
  • COURSES: Project Management for the Non-Project Manager

    Everyone gets assignments that require more planning than jotting down some tasks on a “to-do list,” especially in today’s lean organizations. Have you been asked to take on complex activities such as moving the office, planning for a large company-wide event or developing a new set of procedures for tracking employees’ mobile devices? If you’re not a trained Project Manager, these can cause big headaches. Adopt the basic tools and skills of project management to make the difference between success and nightmares.
  • COURSES: Advanced Project Management

    We’ve updated our Advanced Project Management Course to include a project simulation component. This course picks up where other traditional project management courses leave off by allowing participants to practice monitoring a project using SimulTrain®, software that provides a simulation for the planning and executing phases of a project. During execution, participants are placed in common situations that generate stress and require timely decisions that affect not only project performance but team motivation. In addition to the simulation, participants will engage in additional topics to develop competencies required to control projects and expand their knowledge and skills using more advanced project management tools and techniques. If you manage projects every day and need advanced skills, this course is the second step for continued development for any project manager.
  • COURSES: PMP Exam Preparation Course

    The PMP Exam Prep Course is designed to prepare participants pursuing Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification with the Project Management Institute (PMI®). All knowledge areas within the five process groups of the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) are covered in depth. Previous participants have concluded that this is an excellent program for those striving for certification.
  • COURSES: Technical Project Management

    The People that grow corporations generally implement new products, processes, and ideas. Their developments grow corporations because they put the company into expanding areas. People working on these projects are often in highly visible positions, and people that play it safe can sit on the sidelines and be critical. By understanding the Technical Project Management Tools and Techniques for these projects, we can change a desperate situation into one that is predictable. The operational word is New. New Products, New Financial Tools, New IT Systems, New Processes, etc. If you and your team are responsible for new developments, this is the seminar for you.
  • COURSES: Introduction to Project Management: The Basics for Success

    This seminar provides an introduction to Project Management and the core concepts and best practices used in this discipline. It is designed to be an introductory course in project management, and not a comprehensive treatment of the subject. In the course, core project management “best practices” will be introduced, and put into context through various exercises and scenarios and case studies. The course is designed as a practical workshop, and learning by doing is a key component. As such, class participants will be asked to work on sample “projects” and be assigned deliverables to produce within a specified time frame. The focus of these exercises is in the tools and processes followed to produce the output – not the actual output itself. After each exercise, a review will be conducted offering comments and suggestions for improvement. Previous project management experience is not necessary to benefit from this course.

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