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TrainersDirect has built a reputation as a committed partner for the development and delivery of world-class onsite management and supervisory skills training. Improving the performance of thousands of individuals and organizations throughout the world. What we do… - We provide you with world-class trainers. In many cases the same trainers as our larger competitors, at a much lower cost! - We create a consistent message and focused approach. Participants learn skills which they can immediately transfer to the workplace. - We save costs associated with travel. You will realize a significant reduction in travel costs compared to sending employees to public seminars. - We are convenient. Schedule your training for the time, duration and location most convenient for you. - We tailor your training to meet specific objectives. We work with you to ensure your training focuses on the cultural and operational challenges critical to your success. We do this at no additional cost to you!


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  • COURSES: Onsite Project Management Training

    Do you have a larger group to train? TrainersDirect has built a reputation as a committed partner for the development and delivery of world-class onsite training workshops. Improving the performance of thousands of individuals and organizations throughout the world. We are experts in evaluating and matching the training needs of our customer to world-class trainers and training content. We “get it!” We know that it’s not only necessary to understand the scope of work, we must also understand the culture and the human element. We take great pride in this ability, so much so that we guarantee your participants satisfaction!
  • COURSES: Onsite Management & Supervision Training

    Do you have a larger group to train? TrainersDirect has built a reputation as a committed partner for the development and delivery of world-class Management and Supervisory skills training. Improving the performance of thousands of individuals and organizations throughout the world. We are experts in evaluating and matching the training needs of our customer to world-class trainers and training content. We “get it!” We know that it’s not only necessary to understand the scope of work, we must also understand the culture and the human element. We take great pride in this ability, so much so that we guarantee your participants satisfaction!
  • PRODUCTS: RECORDED WEBINAR - Emotional Intelligence & Leadership Success

    The cornerstone of Emotional Intelligence is self-awareness and empathy, and the session will demonstrate how someone can become more in tune with his or her own feelings and competencies in order to assess, design, develop, implement and evaluate an organization's needs. Since EI is both measurable and can be developed, those sharing EI with their companies/clients can impact employees' ability to be more productive and innovative. Most HR professionals enjoy this training because HR Specialists were in the forefront of EI. Participants will see how the EI-Leadership connection is paramount when linked with leadership behaviors at all levels. The business case for EI, which is a valuable tool for HR practitioners, will be presented. Participants can take this back to their organizations and show how EI contributes to the bottom line.
  • PRODUCTS: RECORDED WEBINAR - Creating Powerful PivotTables with Excel 2010

    Consider this scenario: You have thousands of detailed rows of data covering a multi-year period - containing names, dates, transactions, customer location, type of transaction, amount of the transaction, etc. Wouldn't it be great if you could quickly, easily and accurately create a table to show the total transaction amount for each customer without writing formulas and do it fast! Then, just as quickly, create another table showing your total transactions by week, month or year by simply changing a field's location. You can apply these techniques to an endless variety of data; budget, inventory, contacts, human resources, and many more. The possibilities are endless! When you need to crunch data sorting, filtering, and inserting subtotals will only allow you to go so far. What's needed are ways to quickly create summary totals based on multiple criteria and to have the ability to interchange or add fields, and add to sort results fast! And, to do this without ever needing...
  • PRODUCTS: RECORDED WEBINAR - Conversation Skills 101

    Do you..... *Worry yourself sick about talking to strangers? *Find yourself stressed out and nervous about talking to others in networking and social settings? *Wonder if everyone around you notices your sweaty palms and cotton-mouth when you try to engage in conversation? If any of the above applies to you, learning the art of conversation can significantly boost your communication skills and your confidence. Whether it’s striking up a conversation with an old friend or holding your own in an interview or business situation, being strategic in how you talk and monitoring what you say is the key.

    We may think that price is king but the main reason customers leave for a competitor is because of poor customer service. It is an invitation to leave when employees act with indifference and don't appreciate the real value of a customer. And we all know that there is plenty of competition to scoop up customers when we fail to meet or exceed their needs. We also know that it is much easier to retain a customer than to find a new one. Most employees want to do the right thing but many don't know the essentials of top customer service or they need a reminder. Any employee (regardless of industry) who has contact with customers has the potential to retain customers or chase them away. An investment in employee training is an investment in sustaining and growing your business. This program provides critical information employees need to know to deliver the type of service your customer expect.
  • PRODUCTS: RECORDED WEBINAR - Cold Calling Scripts & Tips: Setting the Appointment, Overcoming Objectives, Making the Sale!

    In today's very difficult world of selling, there is only one thing to do to make more sales. SEE more people. Perhaps there has been a no more difficult time in selling than now, when it seems that no one is buying. The economy has changed the rules and sales people who before the rules change never had to make an appointment need to learn these skills NOW! In this webinar you will learn how to get the decision-maker on the phone, explain the reason for the appointment, handle their objections and close on the appointment date and time.

    The costs of incivility to business are tangible, and they're measurable! Research shows that incivility costs North American businesses more than 300 billion a year. What is your organization doing, right now, to mitigate these costs? Whether it's email rudeness, unprofessional dress, poor service attitude or ineffective communication skills, incivility at work directly impacts our self-esteem, our relationships, our health, our promote-ability, and our productivity. In this practical and interesting seminar, Canada's leading civility expert Lew Bayer will talk about best practices for modern manners at work and give tips you can use to boost your social savvy.

    Imagine the impact poor selection has on customers, annoyed and irritated coworkers, possible litigation, rehiring cost, damaged reputation, not to mention lost sleep. In fact, employee turnover costs U.S. companies approximately $300 billion each year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor. A poorly conducted interview can lead to months and possibly years of frustration, as well as cost your company two times the employee's salary to replace them. Statistics show behavioral interview success rates are as high as 55%, and candidates are 5 times more likely to succeed.(source: Before you start scheduling candidates, join us for this thorough 90-minute session to learn the latest on behavioral interviewing. Save time and money while learning everything you'll need to conduct the most effective and successful interviews! The interview is your most important recruitment tool in selecting the people that ultimately will determine your organizational success.
  • PRODUCTS: RECORDED WEBINAR - OFCCP ENFORCEMENT TRENDS & REGULATORY INITIATIVES Required Documentation, Internet Applicant Rules & Regulatory Developments

    This webinar is designed to inform contractors on recent OFCCP enforcement trends and regulatory initiatives. Attendees will learn which candidates are considered “applicants,” how to successfully manage large pools of applicants, what documentation needs to maintain and/or recorded for each applicant, and how the OFCCP enforces its Internet Applicant Rule. This seminar details how an initial indicator of adverse impact during the hiring process can lead to an OFCCP failure-to-hire case and how proper disposition information can defend an OFCCP statistical claim of potential discrimination. Finally, attendees will learn about OFCCP latest enforcement and regulatory developments such as the Agency’s new enforcement methods for analyzing compensation, revised veteran/disability regulations and presidential directives related to pay equity.

    This webinar provides an overview of the basics for affirmative action plan development and the steps during an Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) compliance review. Attendees will learn the laws and regulations that govern affirmative action compliance, including the new requirements related to veterans and the disabled, and when a Company is required to maintain an affirmative action plan. This seminar will detail the required components of a compliant affirmative action plan, including the critical statistical analyses. Finally, the seminar will detail each stage of an OFCCP compliance review and the potential outcomes of an audit. This seminar is critical for employers who want to learn the basics regarding affirmative action plan compliance and OFCCP enforcement.
  • PRODUCTS: RECORDED WEBINAR - How to Talk About Tough Topics: Turning Potential Conflicts into Problem-Solving Discussions

    Have you ever had a disagreement with a coworker blow up in your face? Or tolerated an employee performance problem because you weren't sure how to bring it up? Perhaps you've wanted to give your boss some constructive feedback, but were concerned about the reaction you might get. We tend to avoid difficult conversations because talking about sensitive topics feels hazardous or uncomfortable. However, delaying these discussions frequently makes the situation worse. The key to successfully addressing tough topics is knowing how to talk about them in the right way. In this webinar, you will learn specific strategies for complaining to your boss (or about your boss), giving constructive feedback to colleagues, and bringing up those "sensitive" issues that people are afraid to mention. Managers will also get useful tips for addressing employee performance problems.

    No one is born knowing how to be a supervisor. And no other job can prepare you for this challenging assignment. The good news, however, is that you can quickly and easily add the "secrets" of successful managers to your supervisory toolkit. Previously, you only had to worry about your own performance – but now you must learn how to motivate other people to do their best work. In this webinar, we will explore six specific strategies for bringing out the "SUPER" in every supervisor. Whether you were promoted over your peers (always a tough change!) or brought in from the outside (a completely different kind of challenge!), these leadership techniques will help to increase your credibility with employees and help you succeed in your management role.
  • PRODUCTS: RECORDED WEBINAR - Discover Your Management Superpowers: The Four Key Abilities that Every Leader Must Develop

    behind schedule? Perhaps you’ve delegated work to trusted employees, only to find that the result was not what you expected. By learning to use your "management superpowers", you can avoid these surprises and create a focused, productive environment in which every employee has the opportunity to excel. In this webinar, we will explore four specific leadership strategies that can take your management skills to the next level. You will learn how to keep your employees headed in the right direction, multiply your impact through effective delegation, choose the best decision-making strategy for each situation, and use "flexible leadership" to develop employee abilities and address performance issues.
  • PRODUCTS: RECORDED WEBINAR - THE GROWING PROBLEM OF WORKPLACE INCIVILITY: How to Reduce Rudeness, Encourage Courtesy, & Create a More Professional Atmosphere

    From raunchy reality shows to parent brawls at Little League games, incivility seems to be everywhere – so perhaps it's no surprise that rudeness has also invaded the workplace. Squabbling employees, screaming managers, colleagues who never respond to emails, coworkers who send texts while you're talking to them . . . all these people seem to have forgotten the basic rules of courtesy and respect. Offensive behavior among colleagues carries a high price, because "civility" at work means more than just good manners. Respectful treatment creates the foundation for cooperation between individuals and collaboration among departments. When people are rude and disrespectful to one another, they are much less likely to share information, contribute helpful suggestions, or offer assistance with problems. In this webinar, you will learn to recognize the signs of an incivility epidemic at work, then discover specific strategies for improving coworker relationships, turning around a team...
  • PRODUCTS: RECORDED WEBINAR - Mastering the Delegation Process: How to Improve Results, "Grow" Employees, & Boost Your Career

    Have you ever given a project to a trusted employee, only to find that the result was not what you expected? Have you put off starting important assignments because of the work piled up on your desk? Perhaps you have been criticized for micromanaging simply because you want to see that things are done properly. Or maybe you've been shocked when you learned too late that an important project was seriously behind schedule. The good news is that each of these problems can be prevented through effective delegation. But the bad news is that most managers simply don't know how to delegate, despite the fact that assigning work to others is a critical component of every manager's job. If you want to shine in a management role, delegation is a skill that you must master. In this webinar, we will discuss the benefits and risks of delegation, then outline the seven specific steps required to successfully delegate any project or task.
  • PRODUCTS: RECORDED WEBINAR - SUCCESSFULLY MANAGING ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE: How to Reduce Resistance, Increase Acceptance, & Accomplish Your Goals

    Like death and taxes, change is one of the certainties of life. And in today’s business world, changes seem to be occurring at a faster and faster pace. For that reason, every manager must know how to successfully guide employees through the change process. But because the initial reaction to almost any change may be negative, that can be a challenging task. All changes, even positive ones, create a certain amount of discomfort, anxiety, and stress. These unsettling emotions frequently cause people to resist and act in unproductive ways. For a change to be successful, the manager must know how to reduce resistance, encourage acceptance, and move the group in the desired direction. In this webinar, we will describe typical reactions to change, suggest strategies for addressing resistance, and introduce helpful tools to use in change planning.
  • PRODUCTS: RECORDED WEBINAR - Managing and Motivating the 7 Most Challenging Employee Types

    Even the best managers find that certain employees require more "managing" than others. Some of these frustrating people actually appear to enjoy pushing the limits, while others seem totally clueless about the problems they cause. Although they run the gamut from emotional drama queens to lazy slackers, all of these aggravating folks can be considered "Challenging Employees" – that is, people who consume an inordinate amount of management time and energy, but are not really bad enough to fire. When confronted with a Challenging Employee, managers often become so frustrated that they eventually abandon all attempts to correct the problem. But tolerating these harmful behaviors is definitely NOT the best solution. Even one Challenging Employee can infect an entire work group, decreasing productivity and damaging relationships.
  • PRODUCTS: RECORDED WEBINAR - GOSSIP, RUMORS & WORKPLACE BUSYBODIES: How to Promote Positive Coworker Communication

    The destructive effects of gossip and grapevine rumors can undermine performance and damage working relationships. When toxic talk infects an entire department, managers may be tempted to throw up their hands and just give in. They often feel powerless to counteract the damage caused by disparaging comments and persistent negativity, believing that “you can’t change human nature.” But tolerating these harmful behaviors is definitely NOT the best solution. In this webinar, you will learn how to take back control and successfully defuse the negative impact of gossip, rumors, and workplace busybodies.
  • PRODUCTS: RECORDED WEBINAR - HOW TO KEEP NEGATIVITY FROM INFECTING YOUR WORKPLACE: Dealing with Whiners, Rabble-rousers, Pessimists, and Other Difficult Employ

    When confronted with employees who complain, criticize, or try to stir up trouble, managers often feel frustrated and helpless. They may quickly assume that there is no way to change these “personality problems”, so they just do their best to contain the damage. However, tolerating such harmful behaviors is definitely NOT the smartest strategy. Chronic negativity frequently starts with only one or two employees, but it can quickly infect an entire department. When this happens, the inevitable result is reduced productivity, damaged morale, and eventually increased turnover, so wise managers try to nip negativity in the bud. In this webinar, you will learn specific strategies for combating negativity in your group and promoting more positive attitudes.
  • COURSES: Managing and Improving Warehouse Operations

    This intensive and practical workshop will help you stay in touch with the most important new concepts in the warehousing and distribution field today. You will learn what you need to know about equipment, layout, inventory control, and material handling-and assess what will work best for your specific operation. During the class, you will have the chance to develop your own action plan so you can put the seminar’s powerful ideas to work right away. Furthermore, you will see how time-tested techniques can be used successfully to strengthen the relationship between your warehouse operation and the overall organization. Though this seminar cannot promise a “one shot, quick fix” solution to all your specific problems, Managing & Improving Warehouse Operations can offer you a powerful methodology for planning, managing and controlling your warehouse operations. See for yourself why more than 10,000 people have already attended this seminar
  • COURSES: Fundamentals of Purchasing

    Buyers play a pivotal role in the financial success or failure of your organization. Since purchasing activities can account for as much as 80% of your organization’s total budget, your purchasing decisions directly influence the company’s profit margin. This intensive, hands-on seminar will arm you with the skills you need to influence that profit or gross revenue margin in a positive manner. You must have savvy negotiating techniques; a clear, concise method of keeping good records; forms that are succinct and functional; a working knowledge of the legal ramifications that could land your organization in court; and more. The more skillful your purchasing people, the better your organization’s chances are for turning a profit. Newly appointed as well as experienced buyers can learn these important skills in this Fundamental of Purchasing seminar.
  • COURSES: Effective Purchasing Negotiations

    Negotiation is an indispensable part of the purchasing function in a global environment. Unlike many other seminars that concentrate on techniques to be used during the end stages of negotiating, this program focuses on setting you up for success right from the start. Effective Purchasing Negotiations is a comprehensive workshop designed to give you a full repertoire of skills for effective negotiating, even in an international context. Not only will increase your success rate through careful preparation, but you will discover those techniques and strategies that can make you a top negotiator—and one of your company’s best assets. With plenty of opportunity to participate in exciting role-playing negotiations and individual exercises, you’ll quickly build your skills and confidence, preparing you for real results in the negotiation arena
  • COURSES: Agile Critical Thinking

    In this two-day, engaging and interactive seminar participants will be introduced to the Agile Critical Thinking framework and a practical set of tools and techniques you can immediately put to use to help you and the people you work with confidently make sound decisions and explain your reasoning. Today’s business environment is increasingly complex, connected and changing. We seldom have the luxury of perfect information, limitless resources or people who share our perspective, knowledge and priorities. The nature of stakeholder relationships and how we use technology is changing. The Internet of Everything, the influence of global markets and a multi-cultural, multi-disciplined and multi-generational workforce is transforming the workplace.
  • COURSES: The Power of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

    A large part of our success in life is based on our EQ, our emotional quotient. How we manage our emotions and the way we relate to others determines how successful and satisfied we are at work, home, and with friends. Our EQ is the ability to make and deepen connections at three levels: with ourselves (personal mastery), with another person (one-to-one), and within groups/teams. In this seminar session we:

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