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TRAINING SOLUTIONS, Inc. (TSI) was founded in 1995. We provide information that enables business owners and executives to make better decisions regarding their people issues (such as hiring decisions and people development skills). We provide people skills training programs (classroom and online) and executive coaching services to enhance employees’ productivity. We are an Everything DiSC Authorized Partner, a Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Authorized Partner and a PXT Select Authorized Partner. We are certified in all 3 programs.


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  • COURSES: The Extraordinary Leader

    The Extraordinary Leader is a video-based training program designed to help leaders shift their way of thinking about leadership from the conventional idea that leaders are born, to the fact that anyone can be a great leader.
  • COURSES: Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders

    Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders is classroom training that uses online pre-work, engaging facilitation with contemporary video, and online follow-up to create a personalized learning experience.
  • COURSES: It's the Law: The Legal Side of Management

    The class will include a video that uses a variety of workplace scenarios to explain that taking critical precautions and having a clear understanding of the law will minimize employment discrimination and maximize equal employment opportunity.
  • COURSES: Understanding Personal Listening Approaches

    Good communication is one of the most valued skills in the workplace, and effective listening is basic to communicating productively inside the organization and meeting the competitive challenges outside.
  • COURSES: DiSC-Increase Management Effectiveness

    This in-depth program uses the DiSC assessment with online pre-work and contemporary video to create a personalized learning experience. Participants learn how to better understand themselves, their employees and their own supervisors.
  • COURSES: Managing Four Generations in the Workplace

    In this sequel to the best-seller Mixing Four Generations in the Workplace, this program will help supervisors and managers learn the techniques needed to handle cross-generational communications problems, avoid conflict, and maximize performance.
  • COURSES: Peer Today, Boss Tomorrow - Navigating Your Changing Role

    Designed to help participants make a successful transition from coworker to manager, Peer Today, Boss Tomorrow presents four proven strategies that will facilitate new managers navigate changing relationships.
  • COURSES: Effective Meeting Management

    This video-based training program uses a video entitled We've Got to Stop Meeting Like This! to dramatize how meetings wander off course.
  • COURSES: Fearless Facilitation! How to Lead Effective Meetings

    How to Lead Effective Meetings is designed to build confidence and competence in leading effective meetings. This program will teach meeting leaders how to achieve desired results and manage relationships and process at the same time.
  • COURSES: Motivation: dream it. walk it. believe it!

    This program will help employees learn practical skills to help them achieve their goals at work and at home, and will encourage them to choose to take on more responsibility and bring positive energy and a positive outlook to the work they do.
  • COURSES: Effective Performance Management

    This video-based training class uses the Care and Candor: Making Performance Appraisals Work video program and provides attendees with a step-by-step plan for conducting candid, constructive performance appraisals.
  • COURSES: Let's T.A.L.K. - Handling the Difficult Performance Appraisal

    Handling difficult performance appraisals represents one of management's biggest challenges. And yet, they are also the best way to help people get better at what they do.
  • COURSES: M.E.E.T. On Common Ground (Speaking Up for Respect in the Workplace)

    This training program will provide your employees with the tools they need to recognize, respond to, and resolve difficult interactions that can stem from individual and cultural differences.
  • COURSES: Understanding Workplace Behaviors to Improve Communications and Productivity Using DiSC

    Participants will understand and appreciate the styles of the people they work with, and the result is more effective and productive working relationships. This program utilizes the Everything DiSC® WorkplaceTM program and focuses on:
  • COURSES: Understanding Yourself and Others - with DiSC®

    This important class provides a non-judgmental language for exploring behavioral issues. Using the DiSC® Personal Profile System, we help people explore behavior across four primary dimensions.
  • COURSES: Building a Sales Relationship Using DiSC

    The most effective salespeople don't use a one-size- fits-all approach to selling. They know how to read the unique needs of each customer and relate to those needs.In this course, DiSC® takes the dizzying diversity of client needs, goals and preferences
  • COURSES: DiSC®-Powered Selling

    In this class, salespeople will discover the four approaches to selling By adapting their natural selling style to customers with different styles, salespeople of all levels will maximize the potential of closing more sales.
  • COURSES: Sales-Smarts for Sales Managers

    This training focuses on the multiple roles of sales leaders. Learning activities include a variety of opportunities to explore and practice skills and strategies related to modeling the S.A.L.E. process.
  • COURSES: Sales-Smarts for Service and Support Professionals

    This program introduces the basic formula sales teams use to build rapport and manage the sales process. It concentrates on the competency areas of resolving customer problems and recognizing new sales opportunities.
  • COURSES: Special Training Series For Supervisors

    TRAINING SOLUTIONS also offers special training series designed to help employees build skills more specifically designed to their positions.
  • COURSES: Collaborative Skills for Teams

    This class provides organizations with the key to building collaborative, effective teams by teaching participants the need for different roles on a team and exploring how various team roles communicate, manage time, and manage priorities.
  • COURSES: Improving Team Motivation With DiSC

    Through the DiSC® model, participants learn to appreciate the role that their environment has on their motivation. Team members discover how to capitalize on their particular motivators in a way that makes the entire team more successful.
  • COURSES: Successful Innovation Teams

    Successful team members don't do the same thing at the same time. They do the right thing at the right time. While team members work together toward a common goal, individuals still must play their individual roles in the process.
  • COURSES: Team Effectiveness Series Using DiSC

    Teams rely on both individual and group talent. The individual members need to know how to let their strengths shine, while the group needs to know how to work as a unit. This series is designed to advance both of these goals in three easy, half-day sessions.
  • COURSES: Coping with Personal and Relationship Stress

    The Coping & Stress Profile® is a unique learning instrument that connects stress and coping in four life areas: Personal, Work, Couple, and Family. Learners in this class will gain important insights into how stress in one area impacts other areas.

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