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TRAINING SOLUTIONS, Inc. (TSI) was founded in 1995. We provide information that enables business owners and executives to make better decisions regarding their people issues (such as hiring decisions and people development skills). We provide people skills training programs (classroom and online) and executive coaching services to enhance employees’ productivity. We are an Everything DiSC Authorized Partner, a Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Authorized Partner and a PXT Select Authorized Partner. We are certified in all 3 programs.


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  • COURSES: Time Mastery (Class)

    Learners will use the Time Mastery Profile® to provide people with a complete assessment of their current time management effectiveness.
  • COURSES: I-Sight®A Way to Understand Yourself and Others

    Unique learning profile written for teens (12-18). Creates positive self-awareness and understanding of others. Helps them to recognize and accept behavioral differences.
  • COURSES: 1-Coping & Stress Profile®

    Unique learning instrument that connects stress/coping in four life areas: personal, work, couple and family.
  • COURSES: 1-DiSC® Dimensions of Behavior

    A plan to understand yourself and others. Over 30 million people have used DiSC. Explore natural behavioral styles: Dominance, influence, steadiness, conscientiousness.
  • COURSES: DiSC® Personal Profile System

    Discover behavioral strengths, value the strengths of others, foster teamwork, manage effectively, improve communication skills, increase sales, reduce stress.
  • COURSES: 1-Time Mastery Profile®

    Unique tool provides self-assessment. Learners develop customized strategies for skills improvement in 12 key areas.
  • COURSES: 1-Team Dimensions Profile

    Understand and value your contribution to successful innovation teams. Discover the right roles for the right people.
  • COURSES: Conflict Resolution

  • COURSES: A.C.E. It! How to Solve Workplace Problems

    Does your organization recycle the same tired approaches to problems that never seem to go away? Equip your workforce with a proven problem-solving model to tackle poor quality, inefficiency, uneven performance and more.
  • COURSES: Another Look: Defining Respect in Healthcare

    Help all employees experience, first hand, the critical role respect plays in ensuring compassionate and effective healthcare!
  • COURSES: Bad Apples: How to Deal with Difficult Attitudes

    It's sad but true--one or more "bad apples" can spoil a bunch of your best performers or undermine your organizational culture. This program helps employees to recognize the characteristics of rotten attitudes and sort out the problems they cause.
  • COURSES: Be S.A.F.E (Not Sorry): Preventing Violence

    Each year at work, 1,000 people are homicide victims, and two million people are assaulted. Now, help your employees be S.A.F.E.: Stay aware; Analyze the situation; Factor in feelings; Engage in a solution.
  • COURSES: Coach the SALE for Sales Managers

    A part of The S.A.L.E. Series, Coach the S.A.L.E. for Sales Managers introduces the multiple roles, responsibilities, knowledge and skills required of an effective sales manager.
  • COURSES: Courage to Coach for Retail

    Effective coaching is the single most important factor in employee development today. This program turns common sense into common practice with a four-step process that can be applied to any employee performance situation.
  • COURSES: Courage to Coach

    Effective coaching is the single most important factor in employee development today. This program turns common sense into common practice with a four-step process that can be applied to any employee performance situation.
  • COURSES: Discipline and Termination

    Discipline and termination are critical legal issues managers deal with regularly, though not always effectively. This program remedies that with plain- speak language and practical examples that show managers protocol and procedures to follow.
  • COURSES: Everybody Wins:Turn Conflict into Collaboration

    Deadlines, change, stress, miscommunication, confusion over responsibilities there is no shortage of opportunities for conflict in the workplace. However, there is a loss of productivity when employees spend all their time dealing with conflict.
  • COURSES: Extraordinary Leader: Going from Good to Great

    What separates an average leader from an extraordinary leader? Internationally acclaimed leadership authority Jack Zenger provides some compelling answers. Drawing from his extensive research and best-selling book, Jack helps demystify the journey.
  • COURSES: Fearless Facilitation! Lead Effective Meetings

    Just say NO to boring training classes and unproductive meetings. Turn your trainers and meeting leaders into Fearless Facilitators! They'll learn how to bring a laser-like focus to every agenda, handle disruptions.
  • COURSES: Generations: M.E.E.T For Respect

    With workers from four generations now active in the workforce, the potential for misunderstanding, frustration and conflict puts increasing pressure on productivity.
  • COURSES: A.C.T. With Integrity: Real Situations

    Discrimination. Theft. Dishonesty. Are your employees prepared to face ethical issues and respond in ways that meet the high standards of your organization and adhere to the letter of the law? They can when they A.C.T
  • COURSES: Get The Whole Picture

    Discover an interviewing approach that will help your organization prevent high turnover, eliminate unnecessary training and avoid damaging lawsuits.
  • COURSES: Glad I Could Help: Real Service Situations

    There's no tougher business situation than dealing with an angry customer, whether external or internal to your organization. Now, you can equip employees to handle those calls and confrontations without getting rattled.
  • COURSES: Harassment and Discrimination

    Do your managers know they are legally responsible for addressing harassment and discrimination situations in their workplaces? This program brings them up to speed fast using straightforward language and real-world examples.
  • COURSES: Integrity: Real Choices. Right Decisions

    Trust and integrity are vital to the effectiveness of healthcare institutions everywhere. Developed in cooperation with Kindred Healthcare, Inc., this program promotes quality care.

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