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TRAINING SOLUTIONS, Inc. (TSI) was founded in 1995. We provide information that enables business owners and executives to make better decisions regarding their people issues (such as hiring decisions and people development skills). We provide people skills training programs (classroom and online) and executive coaching services to enhance employees’ productivity. We are an Everything DiSC Authorized Partner, a Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Authorized Partner and a PXT Select Authorized Partner. We are certified in all 3 programs.


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  • COURSES: Its Not Just About Sex Anymore

    There is far more to workplace harassment and discrimination than just sex. To demonstrate, this program dramatizes employee behaviors that lead to formal charges and result in serious consequences for the individuals involved.
  • COURSES: It's The Law

    In the effort to prevent employee lawsuits, are your managers assets or liabilities? By providing them knowledge and tools to handle workplace issues effectively, this program turns managers into a frontline defense against costly litigation.
  • COURSES: Johnny the Bagger: True Story of Service

    Discover the incomparable power of customer service delivered from the heart! Johnny the Bagger, A True Story of Customer Service explores how a young man with Down syndrome makes an unforgettable impression each day in the grocery store where he works.
  • COURSES: Just Be F.A.I.R.: A Practical Approach to Diversity

    It's one thing to talk about diversity and fairness in the workplace; it's quite another to grapple with issues day-to-day, face-to-face. The F.A.I.R. approach (Feedback, Assistance, Inclusion and Respect) equips employees at every level.
  • COURSES: L.E.A.D. with Integrity: Promoting Ethical Conduct

    How do you turn a Code of Conduct into a living, breathing part of your organization? Enlist the active, committed involvement of every leader! This program helps supervisors step up to the daily task of promoting ethical conduct and ensuring compliance.
  • COURSES: Legal Briefs: The ADA

    Do your managers really understand the Americans with Disabilities Act and their responsibilities for complying with it? This program provides accurate legal information to help managers understand what is expected of them.
  • COURSES: Lets T.A.L.K. - Handling the Difficult Appraisal

    How do your managers feel about giving performance appraisals? If the answers range from "pointless exercise" to "worst nightmar" Let's T.A.L.K. will change their minds.
  • COURSES: Life IS a Series of Presentations

    Employees who learn how to make their P.O.I.N.T. (Prepare, Outline, Involve audience, Narrow objectives, Tailor) can really make a difference! This simple but powerful five-step process empowers your workforce to communicate with impact anytime, anywhere.
  • COURSES: M.E.E.T. on Common Ground

    The desire to be treated with respect is something we all have in common, especially in the workplace. The M.E.E.T. approach (Make time to discuss; Explore differences; Encourage respect; Take personal responsibility) counteracts shame, blame and stereotyping.
  • COURSES: M.E.E.T. Zero Tolerance

    Enforcing a zero tolerance policy can put managers and supervisors in a tough position. With no gray areas, second chances or margins for error, they must handle each situation properly to avoid legal repercussions for themselves and their organizations.
  • COURSES: Managers Role in a Drug-Free Workplace

    You suspect an employee is "under the influence" while on the job. How do you deal with the situation without putting the organization at risk of a costly lawsuit? This program helps managers deal with the tough problems involving substance abuse.
  • COURSES: Motivation: Dream It. Walk It. Believe It

    Create a workforce of self-motivated superstars! Employees will discover what really motivates them and use that knowledge to set individual goals.
  • COURSES: Once Upon a Leader: Tales of Leadership

    Imagine powerful leadership training that is serious fun! This animated video turns a set of familiar fairy tales into a journey of epic proportion.
  • COURSES: Peer Today, Boss Tomorrow

    Help newly promoted supervisors navigate their changing roles and have immediate impact! Climb in the proverbial camper for an enlightening road trip with five friends who share experience and insights about making successful transitions from peer to boss.
  • COURSES: Preventing Retaliation in the Workplace

    Ninety million dollars per year and rising . . . That is the direct cost of judgments levied annually by the EEOC for unlawful retaliation. Preventing Retaliation in the Workplace addresses the increased exposure employers face as claims surge.
  • COURSES: Ready. Set. CHANGE!

    As organizations change with increasing speed, so does the pace in which employees must respond. Employees need the skills to react smarter, adapt faster and engage together in the face of change.
  • COURSES: Recruiting and Hiring

    Recruiting and hiring can be a legal minefield for managers. This program equips them with the skills they need to avoid legal pitfalls in finding and hiring the right people.
  • COURSES: Sexual Harassment: It Can Happen Here

    How pervasive is sexual harassment? Consider that more than 13,000 formal complaints are filed each year with the EEOC. Developed with leading legal experts, this program educates your workforce to help your organization prevent such complaints.
  • COURSES: Sexual Harassment? You Decide. Real Situations

    Specifically designed for required reinforcement training on sexual harassment, using this program in mandatory annual training can help to reduce your organization's risk from sexual harassment lawsuits.
  • COURSES: Stephen Covey on Leadership

    Does personal leadership play a role in an organization's success? Dr. Stephen Covey, internationally respected leadership authority, lends his insights to this memorable program.
  • COURSES: Support the S.A.L.E. for Support Professionals

    A part of The S.A.L.E. Series, Support the S.A.L.E. for Service and Support Professionals is specifically designed for professionals who support sales teams in their organizations.
  • COURSES: The 3-D Interview

    Selecting the best candidate requires a consistent, structured interviewing process that evaluates for three critical dimensional capability, commitment and chemistry.

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