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TrainSmart provides tailored learning and development solutions for company rollouts, technologies, proprietary content, management, leadership and individual contributors. Instructional Design, Facilitation, Train the Trainer and staff augmentation are our sweet spots. For this we take a collaborative approach to create a tailored strategy for success. Our goal is to partner with you to assess, envision, develop and execute powerful training that increases productivity, improves performance and inspires continuous focus on excellence through a wide range of learning solutions.


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  • CONSULTANTS: Top Training & Development Company

    We take a collaborative approach to create a tailored strategy for success. TrainSmart’s goal is to partner with you to assess, envision, develop and execute powerful training that increases productivity, improves performance and inspires continuous focus on excellence through a wide range of learning solutions.
  • CONSULTANTS: eLearning Development Services

    Providing elearning development services.
  • CONSULTANTS: Career Development Services

    By partnering with one of TrainSmart’s experienced coaches, any individual has the chance to pinpoint their own areas of weakness and determine tactical steps that they can take to move toward solutions going forward.
  • CONSULTANTS: Meeting Facilitation Training

  • CONSULTANTS: Custom Leadership Programs

  • COURSES: Effecitve Selling Training For Sales People & Managers

    Are you a Sales person, manager, or responsible for presenting product/service information to a consumer/client with the end goal being to build a foundation for a stronger, ongoing relationships and increase sales? If you answered yes then TrainSMART's Effective Selling Workshop is for you and your team. You will learn to utilize behavior-based selling, identify a powerful, easy-to-use research-validated learning model, read and understand the styles of customers and apply strategies to connect better and close more sales.
  • COURSES: Sales Force Management & Leadership Workshop

  • COURSES: Successful Selling Workshop

  • COURSES: Successful Negotiation Techniques Workshop

  • COURSES: Powerful Negotiations Workshop

    Are you a sales and customer service representative, manager or leader who needs to negotiate effective results with employees? TrainSMART's Powerful Negotiations Training Workshop is for anyone who wants to build stronger relationships and get more of what they want through the power of negotiation.
  • COURSES: On-Site Customer Service Training Programs

    If the service experience is less than acceptable, 91% of customers won't come back. Gain a competitive advantage by creating a strong culture of customer service excellence. Learn how to identify customer expectations and then exceed them.
  • COURSES: On-Site Team Building Training For Employees

    TrainSmart's Corporate Team Building Training Programs provide an interactive approach to developing teams and accomplishing goals. Students will participate in team building activities and exercises.
  • COURSES: We Develop Corporate Programs For Leadership

    Some of our past projects include: - Designed, developed and facilitated technology and leadership workshops for all levels of the staff - Facilitated custom professional development and leadership workshops - Developed and delivered a Leadership Program designed to enhance leadership and communication skills, generate some changes to corporate culture, review and revise processes and create a more cohesive corporate team. - Developed a leadership-coaching workshop that incorporates concepts of situational leadership into real-life scenarios for group leaders and technical team leaders.
  • COURSES: Training-the-Trainer: “Master” Trainer Certification

    TrainSmart provides both a tailored on-site Train-the-Trainer and offers public workshops in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, Minneapolis and Orlando.
  • COURSES: Instructional Design & Development Services

    What sets us apart is our ability to take these classical models and adapt contemporary approaches, allowing us to create learning solu ons that are immersive and motivational. Our approach to partnering with our clients is interactive. This proven approach results in a superior outcome. In addition, clients see improved efficiencies throughout the design and development phases of projects. While we rely on classical instructional design we are not wedded to any particular delivery modality, relying instead on the best solution uncovered through the design process. TrainSmart solutions included but are not restricted to online learning (WBT), instructor led (ILT), Virtual Instructor-led (VILT) and blended modalities for corporate and academic clients. TrainSmart’s fully-scalable instructional methodology is based on a proven five-phase instructional design model. TrainSmart’s number one objective is to align your training needs with your business goals and strategies.
  • COURSES: Custom Onboarding Training Program Development

    At TrainSmart we define onboarding as the first step in talent retention! We see onboarding as a systematic, comprehensive, structured set of employee welcoming activities.
  • COURSES: On-Site Communication Training Programs

    Looking to develop and on-site communication course for your team and organization? TrainSmart can help you today.
  • COURSES: Effective Business Writing for the Workplace

    Attention business professionals are you interested in a quick and easy approach to any writing in the workplace: emails, general correspondence, memos and reports. If you, TrainSMART's Business Writing Essentials Workshop is for you and your team members. Participants will learn how to: find and correct the four most common grammar mistakes, write high-impact letters and memos and get the results you desire, insure your writing is “politically correct, ”Smash your writer’s block, organize your writing for better results, understand the rules of netiquette to create better, shorter and more effective emails, write a proper letter or memo, say “No” in your writing with out risking business relationships, use the tips on proofreading.
  • COURSES: On-Site Business Communicating Training Course

    This workshop looks at behavior as a choice and increases awareness of the consequences behavioral choices have on others. Participants learn that through adaptive behavior they can choose communication strategies that establish trust, minimize conflict, maximize cooperation, and create a positive work environment that increases productivity and enhances job satisfaction.
  • COURSES: Automotive Customer Service & Sales Training

    This workshop will help everyone in your automotive dealership understand their role in providing an exceptional customer experience that goes beyond just customer satisfaction.
  • COURSES: On-Site Instructional Design Training Course

    This fundamentals workshop provides you with a proven step-by-step design process. It gives you simple yet powerful techniques for making your courses engaging, interesting, and memorable.
  • COURSES: Advanced Instructional Design Training

    Go beyond the theory of instructional design and drive learning projects to successful results. This hands-on workshop explores the skills and knowledge you need. Through case studies, it allows you to bring theory to practice.
  • COURSES: Dealing With Difficult People In The Workplace

    Difficult people are typically working from the negative side of their personality, rather than from a conscious desire to be difficult. These people are unaware of themselves and how they affect others. They also don't realize how harmful their actions are to their own success. At work we are constantly faced with trying to work with others who may challenge our ability to get things done. TrainSMART's training course on dealing with difficult people at work is for anyone who wants to understand and learn techniques to manage and work with difficult people within the workplace. Interested in having this workshop ran at your site? Contact us at 800-807-8030.
  • COURSES: How To Manage Effective Meetings Training

    Meetings take up to 70% of our work time! Are you as productive and efficient as they should be? This course provides you with tools and techniques to maximize your meeting time. You will learn: - How to prepare for effective meetings - How to manage conflicts - Tips to deal with challenges during meetings - How to start and end effective meetings - How to identify when a meeting should be called and when it shouldn't - Techniques oh how to increase participation
  • COURSES: On-Site Technical & Report Writing Course

    The ability to write clear, concise documents related to technical issues is a highly desirable skill that is much different from writing letters, emails, and non-technical documents. The creation of effective technical materials requires discipline, organization and a keen eye for detail. TrainSMART's Technical & Report Writing Course is designed to give good writers or technical staff members who have decent writing skills, the tools needed to design, develop and maintain technical documents. Target Audience: Good writers or technical staff who have decent writing skills, but require the tools needed to design, develop and maintain technical documents. Are you interested in running an a technical writing workshop at your office? Call us at 800-807-8030.

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