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TrainSmart provides tailored learning and development solutions for company rollouts, technologies, proprietary content, management, leadership and individual contributors. Instructional Design, Facilitation, Train the Trainer and staff augmentation are our sweet spots. For this we take a collaborative approach to create a tailored strategy for success. Our goal is to partner with you to assess, envision, develop and execute powerful training that increases productivity, improves performance and inspires continuous focus on excellence through a wide range of learning solutions.


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  • COURSES: Building Better Relationships with Emotional intelligence

    In this highly interactive one day course participants will learn the fundamentals of EQ in a powerful and his impact method. When they walk out of this course they will be able to start utilizing and practicing EQ in their work and personal lives. Target Audience: Anyone who wants to assess their emotional intelligence and learn how to manage and leverage it You Will Learn To: - Master the ability to communicate to any group - Understand the principles of emotional intelligence (EQ) - Identify how the brain works when presented with stress or lack of clarity - Develop skills to increase communication between team members or teams - Acquire skills to manage yourself and relationships better
  • COURSES: On-Site Presentation Skills Training Course

    This fun, interactive and engaging workshop is designed to provide you the skills and techniques to design, develop and deliver more dynamic and effective presentations. Participants will learn: - To formulate clear, concise objectives - The importance of planning the structure of a presentation - To create a dynamic opening - To create visuals to complement and clarify your message - How to communicate to different audience needs - Techniques to reduce stress and fear of presenting - Optional: Some basics of PowerPoint to enhance your presentation Interested in bringing a presentation training course to your office? Call us at 800-807-8040
  • COURSES: Customer Service Essentials Training Course

    This dynamic, hands-on and practical workshop will help your organization impact the bottom line with improved customer service skills. Delight your customers by ensuring that everyone understands the basic people skills necessary to create a positive experience. Then go beyond the basics and create an environment that focuses on service. You will learn: - To understand the impact of customer service on the organization and the bottom line. - Improve communication skills for increased understanding - Identify strategies to manage challenging situations - Define communication etiquette: email, phone, and face-to-face - Work with customer to solve problems - Go beyond just satisfied customers
  • COURSES: It's Not My Fault, But It's My Problem

    This workshop is for any employee who communicated with customers. You will learn the key fundamentals to providing exceptional service, a proven methodology to turn every customer issue into an opportunity to shine, how to shift from dealing with customer problems to creating long term solutions, and how to move from treating customers as merely “purchasers of service” to partners for the future.
  • COURSES: On-Target Onboarding Training For Hiring Managers

    Are you responsible for hiring and managing new employees? Then TrainSMART's On-Target Onboarding Workshop is for you. Participants will learn how to create a positive impression for new employees, set clear expectations for the first 90 days and beyond, create a strong message about organizational culture, engage and acclimate employees to their new role and the company, and implement on boarding best practices. If you think this course is right for you or for your team we'd be happy to engage in a conversation about how we can best run this course. Call TrainSMART today at 800-807-8030.
  • COURSES: Coaching Skills For Leaders Workshop

  • COURSES: Building Managers using Everything DiSC Management Profile

    Is your job to help others improve their workplace performance?
  • COURSES: Fundamental Leadership Skills Workshop

    Are you a new leader looking for a leadership fundamentals training workshop? In TrainSMART's Fundamental Leadership Skills Workshop participants will learn to acquire the skills of an effective leader, the blocks of leadership and the Trinity of Leadership Roles, Identify preferred communication styles, utilize your strengths, manage your weaknesses and communicate more effectively to others, practice the three levels of listening and the effective use of questions to “hear” what is going on from your direct reports and others in your organization, and deal with challenges to values and how to resolve differences.
  • COURSES: Values-Based Leadership Workshop

    Are you a new manager, supervisor or learning professional responsible for management development and leadership training? If so, TrainSMART's Values based Leadership Training Workshop is for you! You will learn to demonstrate skills in vertical and horizontal communication, discuss, understand, and apply corporate values to achieve objectives, partake in open corporate discussions on values and become motivated to be creative in their careers.
  • COURSES: Building Leaders using Everything DiSC Work for Leaders Profile

    Are you an organizational leader who wants to learn how to develop the skills needed to lead your organization, present focused ideas, make your points clear to others, gain commitment and buy in and project confidence when communicating your vision. If you answered YES, TrainSMART's Building Leaders workshop is for you and your team.
  • COURSES: On-Site Time Management Training For Employees

    Time cannot be managed, but we can manage ourselves, information and our use of time more effectively. Time management essentials covers many common time management issues and provides an opportunity to assess current time management habits. You will learn: - How to assess current time management habits - The importance of setting goals and prioritizing - More effective planning and scheduling techniques - How to avoid or deal with common time stealers - Tips and tricks to become better organized - To create an action plan for changing poor time management habits.
  • COURSES: Adaptive Decision Making Workshop

    Adaptive Decision Making helps leaders accelerate the decision-making process, yet still make quality decisions in fast-paced environments with limited time and information. They also learn how to determine when it is appropriate to use this approach and when to slow down the process and apply a more traditional, analytical approach.
  • COURSES: Working With Virtual Teams Training

    In this on-site course participants will learn practical, easy to implement solutions to create a high performance virtual team. With globalization a reality, this will become an even more common team dynamic. Mastering the art of working with virtual teams will increase your teams productivity. It is even an opportunity to increase the freedom and flexibility of a team that works in the same office. Participants will learn to: - Define the five fundamentals to successfully work with a virtual team - Implement best practices when communicating virtually - Build trust on a virtual team - Motivate and recognize employees on a virtual team - Create an action plan to put virtual team fundamentals into practice
  • COURSES: How Building Successful Teams Training

    Are you responsible for leading a team? Would you like to learn how to Identify the phases every team goes through and how to manage the process to become productive, define the importance of communicating goals and vision, identify and build on individual strengths, create ground rules that everyone can live with, utilize techniques to lead the team and keep motivated and focused, and help your team accept differences and value one another? If you answered YES to any of there, then TrainSMART's Building Successful Teams Workhop is for you and your team.
  • COURSES: Building Teamwork & Commitment Workshop

    Have you participated as a team member or are you responsible for leading a team who is in need of building teamwork and commitment? If so, TrainSMART's Building Teamwork and Commitment training workshop is for you! Participants will learn to Identify the phases every team goes through and how to manage the process to become productive, define the importance of communicating goals and vision, identify and build on individual strengths, create ground rules that everyone can live with, utilize techniques to lead the team and keep motivated and focused, help your team accept differences and value one another.
  • COURSES: Team Building 101

  • COURSES: Advanced Presentation Skills Training

    Do you desire to improve and fine tune your current presentation abilities? TrainSMART's Advanced Presentation Skills Workshop is for Trainers, Executives, Managers, Subject Matter Experts, Business Leaders and others who have some presentation experience and want to take those skills to the next level. You will learn to define and demonstrate the elements of stage presence, practice audience engagement and interaction techniques, demonstrate confidence and flexibility, execute ability to persuade an audience, create a compelling message and content flow, and design effective visuals.
  • COURSES: Beyond Train-the-Trainer: Enhance Your Training & Engage Your Audience

    Are you an experienced trainers who want to infuse more interactivity into your training as well as learn to make dry content more interesting, increase engagement and transfer more knowledge, then TrainSMART's Beyond Train-the-Trainer: Enhance Your Training & Engage Your Audience is for you. You will learn to take dry content and make it an interesting training experience, use story and story elements to enliven your training sessions and engage your audience, and Implement ways to engage your audience. Create interactive exercises for more quiet audiences
  • COURSES: Become DiSC Certified Today

    TrainSmart is an award winning Everything DiSC® Authorized Partner, provides a comprehensive DiSC® Certification using a combination of learning strategies that includes pre-work, a two-day facilitated workshop, and ongoing reinforcement and support.
  • COURSES: Learn How to Design & Present Technical Training

    Are you responsible for designing, developing and facilitating technical training on the use of tools, processes or systems? If you answered YES, TrainSMART's How To Design & Present Technical Training Workshop is for you. You and or your team will learn how to: use a systematic approach to easily help people use new technical tools, processes and systems, provide effective demonstrations, while engaging the audience, segment or “Chunk” content that reinforces the steps to complete a task, break down a task easily into its teachable parts, map learning objectives to the appropriate level of learning, select the best method to train learners, practice making training interesting and engaging, identify how much practice is needed to build a new skill and how to test for knowledge retention.
  • COURSES: How to Measure Training Performance Improvement Workshop

    Are you responsible for training and for determining a Return on Investment for that training? If so, TrainSMART's Measuring Training Performance Improvement workshop is for you! Participants will learn how to develop pre-assessments and surveys, calculate Return on Investment, identify what data is necessary to generate a report that includes quantitative and qualitative information.
  • COURSES: Training Bootcamp For Trainers

  • COURSES: Understanding Yourself Is The Key To Success

  • COURSES: Presentation Skills With PowerPoint

    Does your team want to enhance their PowerPoint knowledge to create AWESOME visual presentations? If so, TrainSMART's Presentation Skills With PowerPoint Training Workshop is for you! Participants will learn how to recognize the essentials of good PowerPoint design produce compelling, engaging and dynamic visuals that enhance your presentation, improve visuals with animation and transitions save time with Master Templates, identify the best practices for professional interaction between the presenter, the screen the computer and the projector, create charts and graphs that provide impact.
  • COURSES: Train-The-Trainer Course For SME's, New Trainers & Training Professionals

    How can a training professional demonstrate that they have the knowledge and skills to design, develop and deliver training in this new environment? One way is to become a certified trainer. Trainsmart offers the only “instructor-led” train-the-trainer course that is certified by the International Board of Certified Trainers (IBCT). Think of it as the ultimate training professional development workshop. Designed to be beneficial to both the experienced and novice trainer, this workshop is engaging, interactive and models the techniques that today’s learners demand from training programs. Experienced trainers have an opportunity to strengthen skills and dig deeper into new training methodologies and platforms. At the same time, new trainers – whether professionals who are training full-time or subject matter experts who now need to do sporadic training—will gain the right skills for designing, developing and delivering meaningful and successful training experiences.

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