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  • PRODUCTS: 360-degree Feedback

    With 20/20 Insight Gold, you can collect virtually any type of feedback-- ideas, thoughts, impressions, opinions, surveys-from any number of people about the performance of an individual, a team, or your entire organization.
  • PRODUCTS: DiSCâ„¢ by Inscape

    Learn about behavioral strengths of yourself and others. Click here for popular DiSC™ instruments and a link to Inscape Publishing complete catalog of related products. Volume discounts. Bookmark our site for future orders!
  • PRODUCTS: Facilitator Kits by Inscape

    Facilitator kits for DiSC™, Listening, Coping & Stress, and much more. Click here for a link to Inscape Publishing's complete catalog of products represented by NetWork Training Group. Spanish and French verions available.
  • PRODUCTS: Dimensions of Leadership

    Complete line of instruments and facilitator kits designed to address management and leadership development at every level. Let us help you find which tools best meet your needs.
  • PRODUCTS: Learning Instruments

    Complete line of training instruments and facilitator kits designed to address soft skills development at every level. Let us help you find which tools best meet your needs.
  • COURSES: Search for the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine!

    A fun and fast-paced exercise, it can be debriefed to focus on communication, resource management, planning and change, leadership, collaboration and competition, and other dynamics found in the workplace. 1/2 day.
  • COURSES: Beyond Customer Service.. Managing Confrontational Clients

    Basics of customer service, recognize and respond to different behavior styles using the DiSC™ Personal Profile System, develop strategies to stay calm and in control with an angry customer, learn how to recognize and de-escalate hostile situations. One day.
  • COURSES: Coaching for Success

    Gain a better understanding of why and how to use coaching through exercises, which enhance interpersonal, problem solving, and feedback skills. Use NTG as coach, through follow-up contact to keep your employees on track with the skills they learned.
  • COURSES: Adventures in Attitudes

    Take learners through a series of activities critical to personal and professional success. By increasing self-awareness, improving attitudes and relationships, participants learn how they perceive and respond to events around them is their choice.
  • COURSES: Management Develop Process

    The MDP is a six-stage learning series that uses self- assessments and an interactive classroom setting to develop Self-Management, Interpersonal Skills, Managing Differences, Performance Management, Managing Innovation, and Leadership.

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