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    Authority on Organization & Quality: SUSAN SILVER

    PROGRAM TITLES: Organized to Be Your Best! Let's Talk Shop! Improving Quality at Work Positively Organized!® Customer Service Positively Organized!® Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Positively Organized!® Project Management
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    Authority on Productivity & Organization - SUSAN SILVER:Author of ORGANIZED TO BE YOUR BEST!

    PROGRAM TITLES: Organized to Be Your Best! Let's Talk Shop! Improving Quality at Work Positively Organized!® Customer Service Positively Organized!® Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Positively Organized!® Project Management
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    Authority on Quality, Productivity & Organization - Susan Silver:Author of Organized to Be Your Best!

    Program Titles: Organized to Be Your Best! Let's Talk Shop! Improving Quality at Work Positively Organized!® Customer Service Positively Organized!® Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Positively Organized!® Project Management
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    Breakthrough Leadership by Jim Bandrowski

    Learn how Breakthrough Leaders consistently achieve remarkable results by leading out of the box. Speech includes a demonstration on your organization's biggest issue or opportunity. Rated 9-plus, speech is high-impact, high-content, entertaining.
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    Breakthrough Lean Six Sigma

    A compelling and entertaining speech on how to infuse innovative thinking into Lean Six Sigma to achieve measurable breakthroughs in your business, service and manufacturing processes. Learn how to attain operational excellence.
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    Breakthrough Process Redesign by Jim Bandrowski

    Energize your participants with a high-content, highly entertaining speech on how to achieve breakthroughs in process improvement, quality, Six Sigma, and cycle time reduction.
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    Breakthrough Thinking

    Unleash the creativity of your organization with a high-content, highly entertaining speech on breakthrough thinking. In the speech, Jim demonstrates the approaches to radical thinking on your company's biggest issue.
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    Brittney C. Barbe, MBA, SHRM-CP

    Brittney C. Barbe, a native of Boone, North Carolina and current resident of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is an associate consultant of The Kegler Group. Brittney delivers high quality, in-depth HR offerings. Her expertise as a HR leader spans across the multiple industries that enables her to reinvent what HR is, should be, and will become. In addition to Human Resource Offerings, Brittney also offers training programs on generations in the workplace, diversity and inclusion, thinking outside the HR box and many more. Brittney is part of the East Tennessee State University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies concentration on Business Management and Sociology. In addition, Brittney has a Masters in Business Administration. Her work is regularly published at leading magazine, Talent Culture. A Certified Professional from the Society of Human Resources. Also a John Maxwell Team Member.
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    Business Development-Sales, Customer Service, Leadership

    Named Consummate Speaker of the Year, Lorna Riley CSP, is one of the elite presenters in the country, winner of five productivity and speaker awards, author of four books, three audio programs, 30 sales programs, and 60 productivity programs.
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    Carlo Pellegrini

    Act Different. Think Different. Change! a thoroughly unique Keynote for conferences, associations, management meetings. Carlo has presented this Keynote for over 250,000 executives since 1997 for audiences such as Intel, IBM, General Motors, Catholic Healthcare West, The Mayo Clinic and many others. Your audience will act their way to different thinking by building a personal matrix of new behaviors. This is a motivational Keynote in which the audience learns to juggle three balls (although they don't know that when Carlo appears): solo, in partners and in teams of partners. The goal is multi-fold: the surprise of change needs to be met with a mindset shift; understanding how people learn creates new pathways of communication; the intersection of behavior shifts creates new behavior - hopefully more productive for the team. Keynote can be presented in one hour, two hours and all day all depends on your objectives for Carlo's appearance.
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    Chris DeVany

    Chris DeVany addresses the following speaking topics: • Making Managing Work • Mastering Profitable Customer Relationships • Exemplary Leadership • Stop, Look and Listen: The Keys to Effective Communicating
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    Christer Idhammar

    Christer Idhammar is a world-renowned expert within Reliability and Maintenance. His career began in the Swedish merchant marine where he started developing fundamentals of his Results Oriented Reliability (RORM) and Maintenance Management concept. A dynamic and skilled speaker, Christer has presented at conferences and organizations worldwide. Recipient of several awards including In recognition for his international contribution in the field of Reliability and Maintenance, he received the coveted EUROMAINTENANCE Incentive award during the biannual EUROMAINTENANCE 2002 conference in Helsinki. In 2008 he received the Salvetti Foundation Best Presentation all categories award among 158 international presenters during Euromaintenance 2008 in Brussels Belgium. 2013 he received best presentation award at the Reliability2.0 conference in Las Vegas NV, USA from Reliability Web.
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    Christopher Bauer - Ethics Keynotes & Seminars

    Christopher Bauer has over twenty years of experience with helping international audiences learn how to build and maintain great professional ethics. The tone of his often-humorous programs is conversational and the ideas both practical and immediately applicable.
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    Susan's interactive, CUSTOM TEAM BUILDING PROGRAMS:Let's Talk Teamwork!Let's Talk Shop!Positively Organized!® Customer ServicePositively Organized!® Problem Solving, Critical Thinking & Decision Making
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    Conference keynotes & workshops

    Conference programs to stimulate and sharpen the team. Per Rick Lober, past Cubic GM/Sr VP, program for sales team conference: Excellent overview of many of the things you rarely think of when giving a presentation. They can make a big difference.