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    Above the Rest --Gregory P. Smith

    Gregory Smith is an international speaker specializing in leadership, innovation and change. Author of the book, The New Leader: Bringing Creativity and Innovation to the Workplace.
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    Breakthrough Thinking

    Unleash the creativity of your organization with a high-content, highly entertaining speech on breakthrough thinking. In the speech, Jim demonstrates the approaches to radical thinking on your company's biggest issue.
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    Dr. Lon Roberts

    Author of 5 books delivers content-rich speeches with high energy and a touch of flair and humor. Targeting leaders and decision-makers who want to spur their organization into action. See full descriptions at http://www.r2assoc.com/SPEECH_LR.HTM
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    Innovation and Creativity

    Specialist in creative thinking...
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    Katie Meeks

    Katie provides a one-of-a-kind, entertaining, and transformational experience. Topics: The Heart of Leadership Mindfulness Powerful Self-Care Bridging Generations Time and Stress Management Dealing with Difficult People Empowering and Engaging Team Members Effective Communication Building Relationships
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    MVP Speakers: Innovation & Creativity

    MVP Seminars LLC, is a leading nationwide provider of business training seminars, and inspirational/motivational keynote/breakout speakers. Affordable prices, with top-notch providers. Please call 510-558-3495
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    Paul Signorelli

    Our failures to support effective workplace learning and to effectively foster collaborations in every aspect of our lives cost us time, money, & magnificent opportunities. My experience, which ranges from creating & nurturing partnerships needed to produce a magnificent ceramic-tiled staircase & accompanying gardens on City-County property in San Francisco (Hidden Garden Steps) to designing & facilitating onsite & online learning opportunities, produces tangible, replicable results. *I help people successfully develop opportunities for collaboration and learning. *I tell stories designed to engage learners and those engaged in community collaborations. *I listen to others so I can help them hear what they are saying. *I write to document and inspire success in learning and collaborative efforts and to explore innovations in lifelong learning. *I believe that when we seamlessly combine work and play, we are capable of producing magnificent acts of transformation.
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    Speaker - Paul Donehue

    Techniques for making the most effective Prsentations and maximizing the quality of your business and marketing communication - programs for all media, new offer for those running remote meetings or training sessions