Smart techniques to crack the PMP certification

Project management helps accomplish specific project goals and objectives. It involves the discipline of managing resources. The most crucial objective of project management is the completion of all of the project goals and objectives while honoring the predetermined constraints, i.e., scope, time and finance.

This certification has acquired importance in the current recessionary scenario where companies are being very focused in being efficient and manage projects well. The certification boosts one’s credentials by establishing your competence at Project Management and gives one an edge over the others to accomplish project objectives.

Several companies demand that their employees in project management activities should be PMP certified. The Project Management role has evolved into a well-defined discipline that encompasses all the different activities and skill-sets required for successful implementation of a project.

Preparation before the exam

A PMP examination preparation course is the ideal way to begin. Look for institutes that offer PMP Boot Camps which are classroom sessions spread over 3-5 days that involve extensive and comprehensive training sessions. The primary benefit of these sessions is that one can interact with the experienced faculty and also other Project Managers (PM) who are taking up the exam. This interaction ensures that one gets a firsthand experience on how to approach situations that one comes across as a PM and the underlying principle that govern them.

Periodic Evaluation-A large number of free tests are available online that one can use to assess one’s preparation for the examination. The exam simulation software that most websites offer is a better option though they can be expensive. These tests let you pick up the necessary time-management skills and the detailed reports allows one to review one’s performance and learn the correct answers for questions one missed.

Tips for the exam

• Elimination of options while answering remains the golden rule for any multiple choice examination. So is the case with this examination. Judicious elimination of the options is necessary here.

• Going against PMI principles is never a good option. Always choose options that are ethical even though they may seem to be the tougher choices to make during the examination. Each question has only one correct answer. Read all the options before selecting any one. Choices that are characterized by words such as always, never, must, or completely; are often incorrect.

• Remember, when in doubt, go by the PMI PMBOK. Do not apply only practical project management knowledge or else you will fail the PMP exam.

• Read the questions correctly and interpret them properly. Have good, specific reasons for changing answers to questions that you have already answered.

• Avoid adding extra functionality in the answers without benefits or gold plating (which is giving the customer more than what was required).Customer extras can include extra functionality, higher-quality components, extra scope of work or better performance.

• Get plenty of rest the night before taking the examination. The examination is both rigorous and challenging.

• Be a part of study groups and forums as it can help you get tips to pass the exam.

Above all, stay motivated to pass the exam. Challenges will come your way but you need to avoid it. You should also have your own strategies to stay focused and motivated.

Enjoy preparing for PMP certification. Good luck.

Alisha Adams

Alisha is a senior content manager at GreyCampus with over decade of experience. She has published articles and blog posts on PMP training, Six Sigma certification, ITIL certification and more. She has also worked as a freelance writer for various IT companies. She can be reached at




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